A Special Kind of Blind by AlexTheFemaleWriter
A Special Kind of Blind by Alex Winters
Katelyn has been blind since she was 4 years old. Now she's going to a new High School, which means new people that know nothing of her disability. She falls in love wit...
  • blindness
  • teen
  • disability
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Bought by the king. by mnopqrstq
Bought by the king. by mnopqrstq
Chanbaek.Hunhan King park have two sons, chanyeol and sehun,, sehun is married to luhan and have two daughters,, while chanyeol is married to d.o and his wify is a barre...
  • namjin
  • kaisoo
  • taekook
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Funny Quotes, Texts, Riddles and Jokes by Tamesha232002
Funny Quotes, Texts, Riddles and J... by Manisha Sagadaya
This is just a bunch of random quotes, riddles,texts and jokes that basically describe what happens in our lives.ooooh and don't forget all your favourite celebrities. Y...
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Creepypasta Zodiac by Jaschicken
Creepypasta Zodiac by Jas
Zodiac Signs That Involves CreepyPasta... Play Around And See Who, How, Why, Where, and What You're Signs Do... Request Are ALWAYS Open... I Hope You Enjoy... New Parts...
  • zodiac
  • gemini
  • aquarius
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Second chances//sequel to kidnapped by adym_yorbafans
Second chances//sequel to kidnapped by athesticxx
With Harry on death row, Adina is struggling to keep it together. Although they both want a happy ending...Will it end that way? With his death sentence soon approachin...
  • sequel
  • harrystyles
  • wattpad
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Tennessee Line - ITALIANO by Miriana_de
Tennessee Line - ITALIANO by Miriana Degli Esposti
Miranda e Janvier, due vite all'apparenza diverse, che finiscono per incontrarsi inevitabilmente.
  • diario
  • america
  • janvier
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De Amigos a ... ¿Novios? ( Shawn Mendes y Tu) by imagination120
De Amigos a ... ¿Novios? ( Shawn M... by ~Tu Imaginacion~
Tn_ es una chica de 14 años que vive en toronto canda, tiene un mejor amigo el cual su nombre es Shawn son inseparables! ... pero una oportunidad del trabajo de la ma...
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Caramel Advertising!  by Caramelapple99
Caramel Advertising! by Carrie Caramel
Free advertisement for your books! This is to expand a library of active books for readers and authors! Any books welcome!
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It's Not Okay... by Bethan_Rose
It's Not Okay... by Katycat_360
You'll See...
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Smudged paintings - art book 11 by ShadowFlight_Draws
Smudged paintings - art book 11 by Sexy goat potatoes
:-: this book contains artwork made by me, ShadowFlight_Draws (unless said otherwise), and I do not allow you to; take, trace, repost or reference my art without my perm...
  • shadow
  • wof
  • draws
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Mi mundo de Wattpad by MPSouthwell
Mi mundo de Wattpad by M.P. Southwell
En este libro iré compartiendo entrevistas que me han realizado, premios que obtuve, banners e imágenes promocionales, info sobre mis obras y sobre mí, reseñas... en def...
  • banners
  • sobremi
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My Wattpad Diary by BlOodYpSycHOpATh666
My Wattpad Diary by Psych
Do I REALLY need to explain this? *sigh* Ok, this is my journal where I will write down all my thoughts and crazy things that happen to me. and then post them for all th...
  • wattpad
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The devil baby refused to live  by ilham193
The devil baby refused to live by ilham193
An interesting story on how a 23 year old lady had sex with a devil and got pregnant the story is amazingly awesome
  • firsttime
  • writemylife
  • paranormal
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Cover Premades |  by liguidgold
Cover Premades | by shiayane
uh, these are some covers that I made for other people's books.
  • premades
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Kings by LuckytheMisfit
Kings by Just Lucky
A modern Cinderella Story with a twist... no glass slipper, no mean step moms and sisters and a very unexpected Prince Charming😇 Hannah-Riolla moves from LA to the very...
  • kings
  • love
  • expecttheunexpected
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The boy who lives at the end of the street who's name you can never remember by tombola_05
The boy who lives at the end of th... by TomWalters
Jemima Carson lives on the other side of the street to the mysterious little boy with the worn teddy bear and the stained black tailcoat. She doesn't know where he is fr...
  • teddybear
  • teddy
  • jemima
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Striving Muslimah😘 by fnmdss
Striving Muslimah😘 by noname
she was in search of happiness satisfaction joy She always wants to be with her loved ones no matter what.... but... destiny had other plans... let's see what's up with...
  • happiness
  • destinyplans
  • muslimah
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The Mute Wattpader by letsfictional
The Mute Wattpader by komkom
At only 18, Hazel Clarke has become the Wattpad sensation with the heart-warming, gut-wrenching, nerve-wracking stories she writes to free her demons, Wattpad being the...
  • kiss
  • sassy
  • mute
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The twins by bunnyqueen011
The twins by bunnyqueen011
Ella is new to Riverbank High school and struggle to make friends but when she accidentally walks in the boys locker room her life changes very fast. She become friends...
  • bunnyqueen011
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  • wattpadromance
For all you writers out there that need book covers or book trailers I'm here to provide!
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