Alpha Jax by freeaccount
Alpha Jaxby freeaccount
•Highest Ranking #3 in werewolf 2/11/18• "Don't you dare," he growled, pinning both of her wrists above her head. "Every whimper, every moan, every gasp o...
  • dominant
  • submission
  • mates
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Silent Luna {Completed} by Hayleyobrien12
Silent Luna {Completed}by Hayleyobrien12
Abused? Raped? Tortured? Yep. She's seen it all. How? She's lived through it. #7 in Werewolf • Mature Scenes and Language, Read At Own Risk • *HEAVILY EDITING*
  • bullied
  • broken
  • silent
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Sapphire (Blackhawk MC #2) COMPLETED by rebekahlthompson
Sapphire (Blackhawk MC #2) COMPLET...by Rebekah Lynne
THIS IS BOOK 2 OF BLACKHAWK SERIES. My name is Harley Reed. My boyfriend cheated then I found out I am pregnant. I found a man beaten and took care of him. Now, my life...
  • baby
  • sapphire
  • oldlady
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Sun Child  |✔| by world_joy_
Sun Child |✔|by World Joy
Lexie is not a warrior. In fact, Lexie is a painter. Her hands are always covered in paint. Never coming off. Always there. For Lexie, painting is an escape. An escape f...
  • wolf
  • pack
  • romance
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Pride and Ashes: A werewolf Story by world_joy_
Pride and Ashes: A werewolf Storyby World Joy
Prince of Werewolf's, Alto August Nolan has been searching for his life mate for years, traveling all around the world. The 'Dark' prince soon gives up though when his s...
  • wolves
  • princess
  • love
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Sex with an Alpha by DevilsWearingPrada
Sex with an Alphaby Whitney Murphy
⚠️Mature Audiences only⚠️ Evangelica Roads had given up on love after her mate found another, now she simply needs to scratch that irritating itch. Sex would be simple...
  • loss
  • alpha
  • dominant
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My Brother's Best friend is my Mate?! by WinDragon
My Brother's Best friend is my Mat...by WinDragon WP
"Mine," he scowled as he looked directly through my eyes, as if he was staring deep into my soul. An ecstatic and euphoric scent made its way to me that sent s...
  • romance
  • war
  • love
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Dangerous Territory by Whynotagain
Dangerous Territoryby Jade
If there's one thing Malandra Bates knows, it's that nothing good can ever come out of Irongate Penitentiary. Especially not a mate.
  • mark
  • police
  • mystery
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Destroyed Mate by Krcupcake
Destroyed Mateby Krcupcake
"Lillian Ann Woods!" my father yelled," Get your scrawny ass out here and make me my breakfast!" As if I could call him my father. He's the alpha of...
  • abused
  • halfwolf
  • broken
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I Punched The Alpha by wolf158
I Punched The Alphaby Wolfy
"You're nothing but a worthless slut!" Johnathan bellowed making me stop in my tracks. Out of all the things he has said to me, that one sentence pushed me ov...
  • choices
  • death
  • wolf
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Untamable (Completed) by UntoldPromises
Untamable (Completed)by @BrookeMunro
Katerina has been tormented by all the people she counted on most in her life. Her pack, the kids at school, even her own brother. She felt lost enough as it was since...
  • mate
  • partners
  • winter
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My Brother My Mate by Writer016
My Brother My Mateby Werewolf Lover
"I set a alarm for a twelve o'clock so I could be the first one tell you happy birthday... happy birthday." I'm seventeen now. I turned the complete opposite...
  • alpha
  • brother
  • mates
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Beta Mate  by ipad_connor
Beta Mate by Rojesta
We all know the story of the abused girl who turned out to be the alpha's mate. The Luna. The one everyone respects. The targeted one. The one who has problems with thei...
  • clayton
  • humor
  • beta
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Alpha King by raekins
Alpha Kingby bea !
#1 IN WEREWOLF [22/05/16]
  • jealousy
  • action
  • romance
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Looking To Belong (A Runt's Story) by CrystalScherer
Looking To Belong (A Runt's Story)by Crystal Scherer
Jade's pack was killed when she was twelve, making her a rogue by default. She approached numerous packs in hopes of joining them, but was turned away each time. With no...
  • werewolf
  • runt
  • wolf
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Alpha's Awaited Mate by Hollow_Mist
Alpha's Awaited Mateby Hollow Mist
(The title and blurb might sound cliché, but the story is anything but cliché. I promise.) After searching far and wide for ten years, Leon Wolf, the Alpha of the Imperi...
  • boss
  • mystery
  • human
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The Wolf Of The Wilds by HEEdwards
The Wolf Of The Wildsby H.E.Edwards
She is the bane of the local packs, the Dens and the Fengari. They hate her for her brutal violence, her twisted tongue. She hates them for their greed, their systematic...
  • thelavenderawards
  • alpha
  • wolfpack
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Wolf Whisperer by Tabdog
Wolf Whispererby Leave her wild | 17
Highest Rank: June 2017 - #61 in Werewolf No one knew why Eleanor had the gift of speaking to the beasts -- but the founders, as some called them, of the little town ha...
  • wolf
  • pack
  • beasts
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Dealing With Him | UNDER MAJOR EDITING by JazzLuvs_
Dealing With Him | UNDER MAJOR EDI...by J . N Jordan
"You have no idea who you're going to be dealing with from now on." "Sweet little girl; you have no idea who you're going to be dealing with from now on...
  • mate
  • deal
  • romance
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The Runaway Breeder by Angel-Lunair
The Runaway Breederby Angel Lunair
Laina Starcrest was your average sixteen year-old werewolf hoping to find her mate. But when her pack decides to make her their breeder, her hopes are dashed. Taken to...
  • mate
  • breeder
  • moon
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