Just Robin one shots by Bi_Billdip_Girl
Just Robin one shots by I think not Fanfiction
Basically Robin/Dick Grayson is my favourite DC character, don't judge me, so this is all my random ideas that I have compiled together. Don't expect too much from me I'...
DC Comics One Shot//WATTY'S 2017// by CT-5445
DC Comics One Shot//WATTY'S 2017// by EC Fanfiction
I got bored again and I am a big fan of DC comics so yeah. I hope you guys enjoy! Request too! I don't bite! most of the one shots will be about the Batfamily so yeah, e...
The Flash Imagines/Preferences by bluuecrayonn
The Flash Imagines/Preferences by bluuecrayonn Fanfiction
Highest Rank: #10 in Flash Imagines CW's the Flash imagines and preferences. PS- the reason my watermark is a bit blurry is because I changed my user 3 times LOL I'm do...
Angel of Darkness (Young Justice Fanfiction) by angelofadarksoul3340
Angel of Darkness (Young Justice F... by Angel Flame Fanfiction
Do you think you know everything about the Young Justice League? What about the story of Angel? Angel wasn't always called Angel, her name once was Carol Johnson. She wa...
Young Justice One Shots by leejordans
Young Justice One Shots by BIRTHDAY GIRL🎉 Fanfiction
A series of young justice one shots and imagines written by yours truly. start: 29/08/16 end: --/--/-- [YOUNG JUSTICE]
The Troublesome Trio by CringeWorthy38946
The Troublesome Trio by e l i Fanfiction
None of the Titans knew Robin, Kid Flash and Speedy went so back. None of the Titans knew they were such good friends. None of the Titans knew that they had a bunch of h...
Young Justice Imagines by hello-oldfriend
Young Justice Imagines by hello-oldfriend Fanfiction
The title says it all. I write imagines, I'm sorry if they are not good or I do not update a lot. Hopefully enjoy. Have a nice day [:
Young Justice Oneshots. by AmidReader
Young Justice Oneshots. by Jennifer Lennon Fanfiction
A bunch of cute, funny, romantic, one shots of Young Justice. Request are open and I am willing to do OTP oneshots as well. Enjoy.
Fan girls.... we are crazy AF  by trusttheash
Fan girls.... we are crazy AF by Ashley Random
so instead of DC comics three I got this! I'm this book I will be fan girling... talking about ships and fandomes and showing pictures and talking about stuff... an...
The Big Secret [CURRENTLY ON HIATUS] by Skater201
The Big Secret [CURRENTLY ON HIATU... by SKATER201 :3 Fanfiction
After a mission gone wrong the team find out something about their youngest team-mate that only Batman knows. When this secret spreads through out the hero community, a...
My Lady Boss (Norminah) by 5hlovesme_down
My Lady Boss (Norminah) by 5hlovesME |Down| Romance
Why i am so afraid to lose you when you are not even mine- Normani Hamilton
Robins Sacrifice {The Rewrite} by TheWonderfulWiccan
Robins Sacrifice {The Rewrite} by Kat Fanfiction
Teenagers are going missing in Gotham city, and they have three things in common. They come from the wealthiest families of Gotham, they are all top students of Gotham a...
What Sleeves Cover by RobinsBooty
What Sleeves Cover by 🔫 ☂️ 👓 Fanfiction
Batman finds out some things about Robin, Robin finds out some things about Batman. Now walk down there path with them to see how everything turns out. For better, or fo...
Green Lantern's Protégée by TheSpiffyWriter
Green Lantern's Protégée by TheSpiffyWriter Fanfiction
Hal Jordan is a Green Lantern, a member of the Justice League would never have guessed he needed a sidekick. That was until he meet Cyra Brion, a girl with strongwill an...
Sleeping Ninjas by nightflystars
Sleeping Ninjas by NightsApprentice Fanfiction
The Team have an interesting encounter with a sleeping Robin at Mount Justice. Interesting.........
BirdFlash Smut and fluff (Mature BirdFlash Fanfic) by SmolBeanNightWing
BirdFlash Smut and fluff (Mature B... by Night Wing Fanfiction
Title pretty much says it all. Some fluff, but also Mature content of B x B. (More specifically Dick and Wally) I take requests. Only read if you're mature enough for th...
Little Birdie by DragonSlayerLee
Little Birdie by Lt.DragonSlayer Fanfiction
One-Shots about Robin getting in different situations and how the original YJ team, the Justice League, Batsy, and Agent A helps him. This story will also branch off to...
Young Justice One shots [Request Open] by somestuff101s
Young Justice One shots [Request O... by Batma-girl Fanfiction
One shots because.... Why not? [Now taking requests] This will be either really cute, really friendly, or really have the angst element. So better...
Babysitting(Young Justice Short Story) by snakebitten_lions
Babysitting(Young Justice Short St... by ⓨⓤⓚⓘⓝⓔ Fanfiction
What happens when Batman makes Roy babysit their little apprentices while the league is on a mission? How will it go?
Robyn's Robin by Robyn_1026
Robyn's Robin by Robyn_1026 Fanfiction
This is a Robin (Dick Grayson) fanfic. The Young Justice also takes role in the story. This is the story of Dick's sister.