In 27 Days (Watty Award Winner 2012) by HonorInTheRain
In 27 Days (Watty Award Winner 201... by Ally Adventure
Hadley Jamison doesn't know what to think when she hears that her classmate, Archer Morales, committed suicide. She didn't exactly know him, but that doesn't stop her fr...
S.H.M.I.L.Y.  ( COMPLETE ) by StefiIsabela
S.H.M.I.L.Y. ( COMPLETE ) by StefiIsabela Romance
"Hei." Sapaku, entah aku merasa aneh menyapa wanita kali ini, aku tidak terbiasa memulainya. Scarla terdiam berbalik dan menoleh menunjuk dirinya. "Iya, k...
Snow by jule009
Snow by hope crandall Science Fiction
Nobody knows what day it is anymore. Nobody knows the month, the day of the week...and the only way to tell time is by the slight change in the color of the sky from g...
Save Me || Bucky Barnes by elle_ella14
Save Me || Bucky Barnes by Ella Fanfiction
Charlotte Rogers had always been close to her older brother, Steve, and his best friend, Bucky. But what will the two men do when Charlotte disappears right in front of...
Winter Air [H.S.] by jhildey
Winter Air [H.S.] by Jenn Fanfiction
They weren't expecting to fall in love. Their pasts prohibited it. Yet fate and the cold winter air had other plans. Opportunities will arise that will cause both to mak...
The Beast of Gévaudan by Carikavanlog
The Beast of Gévaudan by The Inquisitor Historical Fiction
Set in 17th century France, rumours of a beast prowling the woods of Gévaudan has struck fear in the people. Renée Garnier, is one of them. At the tender age of ten, her...
Crave by Daydream1011
Crave by Daydream1011 Werewolf
Copyrighted 2017 Highest ranking #14 in Werewolf He was said to be powerful, the most powerful of them all. A king of kings- a dark king. He ruled the land like h...
Untamable (Completed) by UntoldPromises
Untamable (Completed) by @BrookeMunro Teen Fiction
Katerina has been tormented by all the people she counted on most in her life. Her pack, the kids at school, even her own brother. She felt lost enough as it was since...
A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Dracula by ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡ Vampire
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
The Man Behind The Beast (BWWM) ✓ by wambuimuiruriii
The Man Behind The Beast (BWWM) ✓ by Wambui Muiruri Teen Fiction
"He fell into despair and lost all hope... For who could ever love a beast?" -Beauty and The Beast •••••••...
Sweetly Yours by NerdyBirdie
Sweetly Yours by E m i l y Teen Fiction
A few days before the 25th, Farah Dailey decided to take a risk and anonymously deliever a Christmas gift to her long-time crush, Jamie Bright. Things don't go quite as...
Captain's Daughter//Peter Parker by alpaca_twin
Captain's Daughter//Peter Parker by alpaca_twin Fanfiction
In which a runaway meets her father, and grows close to the Avengers. Particularly close to the boy with a fetish of spiders. Written with @fnst1028
Bad Santa : CUPID'S MATCH SPIN-OFF by LEPalphreyman
The time for being good is over. It's time to be bad... *** My dearest cupids, For too long we have adhered to the old ways, the traditions, the r u l e s. But no more...
Heart of the Winter King  by DerangedBlueCat
Heart of the Winter King by Majere Fantasy
**Winner of the June 2017 fantasy awards** Aelrindir Silverstone. His heart as cold as the forces he controls and his personality as bruised and fragile as the man he le...
Recovery | Wattys 2017  by AubreyParsons
Recovery | Wattys 2017 by Aubrey Parsons Teen Fiction
Scarlet McKinnon has never been one to get into trouble. She's nice to everyone, has a poster-family, and only one potential enemy. So, when said enemy finds her beaten...
DEMONS ▷ BUCKY BARNES [1] by uItminyoongi
DEMONS ▷ BUCKY BARNES [1] by ❛ ELEANOR ❜ Fanfiction
❛ warrior child, you carry such coldness in your veins. war-torn child, you carry such loneliness in your bones. war-born child, you carry such horror in your heart. war...
Captured // A Winter Soldier Story by jordan7095
Captured // A Winter Soldier Story by jordan Fanfiction
•• Reyna hasn't had the easiest life. Born to a father responsible for unspeakable crimes, she is forced to flee her home at the age of twelve, leaving her loving mother...
Christmas Love (A Harry Styles Love Story) by 1dlovefanficss
Christmas Love (A Harry Styles Lov... by 1dlovefanficss Random
Lily works for her dad's radio station in New York. Lily luckily gets to meet and interview celebrities, including One Direction. The tall, curly haired boy sweeps Lily...
f a m i l i a r i t y. - [fierrochase] by chasegods
f a m i l i a r i t y. - [fierroch... by sky Fanfiction
once upon a time, alex almost hit magnus in the face with a mug of steaming hot coffee. fierrochase // neighbors au
His Secret Baby (Story #1 of the Teenage Pregnancy Series) by love_life1029
His Secret Baby (Story #1 of the T... by Lexi General Fiction
Colton Daniel has it all. Athletic ability, good looks, good grades, and a smoking hot girlfriend. With his future locked and loaded he breezes through senior year. That...