Bad Boys Heart (#Wattys2017)  by EdensWritting
Bad Boys Heart (#Wattys2017) by ♕ Eden ♕ Teen Fiction
He's known as the bad boy while she's know as the good girl. Everyone had there secrets, but their secret they share. They both have pasts they wish to forget while the...
Rent A Wife!!! by hafsa_indie
Rent A Wife!!! by Hafsa Romance
Natasha is struggling to make ends meet. While she is pondering over her issues she meets Jude. Jude has an interesting proposition for her. He wants her to marry him in...
Decisions [Septiplier] by SepticGirl88
Decisions [Septiplier] by SepticGirl88 Fanfiction
Shit can get complicated in life. Especially between friends, or even best friends. And it all usually tends to happen when someone goes and makes a bad decision, and th...
Hold on JackABoy  by Phantom_septiplier
Hold on JackABoy by Phantom_septiplier Fanfiction
XXXXXX Trigger Warning XXXXXX -alcohol -swearing -minor character death -PTSD -Selfharm -past abuse Jacksepticeye. A hilarious Irish Gaming youtuber; who uploads almost...
The Boss Lady's Man by CaitlynRachelC
The Boss Lady's Man by Caitlyn Coker Romance
"Look, Toni. Not everyone who comes into your life is there just to use you. Some people are there because they really do care about you" Erik's calmed voice o...
The Matchmaker's Match by CaitlynRachelC
The Matchmaker's Match by Caitlyn Coker Romance
“Where is revenge going to get you, Adam? What’s it going to prove?” Katie asked. “He killed my brother, Kate. I won’t rest until I bring him to justice” “By murder?” ...
Respectfully Rose (Letters Of Change Series Book 7)(COMPLETED)(Wattys2014) by Kassilassie
Respectfully Rose (Letters Of Chan... by K.C. Goodwin Historical Fiction
Isaac reread the letter shocked at its contents. Dear Mr. Wade, You’ve no doubt heard of Lorraine’s betrayal by now. I want you to know I am deeply sorry for her thoug...
Seduce and Destroy {Septiplier} by StayClassyCastiel
Seduce and Destroy {Septiplier} by RewReader Fanfiction
You could tell it in the way he walked. Those cocky strides and perfectly placed steps. The way he would stand with his feet pointed outward while talking. Leaning his h...
My Gamer Lover by serrenity15
My Gamer Lover by serrenity15 Fanfiction
your jacksepticeye's sister and you slowly fell for the famous markiplier. i sincerely hope you enjoy this story.
Bully -Tythan by Glambert263
Bully -Tythan by Youtube Trash #1 Fanfiction
Tyler, Mark, Bob , and Wade are the school bullies but what happens when Ethan; the new kid shows up and shakes everyone's life around?
He's The One I Love | Ethan Nestor by Nerdysepticeye
He's The One I Love | Ethan Nestor by Adrianna Heller Fanfiction
Despite from what she's gone through her whole life, Rachel lost her mother young. The only thing that keeps her going is her sickly fourteen-year-old little brother, Ja...
Markiplier Imagines Collection by PhyllyHickish
Markiplier Imagines Collection by Phylly Fanfiction
A wide variety of imagines and one shots focused around the lovely Mark Fischbach!! {Requests Open} Disclaimer: Please read chapter: Important A/N. It explains why afte...
Kik // Septiplier 📱📱 by Septiplier_markxjack
Kik // Septiplier 📱📱 by Septiplier_markxjack Fanfiction
Markiplier 😈: hey, I'm bored so I'ma text you Jacksepticeye 🤓: you have to be fake... ____________________________________ Mark messages Jack on kik and a great result...
Spideypool(boyxboy) by A_Rose_G
Spideypool(boyxboy) by Angie Roseanne. G Fanfiction
Hey this is my first /yaoi\ story of Spideypool. There will be more. I hope you all enjoy it! Thank you!! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
The Snow Falls Down (Jacksepticeye X Reader) by applausequeen780
The Snow Falls Down (Jacksepticeye... by тнє qυєєи σf cαяиivαlร Fanfiction
It is Wintertime, and you are spending time with your other YouTuber friends. Your friends try and get you and Jack together, but in ways that are more different than ev...
He Come Back by Queen_Allieee11
He Come Back by Queen_Allieee✨❤️ Teen Fiction
"If Someone Will Be Lost A New One Will Come" That's the favorite and hopeless qoute that Yva Claudine Vasco hopelessly Believes in. But What "If That Som...
My YouTube family by music_forevergirl
My YouTube family by Hiddlestons_daughter Fanfiction
Kat's life had been boring before she met Mark. They became friends so quickly, so he introduced her to his friends and girlfriend. Kat had gotten a job working for Matt...
An Unconventional Love by Katie_Amy
An Unconventional Love by Katie_Amy Fanfiction
Peter Parker a normal teenage boy, with two superheroes for fathers. So maybe not so normal. Even less so when he discovers that the spider that bit him a year ago gave...
Stony Became Superfamily by SweetStonyChild
Stony Became Superfamily by N/A Fanfiction
In this Superfamily story Tony and Steve discover little baby Peter credit to Samyx3 she wrote this brilliant story
Jonaxx Boys Heartbreaking Lines by EuryDesteen_
Jonaxx Boys Heartbreaking Lines by Klare Fanfiction
Hindi pwede ako lang ang nasasaktan kaya damay damay na tayong lahat. HAHAHA.