Big City Villain  | BC Trilogy #1✔️ by peneloperaywrites
Big City Villain | BC Trilogy #1✔️by Penelope Ray
Coal Black takes being the bad boy to a whole new level. A super level. Seventeen and in his last year of high school, Coal is already King City's powerful but banned su...
  • completed
  • fiction
  • crowntwist
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Bereft by rentachi
Bereftby Ren Tachibana
WATTYS 2016 WINNER. She was a woman with vengeance on her mind. He was a demon with nothing left to lose. Sacrificed by an anonymous cult, Sara Gaspard is rescue...
  • supernatural
  • demons
  • wattys2016
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His Bodyguard | On Going  by alba_arcarius
His Bodyguard | On Going by Alba Arcarius
"They are undercover and are here for your protection." "What? Are you crazy? I don't need protection. And these two bulls undercover?" I said pointi...
  • cliche
  • humor
  • spy
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Secret Agents : My Bodyguard by MlleAb
Secret Agents : My Bodyguardby A u d r e y
"I won't repeat again," he spits on my face. "Where are those traitors?" It takes me a moment before I can open my mouth. I almost can't feel it. T...
  • guns
  • agents
  • hate
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Bereft: Demise (Book Two) by rentachi
Bereft: Demise (Book Two)by Ren Tachibana
"All villains believe themselves the heroes of their tales. You are no different, Sara Gaspard." Sara and Pride escaped Verweald's dangerous streets...
  • writher
  • death
  • thebereftseries
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The Beauty And The Heist  by yourdoseofdopamine
The Beauty And The Heist by :)
Highest Rank #1 in Action 14/6/16 Chevron Raynes 'accidentally' hacks into her college mainframe and finds blueprints to a billion dollar satellite belonging to none oth...
  • stars
  • steal
  • thief
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Red Skies | Book 1✔️ by ProjectPr1de
Red Skies | Book 1✔️by L.D Jones
[FEATURED BY WATTPAD 4/12/18] After six teenagers wander off into a forest during a high school party, they are captured by the infamous terrorist group known as Blodgha...
  • actionpacked
  • action
  • featured
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Bereft: Foretold (Book Three) by rentachi
Bereft: Foretold (Book Three)by Ren Tachibana
"What a terrible price my pride reaped." Darius escaped Envy's reckoning with his life, but lost much in the process. Mortal and vulnerable, he seeks a...
  • urbanfantasy
  • mages
  • death
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Bereft: Ignite (Book Four) by rentachi
Bereft: Ignite (Book Four)by Ren Tachibana
"I would grant you eternity if you'd only let me try." Given a new chance at life, Sara Gaspard returns to Verweald and must decide how the Sin of Pride fits i...
  • urbanfantasy
  • highfantasy
  • darkfantasy
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The Fight For Survival | ✎ by trinitystories_xo
The Fight For Survival | ✎by trinity sunalee
  • teenfictionaward
  • bestfriend
  • womanup
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Mark of the Harbinger (Book 1) by rentachi
Mark of the Harbinger (Book 1)by Ren Tachibana
"You will find her," he whispered, fangs gleaming in the moonlight. "Or you will take her place." More than anything, Grae Winters wants...
  • projectwomanup
  • werewolves
  • urbanfantasy
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HUMOR | ROMANCE | ACTION ❝Octavia Snow, you're going to have to come with me,❞ the stranger said with an amused look. ❝No thanks, I'm really not a big fan of kidnapping...
  • cocky
  • badass
  • funny
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4522 {The Number Series} by imaginationNationX
4522 {The Number Series}by Sorrel A. Nations
A Wattpad Featured Story Highest ranking: #1 in Adventure The Number Series (A Dystopian Society) 4522. Both a name and a number that had labeled many. Within a soci...
  • projectwomanup
  • dystopian-novel
  • dystopian-world
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The Shadow Circle by yourdoseofdopamine
The Shadow Circleby :)
Highest rank: #1 in Action, #13 in Humor LET'S PLAY A GAME OF RUSSIAN ROULETTE WITH AK-47s! Brat, lazy, smartass, troublemaker call her whatever you want, one thing's...
  • adventure
  • dangerous
  • badassmale
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OUR BELOVED ASSASSIN // t.s daughter ((1)) by invinciblestark
OUR BELOVED ASSASSIN // t.s daught...by yohannes
[Book #1 of Stark's Assassin Daughter] This is no common Tony Stark's daughter book you've ever read. This is not about a genius daughter following her father's ability...
  • writteninaction
  • clintbarton
  • theavengers
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Mask of Ruin (Tales of a Harbinger, Book 2) by rentachi
Mask of Ruin (Tales of a Harbinger...by Ren Tachibana
"You are the terror of my nightmares," he whispered against my lips. "How I delight in the fear." After fulfilling the bargain between herself and...
  • darkfantasy
  • thriller
  • demons
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Wonderful Madness » Jefferson Fanfiction by marveloushunterelf
Wonderful Madness » Jefferson Fanf...by kay winchester
❝we're all mad here, hatter❞ ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・° in which the mad hatter fell in love with the march hare ━ [season 1- 2 + au elements] ✔completed Ⓒ 2016║marveloushunterelf...
  • ouat
  • projectwomanup
  • fanfiction
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When Lightning Strikes by AlwaysSunny
When Lightning Strikesby Sunny
In a city full of villains, would you dare to be the hero? In Lincoln Grove, there hasn't been a hero in 12 years. Villains run rampant through the streets. The biggest...
  • secrets
  • projectsuper
  • wattys2017
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Once A Legend by concussive
Once A Legendby Megan
*FORMERLY TITLED "DESTIN"* Max Destin is a legend. In a world of espionage, intelligence agencies, gangs, smugglers, mercenaries, and thieves, nothing is e...
  • writersdefence
  • thriller
  • notallareheroes
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Regeneration by Amanda_x_Kimberley
Regenerationby Amanda_x_Kimberley
#13 In Action (03/04/2018) . . . Hailey Rivera is plunged into a world of chaos, she is confused and scared until she crosses paths with a handsome and mysterious s...
  • watties2018
  • thestarlightawards2018
  • romance
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