Konoha's Blind Dragon (Under Revision/ Rewrite) by BaskervilleHall
Konoha's Blind Dragon (Under BaskervilleHall
Being blind, poor and an orphan, Misayo Sato is at disadvantage. Yet, she finds strength within her weakness, fulfills her dream and finds true love. DISCLAIMER: This is...
  • slowbuild
  • naruto
  • disability
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The Last Philosopher by NickfEast
The Last Philosopherby NickfEast
Before there was everything there was apparently nothing. However, what if the difference between nothing and everything, was in the idea of how little one cared? The ol...
  • insults
  • humor
  • sorcery
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Taedrim by Mellow_and_Sad
Taedrimby Lemon Zest
Raymond Candle is turning 18 soon, once he does he'll be forced out of the orphanage onto the streets, but he doesn't want to leave unperpared, he needs money. Getting a...
  • dark
  • mythicalcreatures
  • worldbuilding
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The Adventure of Fel by Amelia-Daisy
The Adventure of Felby Amelia-Daisy
Hi! My name is Fel Omari, and as I see your glazed-over eyes staring at the screen of whatever technological device you're using, I would like to raise you a proposition...
  • worldtraveling
  • grandadventure
  • wanderlust
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Writing Workshop by Fantasy
Writing Workshopby Fantasy
Welcome one and all to the very first fantasy world building workshop. Whether you're a veteran world builder or completely new to fantasy, whether you write urban fanta...
  • tutorial
  • worldbuilding
  • wattpad
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World Administrator by Omall_FireStar
World Administratorby Omall_FireStar
"Ummmmmm where am I..... aahh weird orange screen appears in front what am I supposed to do duck and roll umm no that is for fires or something ahh let's just do wh...
  • administrator
  • space
  • highfantasy
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Renegade [RALI bk 1]- Revising by z_Taki
Renegade [RALI bk 1]- Revisingby Taki
In the Napix Empire, Aylata are the elite mandated with protecting those weaker. They can do things the common people can't: light aflame, steal the energy from the air...
  • sciencefiction
  • prejudice
  • fantasy
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Hey look,,,, an art book by RadioactiveTempest
Hey look,,,, an art bookby SalamanderSkies
aaa art
  • worldbuilding
  • ocs
  • artbook
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Phantasmagoria by DellaRosse
Phantasmagoriaby Adella Rosse
And In the end All I learned Was how To be strong ... Alone
  • chosen
  • fantasy-romance
  • hurt
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The Promise Of What Will Be by VoluptuousEarlobes
The Promise Of What Will Beby VoluptuousEarlobes
175 years have passed since the War of the Medeis ended. On its final historical battle, The Crystal, the most powerful magical artifact to ever exist and the reality al...
  • novel
  • elf
  • worldbuilding
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By Wind and By Wave by Hannah_Dade
By Wind and By Waveby Hannah_Dade
Two nations on the cusp of war, the human kingdom of Arumshir and the birdlike country of Eithyrran, have been enemies for as long as anyone can remember. In a bid to en...
  • fantasy
  • arrangedmarriage
  • romance-friendship
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Daughter of Darkness (Soul Stealer #1) by LordOfTheThrones
Daughter of Darkness (Soul Rachel M. Johnson
Rayen Adari was only eight-years-old when her family was slaughtered at the hands of a tyrannical king, her village burnt to the ground as consequence for haynous crimes...
  • heroism
  • supernatural
  • deception
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Mush Writes [Blog/Articles about writing] by minusfractions
Mush Writes [Blog/Articles about Mush
A collection of articles/blog posts about being a writer, posting writing online, and the lessons I have learned from writing my own novels. Updated every Sunday! This...
  • writinghelp
  • plotdevelopment
  • inspiration
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Scry [ONGOING] by AriannaCrystal
Scry [ONGOING]by Ari
❝And where are you going, girl?❞ ❝To find an old secret, one that will get me the world.❞ Desmond Scry has worked hard to protect her image. Dangerous, opportunist, The...
  • youngadult
  • heist
  • worldbuilding
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And All The World Drops Dead by SyrupMcGee
And All The World Drops Deadby Victoria
Addie Brooks is a pariah. She's a complete social outcast, who terrifies almost everyone in her town. Addie isn't just bad at social interaction, though. She has the abi...
  • humor
  • smalltowns
  • ghosts
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Snow by krismcase
Snowby K.M. Case
A girl with a peculiar pedigree is dumped on a stranger's doorstep during the worst snowstorm the hamlet Myst has ever known. Selectively mute, she refuses to tell her h...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • newadult
  • adventure
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100 Things You Should Know About Writing (Part 1) by MishaMFB
100 Things You Should Know About Misha Gerrick
This is about writing, as I think of it. Subjects covered will range from plot aspects to characterization, writing craft to just surviving as a writer. Mainly, Part 1...
  • ending
  • worldbuilding
  • voice
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A Wicked Whisper Came by CeeMTaylor
A Wicked Whisper Cameby C.M. Taylor
A nameless evil presses upon Oceana's borders, its source unknown. Shadows spread from the south. Foul creatures have appeared in the wilds, some of which were thought t...
  • writteninaction
  • dark
  • boyxboy
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Skin Deep (Are the Secrets I Keep) by cywscross
Skin Deep (Are the Secrets I Keep)by Cross
They've both been burned, literally and figuratively, and some scars won't ever fade. But they're easier to bear when they're together, and that's something neither of t...
  • worldbuilding
  • teenwolf
  • ptsd
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Rosemary: References + Update board by arvialle
Rosemary: References + Update boardby aliferous : having wings
Just a collection of explanations and references to familiarize you all with the world of Rosemary~ Rosemary is the webcomic sequel to @101silver_wolf 's much-loved st...
  • characterrefs
  • youknow
  • sequel
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