Infinite Shadows by storiesmm
Infinite Shadowsby m.m.
Fanfiction based upon the television series Peaky Blinders.
  • auntpol
  • womensrights
  • suffrage
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Salute » Harry Styles by lilpopo13
Salute » Harry Stylesby Lola-Rae Legaspi❤
- I got two yesterday! - Women are just fucked up people who should bow down to men - WOMEN ARE JUST FUCKING SEX TOYS... Life in London, year 2089 is shit. Women are tre...
  • jarrystirlwall
  • littlemix
  • salute
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#PH Graphic Contests! by projecthumanity
#PH Graphic Contests!by Project Humanity
Do you love making graphics and supporting your community? Well, you can do both by taking part in the #PH Graphic Contests! With monthly graphic contests on various imp...
  • design
  • womenshistorymonth
  • stopbullying
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Can We Love??? - Abhigya Ss by crazymahiz by crazymahiz
Can We Love??? - Abhigya Ss by cra...by MAHII / CRAZY
Winner of Best Chicklit story in Abhigya awards 2018.... #304 in general fiction (15/9/17) #255 in short story (30/9/17) #302 in fantasy (23/10/17) He is a terror and te...
  • madlove
  • friendship
  • socialissues
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WOMEN IN ISLAM by ProjectBeyondtheVeil
The phrase "women have no rights in Islam" couldn't be more wrong. Read this book to find out what Islam REALLY says about women, written from an unbiased and...
  • nonfiction
  • hijab
  • quran
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Being A Woman by lunarlevana_
Being A Womanby Rahma
The year is 2018, the problem is that we women now still face the struggles we've faced for decades such as equal pay, equal rights and the constant struggle to push bac...
  • feminist
  • womensrights
  • equalrights
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Silence Explained #AStormOfFanfiction by infinitelyaddison
Silence Explained #AStormOfFanfict...by infinitelyaddison
Lillian Linton almost thought that her life so far couldn't be any better. Almost. And there was a single person behind her reasoning. Mr. Rikkard Ambrose, a powerful...
  • lilly
  • stormandsilence
  • astormoffanfiction
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#PH Story Contests! by projecthumanity
#PH Story Contests!by Project Humanity
Do you love writing and supporting your community? Well, you can do both by taking part of the #PH Story Contests! With monthly story contests on various important theme...
  • minorities
  • womensrights
  • blacklivesmatter
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Face Claims ✧ by alba_was_here
Face Claims ✧by a l b a
A list of famous people you can use as your characters
  • male
  • women
  • boys
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The Best Thing ||A Darry Curtis Fanfiction|| by OutsidersObsessed_
The Best Thing ||A Darry Curtis Fa...by ❤️Katy❤️
Kacie Jones, Soc by blood, and greaser by act, hates her life. Her mother killed herself when she was young, and her father ended up marrying her best friend's mother, r...
  • steverandle
  • wattys2016
  • gymnastics
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SURVIVOR by _itz_shifana
SURVIVORby khanshifana
Indian story!! This book is about victims of sexual harassment!! It'll be containing mature words, swearing and some word's which won't be good for some reader's. ***...
  • girls
  • india
  • sexualharassment
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Choose Your Weapon by CJ6164
Choose Your Weaponby Courtney
Growing up with an alcoholic is never a simple task. Mae's life has always been a non stop whirlwind of violence and anger. After her eighteenth birthday Mae is thrown t...
  • abusive
  • women
  • violence
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Her Imperfect Gang leader by DreamAngel6
Her Imperfect Gang leaderby LoveThePainfulLife
Scarlet just graduated high school but she is holding any thoughts of collage until later. She lives with her family who runs one of the most powerful gang. Only problem...
  • imperfect
  • random
  • music
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A poetry book about heartbreak
  • lovable
  • poetry
  • sadness
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The Tale of Silent Storm by sherrygrace9
The Tale of Silent Stormby shivani
#AStormOfFanFiction. Completed. Moments to cherish from Lives of Mr.Glacier and Ms.Ifrit. A 5 chapter book for sole reason of competition announced by Sir Rob. also to t...
  • badass
  • angry
  • badpast
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Power || G. I. Jane by Unco0rdinated
Power || G. I. Janeby Yella
Determined to prove women can survive combat, Riley Edwards fights for her place like her brother's and father did before her. Alongside Lieutenant Jordan O'Neill, the t...
  • gijane
  • navy
  • mccool
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Feminism is not an illness by TheWritingWolf1
Feminism is not an illnessby Artemis Wolf
Feminism: noun, the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Highest rank: #337 in Non-Fiction
  • projectnoisno
  • womensrights
  • empowerment
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Controlling the Imagination by flyingpainter
Controlling the Imaginationby Flying painter
In a world filled with discrimination and gender inequality girls must obey the government rules and be happy with it. But there is always this one rebel that is going t...
  • schoolproblems
  • shortchapters
  • undiscoveredjems
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rules of the universe by vyomantara-
rules of the universeby yossi.
honey, if you want to live your life peacefully, you need to follow the rules of the universe. a collection of poems by yossi novia all rights reserved. 2018
  • feminism
  • feminst
  • spilledthought
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Wide Awake by astronoughmy
Wide Awakeby isabel✨
Leighya lived peacefully. She had all what she desires, boyfriend, friends, and luxury. But one thing's missing: She needs to fight and speak up. Wide Awake is a story a...
  • society
  • wideawake
  • shortchapters
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