ramyeon ; hyungwonho by whoaseok
ramyeon ; hyungwonho by hOoGs Fanfiction
hoseok thinks hyungwon has a secret girlfriend when really hyungwon goes to cooking classes to learn how to cook ramen for hoseok. tbh i have no idea what to make the co...
monsta x imagines [몬스타엑스] by Dejuuhh
MONSTA X Imagines (Sweet, Sexy, Smut & Angst Edition) by WONTRUELOVE
MONSTA X Imagines (Sweet, Sexy, Sm... by 🌼준🐰😘 Random
Sweet, Sexy, Smut & Angst Edition Imagines of Monsta X. Contain long stories and detailed stories. Dedicated to all Monbebes all over the world. (Editing and Weekly Upda...
「BEAUTIFUL」  ー Yoo Kihyun by savagechenle
「BEAUTIFUL」 ー Yoo Kihyun by ≪ SEMI HIATUS ≫ Fanfiction
"A woman should be skinny and beautiful, not fat like you"  ̄ A story through the eyes of a bullied girl and how she changed [will most likely fuck with your br...
no homo tho #hyungwonho by ceoseungri
no homo tho #hyungwonho by alek Fanfiction
bros can kiss, right? they can also hold each others hand if they like. the only problem will be when they fall in love. © ceoseungri · 2016
got kik? ; hyungwonho [√] by _tototooru
got kik? ; hyungwonho [√] by 『#MonstaX1stWin』 Fanfiction
♕ started chatting with you © _TOTOTOORU • 2017
dat boi ; changki by therose_jnstar
dat boi ; changki by jezz Fanfiction
twitter au ⭐ ihamwhatiham: "who is that boy you always tweet about?" !! SHORT CHAPTERS !!
Monsta X moisturizer by potatowon
Monsta X moisturizer by jie Random
Welcome to Monsta X groupchat! Amazing 7 boys texting to each other ;)
Risk {hyungwonho || 2won} by AggressivePeach
Risk {hyungwonho || 2won} by - ̗̀ Peach ̖́- Fanfiction
"All I wanted was to enjoy my one day off, and instead I ended up a mafia bosses wife." In which Chae Hyungwon finds himself in the middle of a mafia, entangle...
Apartamento 704 - Lee Hoseok (Wonho) by Jungkookbiased1997
Apartamento 704 - Lee Hoseok (Wonh... by I need your love before I fal... Fanfiction
Somin lleva una vida tranquila, tiene amigos, va al colegio y trabaja para poder rentar su propio apartamento. Todo está bien. Hasta que conoce a su nuevo vecino, un c...
friend #hyungwonho by ceoseungri
friend #hyungwonho by alek Fanfiction
hoseok works at a friend rental service and hyungwon really needs one. © ceoseungri · 2016
instagram 《hyungwonho》✔️ by kihyuneffect
instagram 《hyungwonho》✔️ by レノ 💫 Fanfiction
anime enthusiast hoseok stumbles across a man whom he couldn't believe wasn't a male lead from a shoujo manga
Mind Reader -Kihyun- by _hyehi
Mind Reader -Kihyun- by Dy Fanfiction
"You said what?" I look at him. "Can you please..stop reading mine. I feel like I was conquered by you all the time" He grins." I can't. Becaus...
The Manager's Son[Hyungwonho/2won] by HaoDoYouBaekYeols
The Manager's Son[Hyungwonho/2won] by Your Stalker Fanfiction
*WATTYS2017* *COMPLETED* Hyungwon is a shy, awkward 19 year old amateur photographer who likes to travel and his father is the manager of Monsta X. His father decides t...
그남자 (COMPLETED ✔✔)  by ChimChimpanzee
그남자 (COMPLETED ✔✔) by Maira Azham Fanfiction
"You say that you don't love me but you act like you do!" *sigh* "Do I have a chance or not Baek Hana?"
daddy. wonho by ULTJIBEOM
daddy. wonho by ♚ Fanfiction
she accidentally called him daddy. © RIN / ❲ COMPLETED ! ❳
monsta x chatroom by haedalbyul
monsta x chatroom by ★mish★ Random
hello, we are memesta x! highest ranking: 8/24/16: #124 in random
blur. › wonho (monsta x) by YUUZHI
blur. › wonho (monsta x) by *:・゚✧ Fanfiction
❝i care for you and your feelings because you're a precious friend of mine.❞
TALK TO ME || YOO Kihyun ✔ by minyoojiii
TALK TO ME || YOO Kihyun ✔ by M I N . Y O O . J I Fanfiction
She always saw him at the corner of her cafe, sitting for hours doing nothing, he never talk to anyone exept her worker Chae Hyungwon, because they know each other. He a...
Mission : Seduce Chae Hyungwon  by bxmi_trash
Mission : Seduce Chae Hyungwon by nochu👑 Fanfiction
Baek Aira is an introvert yet smart high school girl who lives her days being the slave of a popular girl gang in her school called 'The BlackRose'. She had enough and...