Let me love you (E.W) by Blue_Bear_ILY
Let me love you (E.W) by Blue Bear Fanfiction
Megan is a 14 years old girl, she acts for big movies, one day she have a call from disney and she decides that she is gonna act in there, but she met someone and everit...
The Quote Book by FlawedLawless
The Quote Book by Maheen Random
This is everything and anything from deep soulful quotes to cheesy pickup lines to wacky jokes to song lyrics. Hopefully to make your day better. ~FlawedLawless
Ideas for Hair (ON HOLD) by KawaiiNerd14
Ideas for Hair (ON HOLD) by Celeste Avila Random
This is ideas for your hair! It can be dyed or styles. The photos are not mine, they belong to Google or Facebook
Ninjago Roleplay!!!!! by FandomNinjaCenter
Ninjago Roleplay!!!!! by Garmadon's #1 Fan Random
Title! Will Contain weird, wacky, cute, triggering and all out fun scenarios!
WACK SHOW by TeMMaG Random
This used to be a reaction show but was cut off by the reactions since I like WACK MORE. HERE IT IS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! A WHOLE SHOW OF JUST WACK!! (this was also a...
Im sasuke...!? by tsukinokisame
Im sasuke...!? by tsukinokisame Fanfiction
I never asked to turn into sasuke I never asked to have an inner sasuke who was basically real sasuke but just could kinda think communicate with me. i did ask however...
Awkward Girl by gabby_hayes
Awkward Girl by Gabby Hayes Adventure
Arabella McCoy is a young girl. She's very awkward, and weird. She's into vintage everything. She's the girl who doesn't talk to people she don't know. She's the girl al...
Bored? Check This Out! by ThatCat
Bored? Check This Out! by ThatCat Non-Fiction
Hey! Are you bored and have absolutely nothing else to do? Me too! I have something that could solve that problem. A quick little question to spark a no brain-er answer...
Poems pretty much by teenagerpeepin_lovya
Poems pretty much by teenagerpeepin_lovya Poetry
Just poems I created when I'm bored don't care if u read if any mistakes which happens a lot just comment and comment if I should finish my other books
CREEPYPASTA PARTY TIMEEE!!!! by Zoe Cleveland Random
(HEY QUICKLY SAYING THIS IS ONLY FOR GIRLS) Plz read ! PART 1 Dear (y\n) , You are invited to a Cweepys Pasta PARTY! There will be Gamez, chilling, food, and refreshmen...
RANDOM SHIT(DA REMEK) by goost Random
Random shit is extremely random and i recommend anyone reading it
A Book Of Hilarious Stories by Imagine-man
A Book Of Hilarious Stories by Welcome To DreamScape! Let Yo... Humor
Mwahahahahaha! Welcome to the funniest story book you'll probably ever find! Full of slapstick humor and ridiculous and insane stories that will make you fall out of you...
Butterfly Bumblings by porcelain_and_paper
Butterfly Bumblings by Riain DeStaic Random
Tags and such! :) Probably littered with swearing.
My Farm Pics by _Elijah_
My Farm Pics by Elijah Random
Basically its wacky crazy pics from on my farm. I DO NOT LIVE ON A FARM PEOPLE , I simply own one. I live in a major city and the farm is far away.
WTF? [Where The Fries?]  by _TMAG_
WTF? [Where The Fries?] by TeMMaG Humor
Created by: Zoey, and I, As in, zootopia_fangirl And Me. This is just a book about fries me and Zoey thought up! And yeah, WE'RE BOTH THE AUTHORS! So, if you want the...
Thorns Of Roses by whizzyfresh
Thorns Of Roses by WHIZZY MC FIZZY 😂😂 Poetry
A book of words, I kept hidden in my journal on things that matter the most to me
Me Moi Meh by hearts_chelle
Me Moi Meh by m i c h e l l e 🍁 Random
Welcome to my pathetic, and slightly wacky world. cover made by me.
The Life Of A Killer Whale by ClaireTCKW
The Life Of A Killer Whale by Thy Jester Klara Random
Welcome, one and all, to the story of Claire's life! (It's more of a journal, really.) In this retarded diary you will find a collection of dumb facts, events in Claire...
Wrong Number || BVB  by BVB-Army-Girl136
Wrong Number || BVB by BVB-Army-Girl136 Random
What happens when Ashley Purdy mixes up C.C's number with a girls name Whitneys? Find out in, Wrong Number.
Songs  by -Death_By_love-
Songs by Punk rock Alice Random
Songs I like! And so no ones gotta look up for it on YouTube