Twitter // Grant Gustin by xellyjoyx
Twitter // Grant Gustin by Elly
@grantgust: how could you think I'm not hot? @nessa24 @nessa24: @grantgust I just don't why is that such an issue?
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MELANCHOLY | N. SCAMANDER ✔  by yoassbutt
MELANCHOLY | N. SCAMANDER ✔ by epitome of trash
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The Illusion of Love (Jared Padalecki/Supernatural AU) ON HOLD by IlostmyWinchester
The Illusion of Love (Jared Padale... by IlostmyWinchester
Willa Avery Scott didn't expect to ever date someone as sweet, caring, and wonderful as Jared Padalecki in her life--she especially didn't expect him to fall completely...
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house of anubis freaky fusion by houseofanubislover3
house of anubis freaky fusion by houseofanubislover3
its year three at Anubis house. the year that Nina wasn't meant to return. what if she did later on. all the Anubis girls each have an argument with the other. and while...
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Breathing The Sun by fringedheart
Breathing The Sun by Elle Ro
"You are so intoxicating Willa, it's like I have to depend on you for survival!" "That's absolutely absurd Elliott, what do you-" "Y...
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the one magic • fairy tail by nicevibe
the one magic • fairy tail by jaiden
'This world has been introduced to a new power, soon to be beyond even my control. There are those who are going to use it for evil, my dear sister, and when they do, I...
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Contagious ↠ Jake Riley [Containment] (Wattys2016) by Lucifers-Left-Lung
Contagious ↠ Jake Riley [Containme... by picasso
Eliza, a former surgeon, has spent the past two years on a seemingly permanent bender. Living in drug house after drug house, spending her time with junkies, Eliza's lif...
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'When I was walking back I bumped into someone and got a hold of their arm. "Oh my god, I am so sorry," I said when I noticed I knocked her drink out of her ha...
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Will You Be Mine? by gizness
Will You Be Mine? by BabieeVee
Willa Myers- A 16 year old girl who lives with her mother and her older bother. She's smart and funny, she's friendly and did I mention she's in love with her best frie...
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Wilby Mania by Kingdomkeeper_wilby3
Wilby Mania by Kingdomkeeper_wilby3
A series of wilby one shots, ranging from romance to tragedy!
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The Wilby Story by Wilby_Granger
The Wilby Story by Fangirl For Eternity
This is the story of Wilby according to my own hopes and desires. This is my first fanfic so comment on how I'm doing and enjoy!
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The Fight Of a Lifetime, Kingdom Keepers Fan Fiction Story! by Raythewriterforever
The Fight Of a Lifetime, Kingdom K... by Ray Tag
This is a story of the keepers try to defeat the evil of Disney. I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT FOR WHAT I WROTE!
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Lost Without You (#Wattys2016) by bri04ana
Lost Without You (#Wattys2016) by Briana
Willa Elena Bennett, the once all-around girl turned into a cold, bad she-wolf after the death of her twin brother, Bryson Marcus Bennett. Not only are they the only chi...
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Clocks | (ORIGINAL) by munchkinxcait
Clocks | (ORIGINAL) by Caitlyn ♔
"Clocks were invented to warn us. Tick (time is passing). Tock (time has passed)."
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Determinate ▷ Jake Rosati by mandymilkobitch
Determinate ▷ Jake Rosati by ˗ˏˋ noah foster ˎˊ˗
JAKE ROSATI ❝We're failures we're mistakes and we love it.❞
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kingdom keepers:studying and dancing.. by Willatree123
kingdom keepers:studying and danci... by Willa Angelo
if you like Wilby you'll probably like this story.
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Rings by OwlieBoo
Rings by OwlieBoo
Every year on their birthday, the people of Seabrook wake up with a new ring around their arm with a number running along it, showing their new age. It doesn't affect li...
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The Kingdom Returns (Kingdom Keepers fanfiction) by bcruzy_02
The Kingdom Returns (Kingdom Keepe... by Brianna M. Cruz
The evil has finally been beaten. No more Maleficent. No more broomsticks. No more creepy Small World dolls. No nothing. When Finn Whitman gets a call in the middle of t...
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Kingdom Keepers: The Return: Disney Divided by Spuds2016
Kingdom Keepers: The Return: Disne... by Kyle_Christopher
The Keepers are still in 1955,when a dark secret uncovers,Finn Whitman is bound to get to the bottom of it.But Disney is in danger in both the past and future. A Unexpec...
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An Emptiness Inside(Walking dead) by kitthekat11
An Emptiness Inside(Walking dead) by kitthekat11
¤{ ON HOLD }¤ ● ◇ ● ◇ ● ◇ ● "Where. Is. Rick?" "He was shot." At his reply, I couldn't feel anything. ● ◇ ● ◇ ● ◇ ● Disclaimer: I do not own the walk...
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