Let Me Be by recreationalwriter
Let Me Beby recreationalwriter
My back hit the table, signaling there was no where else to run. "I want you" he whispered huskily right by my ear, as he held me in place. "I want y...
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Royal Alpha Jaxon ✔️  by Midika
Royal Alpha Jaxon ✔️ by Evoke;
*Mature Content* (First installment of the Trial Series) *English Version* Juliette Kerson does not want to fall for the Alpha Kings scheme of luring in Wolves, forcing...
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Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Babyby Cristina
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
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Sincerely, The Quarterback (boyxboy) by booksiebooksie
Sincerely, The Quarterback (boyxbo...by Nepsa Rae
Cameron Anderson had great friends, a loving and supportive family, and an awesome life in general. At home, when Cameron came out to his school and family his freshman...
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Last Chance by booksiebooksie
Last Chanceby Nepsa Rae
"I dare you to kiss Micah," Tyler smirked at me and I felt my eyes go wide. "What? No not fair, just because we're both gay doesn't mean..." Everyon...
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Senior Year (boyxboy) by booksiebooksie
Senior Year (boyxboy)by Nepsa Rae
Asher and Oakley have been friends for years, and though their families have also been best friends they struggle with being open with them. The boys have are in love, a...
  • peace
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His (A Tom Riddle Love Story) by honeyasher
His (A Tom Riddle Love Story)by Honey
"Promise me, Cindria! Please!" Tom pleaded, now gripping my arms in a vice-like a grip. "I won't, I won't promise something when I know I'm going to brea...
  • heartbreak
  • possessive
  • voldemort
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Infatuated (Completed) by MyStoriesByChan
Infatuated (Completed)by Chantal
"I didn't want to wait, I want him to kiss me right now. I looked into his eyes & I feel like I'm melting, even though he's pushed up against me my hands are laid o...
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More Than Anything (An Alpha's Mate) by lace_hall
More Than Anything (An Alpha's Mat...by Lacy Hall
Bell was the definition of young, wild, and free. She's open with her emotions, straight forward, but instantly loveable to everyone she meets. Oh and she's an unmated w...
  • love
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I Want You ( Markiplier X Reader X Jacksepticeye) (BEING EDITED**) by lionstudios1111
I Want You ( Markiplier X Reader X...by lionstudios1111
(Currently being edited)Want is a strange thing, it usually makes people act up, it's were you are determined to get the thing you desire the most. But when two people w...
  • want
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  • fight
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The Thick Girl Next Door by expertfangirl22
The Thick Girl Next Doorby expertfangirl22
Carter Rolands is the thick girl at school whom no one likes and no one wants to be friends with. Anna Moore is the biggest bully at school and she has always seemed...
  • menage
  • lust
  • protective
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BbyBoy♡•Lil Xan by angelcreekk
BbyBoy♡•Lil Xanby BbyXanaX🌷💦
What if you and lil Xan fell in love♡. how would it feel? What kind of drama and heartbreak will you go through loving him.?
  • babyboy
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Dark Eros by Ophelia_is_Knightly
Dark Erosby Ophelia D. Knight
"He was a great lion and she was merely a gazelle. He was stalking her in the tall grass, crouching on his mighty hinges, his claws extended, his teeth bared. She s...
  • king
  • attraction
  • romance
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Distant by booksiebooksie
Distantby Nepsa Rae
Welcome to Ally to Friendship! A new way to meet other people in your shoes! First, select your age category to get you better suited with people who may carry similar i...
  • hurt
  • boyxboy
  • hate
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Being His (TxS) by amandalee14
Being His (TxS)by amandalee14
I grabbed the apple sitting on top of his desk, I took a bit. I slowly liked my lips clearing it of apple juice. I leaned down to his ear, running my hand up his leg st...
  • love
  • teacherxstudent
  • agegap
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Devilish Temptation by SilentFaller
Devilish Temptationby Martha Cheong Ah
ROGUE SERIES BOOK 1 ~~~ She had been rejected by her mate. He knew he had no mate in the world. She was forced out of her pack, by her ex mate, the alpha. He was a cold...
  • sadness
  • devil
  • mate
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The Drama With My Drama Teacher by BlackRose54
The Drama With My Drama Teacherby Elizabeth Brown
[Student/Teacher]- Book Three of the Tie Twister Series! "This is a dangerous game, and there will be no winners" Chelsea Hartley has a crush on her drama teac...
  • scared
  • love
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My Brother My Mate by Kaylawide
My Brother My Mateby KayNishell🌕Koray🌑
This book is NOT about incest-or is it?* you have to read to understand the whole story. This is a shorter book* Kia never thought she'd find a mate but he's closer than...
  • love
  • luna
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Professor's Obsession by Chris242017
Professor's Obsessionby Chris
Professor Elliot Landon, 38, is a professor that teaches law at Yale University. He has everything that a man wants: a career, money, and looks. He even has a wife, but...
  • student
  • mystery
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One Terrible Mistake by HiddenHijabi
One Terrible Mistakeby HiddenHijabi
"Is that why you were staring at me all of yesterday night? I thought you were glaring at me with hate but you were actually marveling at my attractiveness, weren't...
  • happiness
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  • fear
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