Be mine...(Naj Nightmare x reader) by Kawaiimajorcat
Be mine...(Naj Nightmare x reader) by A Wrider Fanfiction
you're Y/N L/N,you have a big E/C and your hair is a gold colour,people always loved your presence,you make them happy just being standing next to them,when you enrolled...
Strange | h.s by gummieharry
Strange | h.s by Nicxlee Fanfiction
❝Si tú solo cambiaras de opinión, adorarías los días estando al lado mío.❞ #76 en Fanfic 11/03/2016 ®Derechos Reservados del Autor. 2014, Inc.
The Experiment © [Completed] by iamRam2333
The Experiment © [Completed] by Anne Fanfiction
Two people afraid of commitment are put together in a work-related assignment to try out the married life for three months. Will this experience change their views on re...
 My mate and I's Fate by anapricem
My mate and I's Fate by Fanfic\love Werewolf
I'm Atalee I'm currently in the New moon lupus pack. My dad is alpha: Alex Price My mom is Luna: Kylie Price My brother is Beta: Bryce Price I'm next in line Beta: A...
Wreckage [Completed] by iamRam2333
Wreckage [Completed] by Anne Fanfiction
Dei was his world. Richard was at a point in his life where he was sure that nothing else could make him happy anymore. He had her and he could not ask for more... unti...
What can a fame bring you? Yes, gossip. Toby McDonough was trapped in the need of having a girlfriend to effectively deny all bad gossip that was made against him. The m...
The Heir of Hufflepuff  by SurpremeOverlord
The Heir of Hufflepuff by SurpremeOverlord Fanfiction
NNNNNNEEEEEWWWWW SSSSSSSSTTTTTOOOOOORRRRRRRYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! (This is a story about Amelia the heir of Hufflepuff its gonna be her first year at Hogwarts and its gonna be...
The omega and the alpha~Ein x reader~Phoenix drop high [ON HOLD] by fayefai
The omega and the alpha~Ein x read... by fayefai Fanfiction
Note:i do not own any of the characters In this book unless i say different (Y/N) is a girl (sorry if your not) who was transferred to phoenix drop high after moving and...
from hate to love by Aliyah0727
Run Away [Completed] by iamRam2333
Run Away [Completed] by Anne Fanfiction
"I-is he still alive?" Maine asked, trembling. "Barely," Alden answered, nursing his fist which he noticed had become swollen as well. "He's luc...
This time(On-going) by QuinnSese
This time(On-going) by Rix Teen Fiction
Ang istoryang ito ay hango lamang sa kakulitan ang aking kaisipan. Ang mga tauhan,pangyayari at lugar etc. Ay hindi pinagplanuhan o sabi konga hango lamang sa aking kais...
Kidnapped {Ipliers × Reader} by stayaliveformeplz
Shameless - Gallavich  by xMindy8
Shameless - Gallavich by M i n d y ! Fanfiction
Ian last saw Mickey behind plate glass in prison, where he shattered his heart and walked out on him. Three months have passed and Ian still regrets it all. After months...
~A never ending spell~ Anthony Trujillo~ by team10_is_lit
~A never ending spell~ Anthony Tru... by 💜team10lover💜 Fanfiction
"I don't know how you did but you casted a never ending spell on me" "I love you Anthony Trujillo"
Playing with fire by ARMY_Tae-Tae
Playing with fire by ❤️김태형❤️ Fanfiction
The sight..of a flame is so beautiful..and the warmth of it..I can't touch it..but I can see it..it looks wonderful...I just want to play with it..I just want to play wi...
➹The Secret Offense by leeleebella
➹The Secret Offense by LEELEEBELLA ChickLit
Offense /əˈfɛns/ Definition: A breach of a law or rule; an illegal act. (Thanks google, haha) "Let's just say my life is not as simple as it seems. Secrets always...
Step Siblings?   Adym Yorba Fanfiction by lovesickyorba22
I've Fallen Inlove On My Bestfriend by EuniceeexoSaranghae
I've Fallen Inlove On My Bestfriend by euneexoxo_14 Fanfiction
Paano kaya na sa linahat-lahat ng lalaki ay sa bestfriend mo ikaw ma-Iinlove?
ACCIDENTAL LIKE by AvrilsBatSide Fanfiction
Cameron Dallas has a long time crush on Kristen Hancher it's been like forever, ever since Kristen starts musical.ly from the beginning he already fallen for her. Will t...
Just smile ||Lisa (editing) by ARMY_Tae-Tae
Just smile ||Lisa (editing) by ❤️김태형❤️ Fanfiction
"Just smile even if it hurts so bad" "I want you to be happy" "Please be happy" Just another Lisa FF about a girl and that girl is lisa...