Adventures in South East Asia by Voyageavecmoi
Adventures in South East Asiaby Sarah
After spending a year teaching in Thailand, I made a decision to try travelling with only my quirky self to keep me company. My journey started in Myanmar where temple c...
  • culture
  • indonesia
  • memoir
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Dancing With Fire (Kiawe x Reader) by PokemonQuest
Dancing With Fire (Kiawe x Reader)by PokemonQuest
When doing your island challenge you of course have to run into the fire spinning, dance lover, Kiawe. The one thing is you feel since he is a trail captian he won't fal...
  • romance
  • volcano
  • xreader
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Legend of Zelink: Volcanic Wilderness by Miststar555
Legend of Zelink: Volcanic Wildern...by Miststar555
It was just like any normal day, which was Link sitting under a tree, staring off into his imagination, until the sky dimmed, and Hyrule needed his help once again. But...
  • wild
  • öf
  • lava
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The Hue of You by WordsmithLotte
The Hue of Youby W. Lotte
A short story anthology spanning over time in 6 stories. Interconnected? So to seem. Red. In which an urban witch, who is ironically a redhead, studies volcanology in pu...
  • color
  • six
  • yellow
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Highschool ☀☁B.W.S☁☀ Completed by BradSimpsonsBooty
Highschool ☀☁B.W.S☁☀ Completedby BradisBootylicious
It's easy to get to know an open person like Ember Taint, but at the very least she's curious and adaptable. Of course she's also determined, forthright and amusing, but...
  • maiamitchell
  • jamesmcvey
  • bradsimpson
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The Lost Prince: Lion Of The Watch Book One by NinjaWolf103
The Lost Prince: Lion Of The Watch...by Ninja
Wolves of the beyond/ The Lion King, however you don't have to read WOTB to understand this. Simba and Nala have a daughter; Kiara. They also have another cub, one who w...
  • nala
  • twilight
  • hamish
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My Beautiful Disaster (Jungkook FF)  by Kaiz_Kookie
My Beautiful Disaster (Jungkook FF...by Kaizen Geronimo
Inspired by Crazy Beautiful You Taglish story Story ng bad girl na nameet ang dalawang magkaiba na lalaki Yung isa average boy lang Yung isa naman ay mayaman pero Sila...
  • romance
  • love
  • crazybeautifulyou
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Warning by JackM5174
Warningby JackM5174
A tornado warning, a flash flood warning, a tsunami warning, a hurricane warning, a monsoon warning? Any others known to man is happening. How would you survive? Thank y...
  • adventure
  • monsoon
  • hurricane
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The Pendulum's Scar by SalbesRest
The Pendulum's Scarby Gordon Wilson
Whispers of a cult in the Hinterlands, promising eternal rebirth to its followers. The threat of a long-buried civilisation, rising to reclaim the troubled Earth. Who r...
  • peasant
  • volcano
  • fantasy
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The Alchemist Forge by ValdtRift
The Alchemist Forgeby J. Atheris Eliason
A civilization of engineered life have been forged from the living flame deep within the Volcano Art'at. Most of the beings who created them are long gone, and their cre...
  • automaton
  • metal
  • war
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The Observed (#wattys2018) by XKawaiiManateeX
The Observed (#wattys2018)by Cheyenne
She was just an average teenager. She had the most wonderful life, living on the island of Honolulu. Having the perfect, handsome boyfriend, with a soothing British voi...
  • tsunami
  • readplease
  • observer
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Brendalicious by Suman_
Brendaliciousby maggiedoodle1122
Brenda is a teenager now, but due to how extraordinary she is no one wants to be her friend. In Brendaliciuos join Brenda's exiting, action-packed journey to find friend...
  • patrick
  • brenda
  • brendaliciosness
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The Kids That Don't Know Who They Are by Danilop2004
The Kids That Don't Know Who They...by Daniela Lopez
Some kids are stuck inside a volcano. While trying to escape of the volcano they confronted something that would change everyone's life. Many challenges will be confront...
  • lovetriangle
  • love
  • mystery
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Bachelor King #22: Beginning of Pangs of Distress by SpinyKyverna
Bachelor King #22: Beginning of Pa...by Eduardo Lopez
Book #22 in the Bachelor King series. "The day had finally arrived. The day that prophets and kings had spoken about since the dawn of humanity. And it now, it was...
  • climatechange
  • seabreezeawards
  • writteninaction
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S T E A M by minniwritings
S T E A Mby minniwritings
Aqua, a short tempered but dreamy girl is struggling at home and is feeling pretty lonely in school until a boy comes along and attempts to befriend her, but theirs anot...
  • relationship
  • fiction
  • shortstory
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A Day in Pompeii by suncat_20
A Day in Pompeiiby Lysha
"August 24 shocked them all." A short allegory contrasting Mt. Vesuvius' eruption with divorce. - all rights reserved -
  • mountvesuvius
  • pompeii
  • family
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