Unbecoming Humans (F/F) by BeeKienitz
Unbecoming Humans (F/F) by Brianna Kienitz Science Fiction
*Voted Best Sci-fi in the 2016 LGBT+ Watty's hosted by @NewStoriesLGBT* Aria and the other residents of the secluded compound had it all, a huge, beautiful place to live...
My Bøss | ✔ by LV_Kunene
My Bøss | ✔ by The Female Author Romance
This is book 1 of a trilogy. Book 2 is called My Brøther's WIFE Book 3 is called My Døctor Hope you enjoy Complete Story ... With love Author
Life's a Masquerade (Lesbian Story) by goristheking
Life's a Masquerade (Lesbian Story) by Goris the King Romance
The Mayor of Anchorage secured her position through lies and deceit. Now, six years later all she has is a sham marriage and her reputation. Love and acceptance are out...
Losing Everything by TessMackenzie
Losing Everything by Tess Romance
Lucy loses everything that matters to her, her partner and job and business and all her money. She loses everything, and in doing so she reconnects with an old friend...
Love Like You (A Pearl x Reader) (Sequel to 'SEN') by MelanyTheMelon
Love Like You (A Pearl x Reader) (... by - Melon - Fanfiction
(BOOK 2 of 'The SU Song Title Series') (RELEASE DATE: Early July of 2017) ~~~~~~~~~~ Seeing you standing at her door, you were enveloped into a welcoming hug. After almo...
My Best Friend's Heart (GirlxGirl) by CSwartz
My Best Friend's Heart (GirlxGirl) by CSwartz Romance
Kathryn and Natalie have been friends for at least five years. They work together where Kathryn is an accountant and Natalie is her secretary, although Natalie acts like...
Unbecoming Humans: Part 2 by BeeKienitz
Unbecoming Humans: Part 2 by Brianna Kienitz Science Fiction
Book 2 of the Unbecoming Humans Series. Humanity is teetering on the brink of extinction. The fate of the species, and that which was bred to succeed it, remains uncerta...
Curves (girlXgirl) by KatBanyan
Curves (girlXgirl) by Kat Banyan Romance
An oblivious but determined klutz has caught the eye of Juliana, an amiable trainer who works at the gym. Dual perspective in alternating chapters. This is something I w...
frost - a supercorp sequel by fireandash3
frost - a supercorp sequel by fireandash3 Fanfiction
[GO READ STEAM IF YOU HAVEN'T!] Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor are in love. Everyone knows it- friends, family, strangers on the street. But everything changes when a new...
Something Entirely New (A Pearl x Reader) by MelanyTheMelon
Something Entirely New (A Pearl x... by - Melon - Fanfiction
BOOK 1 of 'The SU Song Title Series' The wind blew, The seagulls sang, You ran after your hat, after it flew. As you ran, you encountered sand, And a graceful woman you...
I Fell In Love With A Emotionless Girl by EmotionsChange
I Fell In Love With A Emotionless... by Emotions Romance
I have never seen in perfect face smile in the dark, I have never heard a giggle nor a chuckle or even a laugh with a snort Does she feel anything? I have never seen a t...
SKY (GxG)  by allihaveishope
SKY (GxG) by allihaveishope Romance
Emilia Taylor was a very succesful basketball player. She was a star. She was living her dream. Straight out of college she was at the spotlight, already on the national...
Flavours (Lesbian Story) by reversereverie
Flavours (Lesbian Story) by }DeadGaîl{ Romance
'The winter recalls memories. Snow free drops in the evening. The time ticks when her body collapses in endless blood of white soil. She watches with her honey orbs of d...
Girls Like Girls by baddie_barbiedoll
Girls Like Girls by Prettyfleekgang© Romance
Description: Alexia, (Lexi) a 19 year old girl, is getting through life by living in the moment. She's not as average as most young girls; she's a down to earth chick t...
The Baker & The Blogger (girlXgirl) by KatBanyan
The Baker & The Blogger (girlXgirl) by Kat Banyan Romance
An angry comment dropped onto Jillian's restaurant review blog leaves her shaken... and curious. Curious enough to go check out this little bakery and see for herself wh...
Rediscovered Love by MNTines
Rediscovered Love by M.N. Tines Fanfiction
BOOK 2 *Sequel to The Love and The Lie* Karen Matthews was Jeanine Matthews' lover. For years she kept the secret of her Divergence from Jeanine. However, it escaped her...
LGBTQ+ Short Stories by daveeddiggsissohot
LGBTQ+ Short Stories by my life is daveed diggs now Short Story
I made a book for LGBTQ+ short stories, finally! Suggestions, criticism and etc. are welcomed!
one shots (Lesbian) (Gxg) by SapphicKittyreads
one shots (Lesbian) (Gxg) by SapphicKittyreads Fanfiction
Female CharacterXFemale reader No one specific fandom, and lots of sweet lady love. NOTE: I do not own any of the characters I write about nor do I own any photos. All...
The Queen's Maid by RainbowNumber587
The Queen's Maid by RainbowNumber587 Short Story
Already, we have to hide our friendship. But I don't want to hide, anymore. Especially now that it's not just a friendship.
Fem!HanjiXPetra ; Love Is Endless by FireAlpaca
Fem!HanjiXPetra ; Love Is Endless by Woman.Plz Fanfiction
Fem!HanjiXPetra Petra Ral is a young adult whom just graduated out of college Recently remembering her past life with the Titans and Survey Corps Also her past lover...