Arttastic world 14 by Lartspoon
Arttastic world 14by heck
in an unforseen turn of events, i still havent left this site
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pregnant with Hayes Grier. (completed) by Livnikolee
pregnant with Hayes Grier. (comple...by Nicoleee
Liv and HAyes have been bestfriends since they were in pre-k and things start to change will it ruin their friendship or will they end up with consequences?
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A chance I get, I take by Lovers014
A chance I get, I takeby Lovers014
Brooke is a very good fire fighter, but what happened when she has to make a quick decision which could need her whole career. Does she make a good decision or a bad one...
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Arshi SS-Meant To Be Yours by unitysuperior
Arshi SS-Meant To Be Yoursby EKTA SINHA
Ranked #358 in FAN FICTION.. 24th Aug, 2017 #372 in FAN FICTION.. 23rd Aug, 2017 #388 in FAN FICTION.. 21st Aug, 2017 #394 in FAN FICTION.. 18th Aug, 2017 #436 in FAN FI...
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Just Smile  by Ice204
Just Smile by Ice204
Ashley is a quiet distant girl who doesn't have many friend nor family. She's always had a problem with making friends because she's bullied by no one other than the pop...
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BITTER HUGOT/QUOTES by AnonymousHeartless
Bitter na kung bitter!
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What's Been Missing | Cross Fight B-Daman by risuscitate
What's Been Missing | Cross Fight...by r i s u
❝Even the memory, lies and truths that I was deprived of, I still sink in the thoughts. Time passes cruelly, but I still don't know why I'm here now.❞ [Cross Fight B-Dam...
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Roses//a Shane Dawson fanfic by _WoodYouLikeALink_
Roses//a Shane Dawson fanficby Wood you?
~Roses POV~ I expected to be cold, but instead felt arms hug me from behind as I lay under my blanket. I turned slowly and looked right into Shane's green eyes. "I...
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Book of crushes  by EmoOfTheInternet
Book of crushes by Spoopy
Cough Emo dads
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~On My Mind~ by SunnyMoonTime
~On My Mind~by SunnyMoon
Ar kada nors susimąstei kas vyksta tavo mintyse? Kartais mintys būna gražios, laimingos, nešančios naujas idėjas... Bet kartais ir piktos, demoniškos ir net apsėstos...
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Up to date book by elles_world101
Up to date bookby The_Read
The book that tells you what's going on
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enstars Crack and headcannons by gaypasteldorks
enstars Crack and headcannonsby biscuit
terrible meme mixed with our idol gods I guess just enjoy and don't ask questions. Also character reviews so that's a thing...
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Rants and Such by KV2700
Rants and Suchby ▪️Mercury▪️
The Five F's of me: Food, Feminist, Films, Fanfiction, Flabbergasted.... And another 'F' word that would give my bio and R Rating. It's Fudge. Get your mind out of the g...
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Our life pt.1 by BrianMorris470
Our life pt.1by Brian Morris
This is all a skit
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Oof by EdgyMeem
Oofby EdgyMeem
Oof ded
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That's so funny  by sparklecakes194
That's so funny by sparklecakes194
"Ha ha, that's so funny." In reality this was nothing new.
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What Happened to Abigail Sanders? Chapter 1 by NanaBear285
What Happened to Abigail Sanders...by NanaBear285
Abigail Sanders disappeared almost a year ago. But what happened after she disappeared? This first chapter is about her parents being questioned, and the detective showi...
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My Best Friend Is My Lover. by queen_and_sugerma
My Best Friend Is My Lover.by amanda reynolds
Hi my name is Landon but call me lany and i ahhhh............ well me and my best friend is thing but there is a twist so read and find out 😁😁😁😁😁
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Star Darlings  by love1234you
Star Darlings by Love1234you
Make a wish. It will fly high to the sky and reach a city call star land where twelve wish grantors live and soon go on an adventure to wish world or earth as you call i...
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