Lunar Whispers by Sian-The-Writer
Lunar Whispers by Sian Werewolf
(BxB) "I want him so bad," Hunter grumbled and longingly stared at his mate from across the room. "Just relax Alpha," His friend whispered so nobod...
Big Bad Alphas by Sydney724
Big Bad Alphas by Sydney Marie Werewolf
(Complete) Eric's lips brush mine, a slow, light action that already has me hooked. A comforting warmth engulfs my body, spreading from limb to limb like wildfire. His...
The Blind Alpha by reneefuzzybunny
The Blind Alpha by renizle Werewolf
Two worlds meet in a known circumstance. A party. Unusual as it might seem, what comes from this party starts to pave a path for two unlikely matches of wolves. Irene wa...
souls :: thiam by cruelways
souls :: thiam by lina Fanfiction
MAYBE it was time to draw the line between souls that could be saved and those who would be lost forever. It was Liam Dunbar who set himself to find out what kind of sou...
Breaking Silence by MysteryWriter61
Breaking Silence by MysteryWriter61 Werewolf
Highest rank in Werewolf: 7 "Mate," he growled out, as he sniffed the air and began scanning the room with his shining silver eyes. When they landed on mine, i...
Alpha's Little Human by getoutmycar
Alpha's Little Human by Rosana Mary Werewolf
#3 in Werewolf "You're mine now. Mine and only mine." "Last time I checked, I belonged to myself, now get off." "Must've been a long time since...
The Enforcer ✔️| COMPLETED by Meganfall
The Enforcer ✔️| COMPLETED by Meganfall Werewolf
**COMPLETED**Highest Ranking #35**The Enforcers are a myth, rumoured to be a band of powerful werewolf's that protect the packs. Cade is one of the Enforcer's, and the...
Anchor ||isaac lahey|| by richiestozier
Anchor ||isaac lahey|| by lana jordan Fanfiction
in which a girl with powers falls in love with a boy with glowing eyes
Natural Disasters ➳ Derek Hale by hoe-chlins
Natural Disasters ➳ Derek Hale by rosie™ Fanfiction
"you don't know how strong you are till being strong is your only option." ➺ ➺ ➺ ➺ ➺ {DEREK HALE X OC} COVER CREDIT TO @EMERALDGRAPHICS
Through Alpha Eyes by deformedheart
Through Alpha Eyes by deformedheart Werewolf
"mmmmm.." He growls into my neck. My eyes flutter closed on their own, the heat from his chest slowly seeps into me like wet clothes. His divine scent wafts...
Enforcing Boundaries by EmmaAnnHonsowetz
Enforcing Boundaries by Emma Werewolf
"There is nothing I want more than to throw you on my bed and ravish you, but I know you aren't ready for that, and I'm trying really hard to control myself." ...
Sold to the Beast by starbuckies
Sold to the Beast by bea Werewolf
#1 IN WEREWOLF [22/05/16]
Moon Child |✔| by world_joy_
Moon Child |✔| by World Joy Werewolf
Life or Death. It's the choice to be made within the Alba Rosa Pack when the Beta and his mate discover that they have been blessed with twins. Desperate to save the...
I Don't Have A Mate by Foxy_Owl
I Don't Have A Mate by Amber Fox Werewolf
Savannah King isn't your ordinary human. The truth is she's a werewolf. Bitten at the age of six. An orphan, alongside her twin sister and brother...
L E X Y || My Twin Alphas by Emily_0_o
L E X Y || My Twin Alphas by Emily Styles Werewolf
#26 in werewolf on 9-20-17!!! °·°·°·°·°·°·°·° "Mate, " Lucas and Marcus say at the same time, both of them had their eyes pinned o...
The Vixen and the Wolf by AimsStory
The Vixen and the Wolf by Aims Werewolf
Charlie's been running her whole life, but what happens when she meets the one werewolf that forces her to stay?
Alpha Blaze by dcrekhale
Alpha Blaze by a n e e s Werewolf
He knew sorrow. He knew pain. He knew sacrifice. But he never knew anyone like her. She knew hardships. She knew strength. She knew determination. Yet she never knew any...
The Code of The Alpha by MaybeManhattan
The Code of The Alpha by MaybeManhattan Werewolf
When Caroline Blair meets her mate, she realizes he's Alpha Luca Ronan; the most feared and influential werewolf of them all. With his unpredictable temperament and unco...
Battle Scars ❦ TW/TO by whisperofthestars
Battle Scars ❦ TW/TO by ˗ˏˋ LEAH ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
❦Hope Mikaelson didn't think her life could get any more complicated until she was kidnapped by the baddest alpha pack around.❦ 01.07.2017 - 00...
My Brother's Best friend is my Mate?! by WinDragon
My Brother's Best friend is my Mat... by WinDragon WP Werewolf
"Mine," he scowled as he looked directly through my eyes, as if he was staring deep into my soul. An ecstatic and euphoric scent made its way to me that sent s...