My Bad Boy by Nickymb
My Bad Boyby Megan ♦
Kelsey Mays knows everything there is to know when it comes to loving a bad boy. They're uncaring jerks who will leave you brokenhearted and alone without a second thoug...
  • kelsey
  • life
  • end
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The Princess of Elements by YourSecretNerd
The Princess of Elementsby YourSecretNerd
Book One in the TPoE series Arabella Rose is sixteen and has lived with her aunt and cousin for most of her life. She had been told that her parents had died when she wa...
  • elements
  • wind
  • earth
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Soil by varzanic
Soilby N.A. Carson
~Elemental Series~ (Book 4: Earth) Everything grows from the soil up, but Terrin is stuck in the mud. The other earth shifters all create beautiful things, exotic flowe...
  • gayfiction
  • wattys2017
  • slash
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Elementalists (completed) by rascal122
Elementalists (completed)by R@$c@1
Blitz Ann Boardel has finally reached the coming age. The day she gets something she's been waiting for, something she's longed for her whole life. Her element. But...
  • elementalist
  • water
  • ice
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Zodiac Signs book 2 by miitopia_kelsey
Zodiac Signs book 2by miitopia_kelsey
All found on Tumblr. *COMPLETED* Book 1: Completed Book 2: Ur here :) Book 3: OUT NOW!
  • water
  • sign
  • starsigns
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Princess and The Little Ones by malin87
Princess and The Little Onesby Malin
Princess is chosen to become the next Alpha of the world famous Ninjan Pack. She has been trained her whole life to become an elite warrior and the Alpha offer was never...
  • shopping
  • shower
  • library
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To Catch a Breeze by varzanic
To Catch a Breezeby N.A. Carson
--Elemental Series-- (Wind: Book 3) The wind can be a subtle thing, until Jerric gets a hold of it. He loves the rush of forming a tornado and blowing away anything tha...
  • airbender
  • tornado
  • manxman
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Happy Birthday, You're A Freak by friendofstrangers
Happy Birthday, You're A Freakby Victoria
When Raeanne Roosevelt turned fifteen strange things started to happen. She found she could do things she never thought were possible, and people came after her. Two yea...
  • friendship
  • death
  • watty
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The Windcaster [Featured | Fantasy/Adventure| Complete ] by KatrinHollister
The Windcaster [Featured | Kat Hollister
Tia, a wind magic trainee, desires to leave her life of monotony in a cosy seaside town. When summons arrived for the wind masters, she travels with her mentor to the ca...
  • magic
  • epic
  • youngadult
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Goddess assassin (BOOK ONE) by hiddensouth
Goddess assassin (BOOK ONE)by hiddensouth
My name. Well that's classified Know My history. Expect to die Disrespect me. The pain will thrive. After years of torture and abuse my heart went black After yea...
  • mates
  • rejection
  • powers
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The Snow Ferrets and the Shinju Necklace (completed) by rascal122
The Snow Ferrets and the Shinju R@$c@1
SEQUAL TO ELEMENTALIST *********** Mr. Baja is after the Shinju Necklace, and it's up to the Snow Ferrets to save it. Blitz, Terro, Ignis, Nero, Anemos, Neve, Kin, and a...
  • metal
  • lightning
  • fire
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(On Hold) Child of Wind [An Akatsuki No Yona Fanfiction] by Aqua_Hearts
(On Hold) Child of Wind [An Aqua💕Sophia
"I belong to the wind and the King. if one disappears, I go to another. If both are gone, I will never exist." Ruri, the lazy girl hidden behind a mask, is a g...
  • hak
  • anime
  • akatsukinoyona
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The Devil's Belonging book one by marthe3103
The Devil's Belonging book oneby Marthy
'' let's head back to the council. Let everyone know what happens with people trying to gather and steal the talismans from us ever again.'' The boss said angrily and hi...
  • shifter
  • demons
  • spanish
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Hidden Princesses by FabulousGrapeCat
Hidden Princessesby FabulousGrapeCat
Four princesses-Amberle of Anaemia, Noelani of Abalone, Emryn of Azure, Willow of Quarris. All these girl possess different powers Amberle power of Phoenix Flame, Noelan...
  • anaemia
  • happy
  • scared
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The Jem by lilaharris148
The Jemby lilaharris148
Crimson Waldorf might be in a land of beautiful and mystical things but her life is quite ugly in the beginning. As she fights for what she wants so dearly she bumps int...
  • earth
  • royalblood
  • soul
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Best Zelda Memes by Zelda221B
Best Zelda Memesby Flipniner2
Roses are red and violets are blue I love zelda memes and you probably should too
  • gannon
  • loz
  • funny
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The Elementals by silversnowleopard
The Elementalsby Snow
My name is Tide. I'd love to say hi and all, but if I tell you my location two very bad things could happen. First, someone who isn't really on my list of favorite peop...
  • fire
  • runaways
  • pyrotechnics
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Blowing Embers by LaurenDMSmith
Blowing Embersby Lauren
Kallai has a tendency to make things explode. Not on purpose, but every spell she's ever tried has gone up in a puff of smoke. Literally. And being the only mage in scho...
  • statue
  • fire
  • war
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Forced by kdgb786
Forcedby kdgb786
Her life was all planned for her. Her future set out without her consent. Her silence was taken as acceptance, and her fear as innocence. All in the name of religion. Ki...
  • blood
  • phone
  • fear
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Wind Spells by MakuuMikaki
Wind Spellsby Pure Joy of Mars
Spells about winds. How to control it, how to make weapon using winds and many more. Focus and cast this. Some Wind Spells "Magic is real" Genre: Spiritual, Ra...
  • spellcaster
  • chant
  • caster
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