My Alpha Mate by sami_sizzle
My Alpha Mateby sami_sizzle
"Mine" he said so I did the only logical thing... I ran Samantha Horn was girl with a kick ass attitude and a crazy Ex. When her fathers death caused her to mo...
  • wearwolf
  • nathan
  • possesive
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The vampire master by katecansmile
The vampire masterby katecansmile
16 year old Lilly was kidnapped by a gorgeous 18 year old vampire named Dylan.
  • romance
  • fear
  • vampyre
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Emily Gilbert (TVD fanfic) (Completed) by AverySommers16
Emily Gilbert (TVD fanfic) (Comple...by Avery Sommers
Emily Gilbert is Elena's 12 year old little sister and is dragged into the Supernatural Drama and is in danger. But what happens when a witch casts a spell on her which...
  • wearwolf
  • ştefan
  • damon
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The Cursed Beauty by Mariedan2002
The Cursed Beautyby Marie
"You think you can control me? You think you have the power to control me? I'd rather die than let a manipulate and narcissistic bi*h like you even think about tell...
  • monster
  • action
  • torture
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Twilight Pregnancy Preferences by shy_blue_blossom
Twilight Pregnancy Preferencesby Blue Blossom
Book three ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Y/n)-your name (H/l)-your hair length: long, midden, short (H/c)-your hair colour (E/c)-your eye colour ~~~~>>&g...
  • xreader
  • twilight
  • pregnancy
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You're a werewolf?! by PTK101
You're a werewolf?!by PTK101
This is a hiccstrid story. Astrid was never really friends with hiccup she only hung out with him because he was part of the gang ( Jack Frost, Rapunzel, Merida, and Eug...
  • hiccup
  • httyd
  • wearwolf
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Claiming Eliza by Elegantlass
Claiming Elizaby Elegantlass
The funny thing about fate is no matter how hard you try to push it away and avoid it, it will always find you. Eliza gets taken from her mom, and is forced to particip...
  • wearwolf
  • romance
  • heat
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Werewolves |Book 1| by Invisible5792
Werewolves |Book 1|by Invisible5792
So we stood there kissing as it snowed. Hand in hand, lips on lips, like in one of those cliche love stories. You know, where the girl is in love with the boy and yet yo...
  • mate
  • mates
  • pack
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Save ã Life by _world_of_fandoms_
Save ã Lifeby Alayna
When Lilith Jones or Lily was best friends with Jake, Embry, Quil, and the rest but one by one they leave soon leaving their happy Lilith friend into a depressed Lilith...
  • cancer
  • lonely
  • seth
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Alpha Jared by jayosavege
Alpha Jaredby jayosavege
" Son I'm sorry but you have to go to school, how are you gonna find your mate if you keep yourself in the house all the time" he sat up straight in his seat...
  • maturelanguage
  • vampire
  • wearwolf
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The Sakamakis Dear Sister by adorablezzzz
The Sakamakis Dear Sisterby ShinraiSakamaki
This story is about Diabolik lovers so if your anime fan here is a story for you in this story its not kpop and warning:bad words and there might be some sexual stuffs b...
  • fiction
  • wearwolfs
  • sakamakibrothers
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Garlic roses by Pluutoo
Garlic rosesby Pluto
You go throw the life a plu Ivey a 14 year girl you go throw her mistakes sadness and secrets about her family and village I will have more parts I just need to write th...
  • love
  • wearwolfs
  • sad
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The Original Wife by PeralRose
The Original Wifeby PeralRose
Klaus has been married even before he was turned she is also her mother was a witch and her father was a wolf so when they were turned by his mother he was turned into a...
  • wearwolf
  • vampirediaries
  • vampire
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Borderline Destiny  by Gina-Valerie
Borderline Destiny by Gina-Valerie
Wolf pack's function as families. Everyone has a role and if you act within that role, the whole pack succeeds. Yet when you act outside of you role, everything falls...
  • wearwolf
  • school
  • sister
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Wolf's Mermaid by DestinysQuotes
Wolf's Mermaidby DestinysQuotes
(UNDER RECONSTRUCTION! Read at your own risk, many things need fixing and editing.) " I was the last. the very last one. and it changed my life forever" Ashley...
  • love
  • mermaid
  • wearwolf
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Rejected Gold by _rayrayrayrayray_
Rejected Goldby Rere kash
Hi guys my name is Ray Aura Fort Which means... Ray= it's random . Aura= is karma in french and my dads lastname fort= Strong in french I have long light brown hair Gree...
  • revenge
  • golden
  • wearwolf
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My kidnapper by coolbeans02
My kidnapperby Nicky
My name is Kateria pierce but everybody calls me kat. I was cheated on by my now ex-boyfriend so my friend jazz took me to the movies and we met Jake and Alex and my wor...
  • pack
  • wearwolf
  • baby
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Sun Drops by Rasberriixo
Sun Dropsby Rasberriixo
Have you ever wished to live in a world of magic? Maybe you've dreamt of mythical creatures that gracefully trot through fields of flowers, or maybe you've thought about...
  • original
  • originalstory
  • plant
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My omega boyxboy by kevoniehall
My omega boyxboyby kevonie hall
Daniel is the omega if his pack he is beaten raped and treated like nothing until he finally shifted for the first time and found that he was a black wolf the stronges...
  • boyxboy
  • wearwolf
The Vampire's Mate © by CRISSY43V3R
The Vampire's Mate ©by CRISSY43V3R
Juvia Lockser a common teenager who attends to Magnolias famous private high school 'Fairy Tail Academy'. Natsu Dragneel known as the school's bad boy and badass. But on...
  • juvia
  • dragneel
  • lyonxjuvia
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