Friend Request: Denied by thestickonthebox
Friend Request: Denied by thestickonthebox Humor
❝"Love is like a storm: reckless. It demolishes everything in its way." "But some storms can be beautiful," he said, smirking. "And besides, do...
Miss Weirdo Is Swayed [COMPLETE] by ThePrintedScarf
Miss Weirdo Is Swayed [COMPLETE] by Hope Romance
"He's hotter than Chris Evans" i thought in my mind. "cool ! you think I'm hotter than Chris Evans?" i heard a voice from above my head. Did i sa...
Mel's World Of Mistakes.  by Queen_Melissa_
NBSB meets PLAYBOY (complete but not edited)  by lalasgirl11517
NBSB meets PLAYBOY (complete but n... by hopeful writer ChickLit
Highest rank in chicklit #81 (9/21/17) Liza Samuels is a definition of the word boring. Lucas Gabriels is a definition of the word fun. Will boring and fun can get along...
The Girl I Bullied Is A Supermodel?! by GracynKathryn
The Girl I Bullied Is A Supermodel... by Gracyn Kathryn Romance
Arielle Potter, or more commonly known as Arie, is a world known supermodel of her mother's company; Aeropostale. Arie is a daytime spunky weird- bullied girl, and night...
Sucker For Love by SmhLilia
Sucker For Love by That Girl Romance
You want to know who I'm in love with? Look at the first word
Art Madness by booksHighlander
Art Madness by chiara Random
Art pictures book. more art is needed
Marrying the campus bully by Ms_Patatas
Marrying the campus bully by MadamErica Teen Fiction
yung tipong ang ganda ng buhay mo pero sa isang iglap nagiba ang patutunguhan nito, biglang nagkagulo na kahit ikaw hindi mo maintindihan. well, ako nga pala si Aziah Tu...
My Dream Daddy Mini Ladd X Reader by The_Holder_Of_Memes
My Dream Daddy Mini Ladd X Reader by Brendon Uries big forehead Romance
Alex another girl another youtuber another girl who had feelings for a guy who happens to be Mini Ladd!? I wont be posting daily but you'll see :D
Time to Get Away by ButterflyFox13
Time to Get Away by ButterflyFox13 Fantasy
This is a story of girl who wanted to elude the world, who dreamt to be recuperated, and wanted to escape time.
Weirdo //h.s. [Editing] by ComplicatedStyles
Weirdo //h.s. [Editing] by Bailey Fanfiction
[Completed] With Sydney being the only easy target for a messed up man, things are bound to get messy. Harry being the heart of her fate makes matters worse. With reveng...
Weirdo's Artistic World by Weirdo_Artist13
Weirdo's Artistic World by Camp Camp Random
THAT'S RIGHT PANDATERS I'M COMING BACK! 1. Don't trace/steal my art 2. If you hate my art then leave because I don't want your negativity 3. I don't take requests unless...
Random stuff by greaser1011
Random stuff by Greasy Girl Random
Well can I say well I'm making this for the sake of writing.Its my first book so don't judge. Have fun,cringe,laugh,and stay gold💛💛💛
The Facebook Stalker by tierney1984
The Facebook Stalker by Tierney Mystery / Thriller
Kate Anderson, a girl from a small farming community in Glendale, Wisconsin just got the break of her life -- she was accepted to Chicago's University of Illinois Colleg...
The Bad Boy Stole My Pepsi by im-busy-reading
The Bad Boy Stole My Pepsi by im-busy-reading Teen Fiction
"How about this. I'm in the mood for a bit of competition. I'll give you your Pepsi on one condition. We have a bet. If you don't fall for me by the end of the year...
The Prom Date by TheBubbleKween
The Prom Date by AMDG Teen Fiction
"Out of all the people here, you're the one who knows the most about me." "Why can't I know it all?" I looked into his eyes for the first time since...
Nerdy And Naive |ON HOLD by lilmhizgabby
Nerdy And Naive |ON HOLD by Divine Teen Fiction
Alexa Black is typical good girl naive, shy and boring. She doesn't watch movies except probably Barbie. She doesn't listen to music neither does she have friends except...
Hate Me More by ItzWeirdo
Hate Me More by Nadine Heidi Alexander Humor
She's clumsy, ugly and extremely Over dramatic, and together with her goth best friend she sets out to break the laws society has set out for them. The universe probably...
Kamera Quiet by Pineapplease
Kamera Quiet by Pineapple Rose Horror
*Click*click* What was that? I went to my window and opened it. No on was there. But it sounded like someone was throwing pebbles at my window. Then I heard a camera shu...
Academt Of Five Peaks by FrizzBlue
Academt Of Five Peaks by Mr Bean Fantasy
Two hundred years ago demons from hell ravaged the world.They came for earth, killing and destroying the place humans had lived in, not stopping for anything or anyone. ...