Guardian of Fire Island (boyxboy) by MelyssaAmethyst
Guardian of Fire Island (boyxboy) by Mel, Rose or whatever you lik... Fantasy
{Yaoi/Slash/BoyxBoy/MxM/LGBT} Keahi is known as the Peace Keeper on an Island known as Fire Island. It is his duty to quell the Volcano’s fury should it erupt...by givin...
Freezing - Janja x Reader by niCkDiazz11
Freezing - Janja x Reader by Nick Diaz Fanfiction
It was a freezing day in the Outlands and you felt like a block of ice but Janja could help you with that. EDIT: NEW CHAPTER UP I hope you enjoy reading this! Because I...
Don't Leave Me,My Dragon ((NaLu)) FairyTail Fanfic by ayome12
Don't Leave Me,My Dragon ((NaLu))... by ayome12 Fanfiction
Stay with me Natsu...........No...NO. You can't, you won't die you are the heart of Fairy Tail. And your my dragon, you hear me "Flame Brain". I....Lo..love..y...
Dancing With Fire (Kiawe x Reader) by PokemonQuest
Dancing With Fire (Kiawe x Reader) by PokemonQuest Fanfiction
When doing your island challenge you of course have to run into the fire spinning, dance lover, Kiawe. The one thing is you feel since he is a trail captian he won't fal...
Of storms and fire by asya_wisegirl
Of storms and fire by Asya Short Story
It was only a small storm. But she should have known. She should have known that you couldn't say that a storm is small. Especially if there is a gigantic volcano sitt...
Dreams Come True  by MangoPie2000
Dreams Come True by MangoPie2000 Fantasy
Abbie finds herself in a very realistic situation. Maybe it might even be real.
Dante by KatKit121
Dante by KatKit121 Adventure
Takes place in the future, Mankind has expanded it's technological capabilites and has left the Milky Way galaxy, and live among the stars. This story takes place on a p...
What If The Yellowstone Super-Volcano Erupts? (Scenario) by hot_banana_stud
What If The Yellowstone Super-Volc... by Aiden Westbrook Mystery / Thriller
Underneath Yellowstone is a supervolcano with enough energy to wipe out the United States, and a bit of the world with it. It won't erupt for another thousand years, but...
The Gems Of Zyro by Jezza16737
The Gems Of Zyro by Jezza16737 Adventure
In a magical land far away from here was a city called Zyro. One stormy night a sorcerer stole eight magical gems which held the city together and made it flourish in ma...
Dark Vitality by MadelindaScarlett
Dark Vitality by MadelindaScarlett Adventure
This tale begins high above the rest of a land called Scarlett City, inside the royal palace. It is told from the perspective of a brooding fourteen-year-old prince name...
Extinct by scarlet_shadowss
Extinct by scarlet_shadowss Science Fiction
Nature hasn't been this out of control since The Great Flood. Just when the futuristic city of Nolan had everything going great.. Here comes the apocalypse, and its com...
Ashes and Ruins by EbonyFlicker
Ashes and Ruins by Ebony Flicker Fantasy
What if a world was rendered dark with ash of a lonely world now gone? What if the very earth was battered and swept away, along with a shining city and a empire? Five...
Short Stories by natalie11nat
Mermaid Shells by Reedtail4
Mermaid Shells by Reedtail4 Short Story
I wrote this story in seventh grade for English class and I just felt like putting it on here. It is not very good, but I hope you enjoy this little bit of fantasy. ***...
Warriors: The Fallen One by The_Warrior_Writer
Warriors: The Fallen One by Silverflame Fanfiction
The careless, the leader, and the loving will be joined by the adventurous. For it is the journey where she will discover where her petals can bloom.
Oxytale by varkdeboys
Oxytale by Varkdeboys Fanfiction
Mount Ebbot: Everyone always told me it was a cursed mountain. Rightly so too. It's always spewing out smoke and ash. Thankfully the wind blows the gray clouds away from...