Girl in Green by autumnberryman
Girl in Greenby A. Nicole
(Highest ranking #17 in Science Fiction!) A new roommate, picking a major, and maybe even a boyfriend... those were the things on Amelia Drake's mind when leaving home...
  • love
  • experiment
  • hero
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Indebt with the Mafia by vanillaicy17
Indebt with the Mafiaby vanillaicy17
They say the worse thing you can do is selling your soul to the devil. i didn't exactly sell my soul to the devil but i might as well have. i sold my life to the mafia...
  • latin
  • romance
  • hispanic
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Where Your Heart Is (A Harry Styles Fanfiction) #pfcc2k16 #Wattys2016 by lucygotapen
Where Your Heart Is (A Harry Style...by voices in me head⚡️
She loved him, but she had to move on. Then they met, and he just couldn't. -- TRAILER -- https://youtu.be/u6wrdHGfYG4 Made by @Amelia-bell ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • fanfiction
  • harrystyles
  • harry
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His Addiction by jolysadek
His Addictionby joly sadek
*excerpt* "Daniel laughed, a deep sound that made a shiver course through my body. He walked towards me making me back up until my back met the stone of the wall a...
  • love
  • badboy
  • cocky
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Assistant of Mr. CEO by badbish34
Assistant of Mr. CEOby badbish34
"What are you thinking about mia cara" he asks me causing my thoughts to drift back to me kissing his jawline. "N-nothing" I stutter cursing myself...
  • ceo
  • business
  • affairs
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Having Enough by ViridiNature
Having Enoughby Viridi Nature
[Highest Rank: #49] Emma Kelley was the different girl. No one talked to her, so no one could see her beautiful, funny, and witty personality. It would seem like no one...
  • comedy
  • fiction
  • abandoned
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Glares, Glances, and Goodnight Kisses by penguinlover4life
Glares, Glances, and Goodnight Kis...by Sweta
"Asher, let me go. I don't want to talk to you." I mumbled, trying to get out of his grip. "Not until you hear me out." I sighed and turned to hi...
  • kiss
  • jealous
  • goodgirl
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The Playboy Husband (ON HOLD) by Miss_Rosario
The Playboy Husband (ON HOLD)by Allysha
Justin Bieber is the international pop star also known as; The Playboy. He's a man who could get any girl with a flash of his smile. Only girl who doesn't is Rose Rivera...
  • austinmahone
  • witty
  • justinbieber
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The Conspiration of The Universe (Published under Cloak Pop Fiction) by KenDaniel
The Conspiration of The Universe (...by Kenneth Daniel Olanday
The Conspirations of the Universe is a story about Luke Monasterio, a book hugger and a fan boy, who had recently had his heart broken by his girlfriend. He thought that...
  • youngwritersprize14
  • romance
  • watty
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Rejecting The CEO Sure Requires GUTS (On Hold) by Oreo_Cheese_Cake
Rejecting The CEO Sure Requires GU...by MahrukhFaheem
Emily Boston, currently 24, has been a straight A student her whole life, not only is she a perfect student, but also a perfect daughter. So what happens when her father...
  • coldhearted
  • hot
  • boss
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The Alpha's daughter. by Ellie-williams
The Alpha's daughter.by Ellie williams
In a world where Humans and the Supernatural are supposed to coexist, Kayla struggles with going to High School for the first time. And the people targeting her for her...
  • romantic
  • thealphasdaughter
  • bookseries
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Temper, Temper. by Mojoe-jojo
Temper, Temper.by Joanne
Kai Wolf is a girl whom everyone always underestimates because of her looks and size. at a whopping 4'9" she can kick your ass, she has the temper and witt to add...
  • supernatural
  • funny
  • hate
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The Witty Witchy Bitch (COMPLETED) by marie_ibanez
The Witty Witchy Bitch (COMPLETED)by Marie
I am FREE. I DON'T have morality, duty, good manners and right conduct. My ignorance on your laws is INTENTIONAL. I pay NO ATTENTION to your rules. But if I find them FA...
  • fiction
  • bitchiness
  • marriage
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The Bad Boy Stole My Pepsi by im-busy-reading
The Bad Boy Stole My Pepsiby im-busy-reading
"How about this. I'm in the mood for a bit of competition. I'll give you your Pepsi on one condition. We have a bet. If you don't fall for me by the end of the year...
  • soda
  • bets
  • witty
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Not You by superstar806
Not Youby Suppastar
Aditi is just like you and me. Living in Mumbai with her college best friend, life is where she wants it to be. Stable. The next three weeks are just about to shake that...
  • indianlovestory
  • wattys2016
  • india
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Between Logan and Jamie [co-written] by Immlaaarr
Between Logan and Jamie [co-writte...by Immy
Jamie Mars and Logan Hamilton have been best friends ever since they met, but they couldn't be more different. Jamie is popular, loved by everyone, the Student Council P...
  • marry
  • cancer
  • celebration
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Opposites Attract || Sidney Crosby by madeinthezm
Opposites Attract || Sidney Crosbyby em
Emily and Sidney could not be more different, but one late night encounter and a rather large Russian bring them together. However, Sidney isn't the only prospective man...
  • humor
  • nhl
  • alexovechkin
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Finding Hope by ashes4343
Finding Hopeby Ashleigh Johnson
Meredith Lenoire was scarred for life. Her innocence was brutally ripped from her. Not only did she have to suffer through this ordeal, she was left pregnant at fourteen...
  • new
  • overwork
  • guy
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Eight Letters. Three Words. by AlaskaGold
Eight Letters. Three Words.by Alaska Gold
"I do not feel anything towards Dylan Miller." Leela nodded combing through the messy knots in my hair, "Whatever." "I'm serious!"  "L...
  • bitch
  • ass
  • end
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Behind Our Walls by starryeyed20
Behind Our Wallsby starryeyed20
Everyone has walls. Everyone has a public facade. As three friends try to deal with their own storms, they soon find out the true meaning of friendship, trust and love. ...
  • confusion
  • friendship
  • love
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