Arabian Nights | ✓ by simonesaidwhat
Arabian Nights | ✓ by simone shirazi
• Wattys 2017 Winner for The Originals • Blair Bakhtiar always wanted to be royalty. Zayn al-Haydar wanted to be anything but. When one fateful summer brings them toget...
  • poc
  • prince
  • weneeddiversebooks
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7:23am | ✓ by bateaux
7:23am | ✓ by kell ケル
Talia's life just got a heck of a lot more complicated, and the anonymous person sending her text messages at an ungodly hour is the reason for that. Copyright © Asia K...
  • secretadmirer
  • highschool
  • triggerwarning
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Butterfly Kisses | ✓ by anthems
Butterfly Kisses | ✓ by presley
❝Nothing could've prepared me for dealing with a burglar alone in the early hours of Saturday morning. Especially when that burglar was the most notorious boy at my scho...
  • comingofage
  • butterflies
  • spring
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Imalroc by smaoineamh
Imalroc by smaoineamh
In the brutal world of battleboxing, Imalroc sacrificed years to become an unbeatable champion. But his will to fight vanishes when he learns that he will never earn his...
  • rerdas
  • boyxboy
  • romance
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Project Oxygen by violadavis
Project Oxygen by cate
The participants of Project Oxygen have two things in common: they don't know what they did on January 14 or why there's a dead body in the living room. #20 M/T © 2017 c...
  • socialpsychology
  • nanowrimo
  • nano17
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Silver Stilettos (YA Thriller Noir) ? | ✓ by LillieVale
Silver Stilettos (YA Thriller Noir... by lillie 🌼 लिली
"Be cool," I heard him murmur. And then his face moved toward mine. His eyes were half-closed, still open enough to regard me solemnly beneath his drooping li...
  • desi
  • indian
  • talkthepoc
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Scuttle (Pirate King #2) by rskovach
Scuttle (Pirate King #2) by R.S. Kovach
Instead of planning her wedding, Ana is preparing for war. Captain Alestair "Cade" Kincade has renounced piracy, but he can't yet forgo being a soldier. Despit...
  • adventure
  • georgian
  • romance
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Plunder (Pirate King #1) by rskovach
Plunder (Pirate King #1) by R.S. Kovach
He just wants her booty, but she'll end up stealing his heart. After pirates kidnap seventeen-year-old Ana in a case of mistaken identity, the orphaned housemaid pre...
  • wattpadstars
  • pirate
  • weneeddiversebooks
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She Is My Hayaat by hayatiofparadise
She Is My Hayaat by Chocolate and Peace
I walked down the white hallways filled with the smell of bleach and chlorine. The lights above were too bright, too luminescent. I can't think. I can't look straight. I...
  • missiondesi
  • halallove
  • love
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New Year's Baby by MaryFahey
New Year's Baby by Mary Fahey
Donna Waldron thinks its love at first sight but is badly let down. Dr Ryan Kennedy is only amusing himself during boring workplace training. Heartbroken, she doesn't n...
  • finished
  • lovehaterelationship
  • secrets
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Bed Keeper by CometsofMind
Bed Keeper by Bouffest Daddy
{Book 2 in the 'Stay in Bed' Series MUST READ BED WARMER FIRST} They always tell you about the 'one', your perfectly compatible soulmate. They never tell you about your...
  • weneeddiversebooks
  • relationships
  • breakstereotypes
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Anchorage | ✓ by bateaux
Anchorage | ✓ by kell ケル
anchorage n. the desire to hold on to time as it passes, like trying to keep your grip on a rock in the middle of a river, feeling the weight of the current against yo...
  • humor
  • weneeddiversebooks
  • sad
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Skinny Love ✓ by inejghafa
Skinny Love ✓ by aves • hiatus
James Brown liked a girl named Rachel Wood. He wanted to woo her completely. So, he did the only way he knew how. Harry Potter puns and pickup lines did save the day.
  • dialoguestory
  • innuendo
  • romance
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The Hollow People by Indigo_Night
The Hollow People by Elizza
(A Wattpad Featured Story) Eleni Markova has never felt emotion before: no happiness, no sadness, no anger, and no fear. She is one of the Hollow People, a group that ca...
  • dystopian
  • action
  • emotion
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Head Over Heels ✓ by hennwick
Head Over Heels ✓ by henn
A FEATURED WATTPAD STORY When he was five years old, Lucas Langley fell in love with his best friend and he never fell out. 04.07.2017 - 31.10.2017 general fi...
  • boyxboy
  • gay
  • weneeddiversebooks
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Our Followers Ship It ⚠️ by LillieVale
Our Followers Ship It ⚠️ by lillie 🌼 लिली
a boy who everyone knows + a girl who's a mystery = a lot of followers shipping it
  • featured
  • secretidentity
  • graffiti
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Fat-bulous by LB_Jade
Fat-bulous by L.B. Jade
After a near-fatal car accident on New Year's Eve, Lily Matsumoto resolves to turn her life around by shedding some serious weight, getting The Boy, and helping her fath...
  • weneeddiversebooks
  • funny
  • humor
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Shrinking Violet by hennwick
Shrinking Violet by henn
Gwyneth Tan knows flowers. Gwyneth Tan does not know love. GF 38
  • cute
  • adult
  • weneeddiversebooks
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Freak | ✓ by PandaGuts
Freak | ✓ by Pearl. W. Pleyse
[ book one of the Sticks and Stones series ] Felix was a freak and Sam was hopelessly in love with him. (BoyxBoy) Highest ranking: #68 in Romance
  • firstlove
  • teen
  • myyouth
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A Gentleman's Guide to Hooking Up by rainbowbrook
A Gentleman's Guide to Hooking Up by Christine
Casual sex is harder than it seems. In order to keep it safe, both emotionally and physically, Jake comes up with a set of rules.
  • stopslutshaming
  • chinese
  • literasia
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