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Guess who's back again? PSA: I am currently reposting and finishing all my finished and on-hold stories, so if you want to read its new versions feel free to do so! CURRENTLY WRITING: "SENSATION SERIES" 1. The Vision of You 2-7. To Follow FINISHED EDITING: - Ang Boyfriend kong Artista - The 7th Thing - One-shot stories CURRENTLY EDITING: - The Young Master's Maid TO EDIT: - My Gangster Husband - His Personal Slave - His Personal Wife - The Rising Star PUBLISHED STORIES UNDER SUMMIT BOOKS' POP FICTION: 1. Ang Boyfriend kong Artista (2 reprints) 2. His Personal Slave 3. His Personal Wife ------------------------- Ella; in her twenties. Thomasian Artlet. Teen fiction writer under Summit Media's Pop Fiction Books. Intern at life. Facebook: Twitter: @ellalarena Instagram: @ellalarena PS: Please don't give out or sell softcopies of my stories :((
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jadwal update : rabu : three men and a witch di NN kamis : 2 bab sesajen cinta jumat : 2 bab tawanan hati sabtu : 2 bab nayata in lov nantikan terus ya
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*Confessions of a Wedding Planner (Bliss Series Book 1) has been a WATTPAD FEATURE in #Romance and #Chicklit through campaigns such as Selected by Cadbury Sweet Escapes and Top Romance Stories by @TheChoiceMovie and @AllegiantMovie #Wattys2015 HQ Love Award Winner Revenge of a Jilted Bride (Bliss Series Book 4) WEBSITE: #WattpadStar My short story "Winter's Kiss" is part of the #ImaginesBook anthology BLISS SERIES: Confessions of a Wedding Planner (FEATURED) Santa Baby (Christmas '14 Special) The Bachelor's Perfect Proposal Chasing the Runaway Bride Revenge of the Jilted Bride (On-going) Never a Bride (Coming Soon) The Flower Girl (ETA summer 2017) The Groom Catalogue (ETA fall 2017) Red Ink Series: (Excerpts only) The Romance of Red and Wolfe (Mature) The Love Story of Hunter and Blanche (Mature) WEST COAST ROCK STARS SERIES: Harley (Sample only) Eva (Sample only) STANDALONE: Sugar (On Hold, Highest rank #12) Mistress Short stories: Wanted:Muse 398.2 (On-going) FIND me on Facebook: Page: Page: FOLLOW me on: Reading is my escape. Writing is my freedom.
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Stephany James -Author of Stealing the Groom, the first title in the Wedding Party Series. ***Author praise and recognition: ◦ Stealing the Groom--Highest rating on ChickLit #7 General Fiction #13 ◦ Sealed With A Kiss--Highest rating on ChickLit #2 ◦ The Runaway Bride--Highest rating on ChickLit #3 ***Interviews and Dedications Wattpad Gems; interview conducted by MissIndependent_19 for Stealing the Groom Can't Put Down Wattpad Novels; dedication from akrox58 for Stealing the Groom Books That Will Hook You Like Crack; dedication from imabunnygirl for Stealing the Groom Wattpad at its Best; dedication from starcrossedwriter97 for A Guide to the Opposite Sex ***A note to my readers: I began reading and writing at a young age and quickly discovered my love for the printed craft. Literature is an art form only possessed by a select few, one of which I do not presume to be. I write for leisure, and for pleasure as creative writing allows me to pour some of my thoughts down on paper. I am truly humbled at the amount of praise my, in my opinion amateur, writing has received and at the same time immensely grateful. To those who were amongst the first to believe in my writing, and to those who critique it and challenge me to rise as a stronger medium of storytelling-I thank you. Because if it were not for those who take my work and give me their most sincere sentiments, I would not be able to write stories of which I am indubitably proud of. Some of my most immature writing is displayed, as well as my most mature. But I unabashedly leave them on here to show the advances I have made. I wish to continue learning and growing, and long to one day aspire someone to do the same. Best of luck, Stephany James
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Previous Username- AngelC123 !! Great people in my life! so shout out to them :P: @Alyx_MyLife @kashroberson @foreverstephstyles Hi!! My name is Angelica and one thing to know about me is that I'm In Love With Fairy Tail!! NaLu and GrayLu, I can't pick!! But obviously Natsu and Lucy will be together in the end.. ;) *Directioner *Yung Carter :P (Beehivey) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Completed Books:- The Alpha's Promise - Fight For Love and Power -Like Soul Mates ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My hobbies are: *Writing, (I come up with so many Ideas, you have no idea how many 1st chapters of random books I have saved on my laptop.) *Reading, (if i'm not updating on Wattpad, I'm reading on Wattpad.) * Track life (most of my other time) I'm a thrower! It's lots of fun. Remember to smile! (something my mom always says) Anyone could write me a message and there's a 90 percent probability that I will answer or at least see it ;) Highest Achievements: The Alpha's Promise: #8 Werewolf, #5 Non-Teen Fiction Drama Life of Ms.Nerdy: #194 Humor #321 Teen Fiction His Little Cupcake: #138 ChickLit Like Soul Mates: #259 Short Story #900 Romance Bad Boy Wants: #805 Romance #949 Teen Fiction
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So here is a little about moi ______________________________________________________________________ Name: Nanette Age: 20 Origin: France Languages: I can speak French, Spanish, and English Favorite color: Purple Favorite Animal: Dog, preferably a golden retriever Favorite Book/Series: Melissa Mars - Wicked Lovely ______________________________________________________________________ I love all the simplest things in life and enjoy life to the fullest! I model, play soccer, dance and I enjoy singing. Of course being on wattpad makes me love reading and writing! Writing definitely brings out my imagination and it helps me to escape reality. I've always dreamed of finding my Prince Charming when I was little, and that I'd be swept off my feet! I sometimes wish that my life was like how it is in my stories, but who wouldn't? _____________________________________________________________________ I absolutely adore these guys: - Sean O'Pry - Drew Roy - Francisco Lachowski - Zac Efron - Chace Crawford _____________________________________________________________________
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I will read when I'm procrastinating in real life. I will write when I'm procrastinating AND brain flowing with creativity juice. I'm a fan of happy endings. I will only be fond of bad endings when I hate the main characters. I'm a fan of Harlequin books, which you might find why my story plots are as twisted as theirs. (I'm aiming to be more twisted) I'm also a fan of paranormal romance stories. Seriously, ignore the vampires, werewolves, etc's scary bits, and they could be sexy. Imagination is needed, of course. Currently, I'm somewhat relearning my grammars and all, but it will take days, or weeks, or months, or years. So please be patient and understanding when you spotted errors in my story. Although I wonder why are some readers that complain about my story but still read it till the end AND spend time to reply to other readers to mock me? I would really appreciate it if you spend some time to read @jun-e90 's story. She is one of the biggest supporter :D I am a slow update, as I do have a life behind Wattpad and writings. Sorry about that, but I will try my best to update my stories! To all my fans : Thank you so much for fanning me! I would love to visit each of your profile page to personally thank you all for fanning me and reading my books, but Wattpad just forbid me to post the same thing twice. This is for helping readers know which book to read first! *Marry You Series* Book 1: Marry You For Baby (Completed) Book 2: Marry You For Money (Completed) Book 3: Marry You For Protection (Ongoing) Book 4: Marry You For Love (Coming Soon) *White Samurai Girl* Book 1: Yin (Completed) Book 2: Yang (Ongoing) Book 3: (Coming soon)
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Wish one day i published many books and adapt them into the movies :) Beberapa tulisan yang pernah kupost telah dihapus, karena sebagian belum selesai. COMPLETE <3 1. Hazel's Wedding Story, Second Impression, Third Perfection (sudah dibukukan menjadi dua buku) 2. Kiss Injection ( Akan dicetak self publishing) 3. Kutukan Cinta 17 Tahun ON GOING <3 1. Heaven in Your Eyes ( sisa 1 chapter) 2. Marriage with Benefits (masih lama kelar) 3. You, A Gift from God (Gak tau kapan bakal ditulis) ON BOOKSTORES 1. A Presents from The Past (Elex Media Komputindo, Agustus 2015) Kalo bisa follow, silahkan follow. Kalo bisa like, silahkan like. Kalo bisa comment, silahkan comment. Mari budayakan berinternet yang sehat. Mari budayakan menulis dan membaca.
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Menulislah untuk kesenangan dirimu sendiri, bukan untuk memuaskan hati orang lain - black-lemon. ---------------------- A short description about me: Already legal, anti-social, addicted to chocolates, hates hot weather, and loves to sleep. Updates randomly because busy study hard for national exam, university test, and watch asian dramas. ---------------------- Contact me? Email:
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Hello. I'm Katherine. Been here for three years now, I cannot believe it. Still working hard for you guys. Love hearing the comments and seeing you guys voting! Thanks so much. I am currently reading Edward Rutherford's novel 'Paris'. His writing is magnificent and his novels are beautifully written with multiple storylines weaved effortlessly together. I am still working on George R.R. Martin's 'A Dance with Dragons', as it is quite a long novel. I am currently in school so my writing is not as regular and I do not post as often. I am working on other stories aside from the ones on here already and a friend of mine and I are working on a collaborative piece. Enjoy! All my stories are copyright and therefore you cannot copy them! Thanks!