life  by lala11316
life by Lalaland
* this book is a rewrite I have an old account with the exact same story on it read my profile description for info * this book I will go over all kinds of things Sex...
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Oh Schnapp: He Did It Again by foxandbunny2
Oh Schnapp: He Did It Againby Stranger Noah
Just another Noah fanfic! (All of my writing is original. I apologize if the content may seem similar to other Stories, But all of my ideas were created by myself.)
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Fill the Air Writing Competition! (CURRENTLY JUDGING SEASON 2) by bDamoc
Fill the Air Writing Competition...by Bdamoc
Are you a writer? Are you looking to be noticed? Do you want to gain more practice and skills in a fun, motivated environment? Then welcome to the second season of the F...
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Instagram de Bree y Carlos de vil  by ConsueloEspinoza0
Instagram de Bree y Carlos de vil by Conisuelo
Es sobre mi historia de los hijos de cruela de vil
  • wattpad
shadows in the sunset + grayson dolan fanfic  by messyethan
shadows in the sunset + grayson do...by thot
In a world of black and white, young Vanessa Mendez, as well as everyone else in the world, has to find the love of her life to finally see color. What will happen when...
  • dolantwinfanfiction
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Tomorrow: A Short Story by strangerfangirl101
Tomorrow: A Short Storyby Sara {S}
What happens when Emmelene can talk to animals? • This book is fully my work, all of it came from my brain. • Disclaimer: Story was inspired by Russian photographer Kat...
  • fangirl
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thee guy by user93106980
thee guyby Lineo Ntepelle
A story about a girl who never gets attached until she meets this guy who blows her off
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My Muse |Devante Swing| by loveofkim
My Muse |Devante Swing|by k. 🌹
Diana moves to New York to stay with her uncle Andre Harell, the owner of Uptown Records for the summer. But once she meets Devante Swing, her life changes for the big t...
  • mymuse
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WANDERLUST [poetry] by MayGarner
WANDERLUST [poetry]by m a y y ✨
" and my mind is spinning in these w a n d e r l u s t thoughts." Here, I watch myself decay and stitch itself back together before the sunrise. ~ Cover by m...
  • poetess
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Bad Boy (SMUT JIMIN)  by amyjimin
Bad Boy (SMUT JIMIN) by parkjimin
Warning:18+ no re-writing and sorry of my grammar
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Ever Since Then by HotCheetosTrash
Ever Since Thenby Elkan Kaluza
Mercedes is just one of the many people in this world dealing with heavy weight on her shoulders and having to deal with life. Something then happens which changed how M...
  • confidencejourney
  • loss
  • positivity
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Writing Help & Wattpad Help by tifftheawesome
Writing Help & Wattpad Helpby ✴t i f f a n y✴
Here you ask me questions about writing or about wattpad in general. Don't be shy ask away.
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Why fall for him?  by Angielife316
Why fall for him? by Angielife316
Angela and Tiana are slowly falling in love with the Dolan twins so are they figure out who gets who
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eXpOSinG pEOplE by bxbysmile
eXpOSinG pEOplEby perplexed.
Haha you'll see ;)
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Drarry texts  by drxrryship
Drarry texts by Melina Malfoy
(Text AU) Drarry texts Just imagine if they had iPhones at Hogwarts..... ok good now this is exactly what im writing about, this is a drarry (dracoxharry) fic so Yup jus...
  • harrypotter
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THOUGHTS by -brightsmile
❝My dear, stop thinking so much❞
  • journal
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hoeville ➣ me by summerxxdrugs
hoeville ➣ meby ➣ jordyn
whoevea threw that paper, your mom's a hoe #60 in nonfiction on 2/10/18
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Josugay's Erotic Adventure by ChicACherryCola
Josugay's Erotic Adventureby Josuke Higashikata
Wattpad glitched so I had to publish again
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EYHO 2018 (OPEN)by Spotlight
WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED APRIL 5th . . . . . . . Coming January 1st 2018! It's never too early to prepare for the new year or new chance to shine, whether it's particip...
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Why me by OoouuuAjah
Why meby Ajah Jones
This is a thriller and this book would leave you on the edge of your seat! Leaving you want to read more
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