Korean Vocabulary❤ by djtaetae
Korean Vocabulary❤by 🌙
Hello guys! This is my book of Korean vocabulary for those who wants to learn basic words of korean :) especially for those who love kpop and kdrama and wants to watch d...
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  • southkorea
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Learn Japanese by Akaru2002
Learn Japaneseby Noa Bouw
A book to learn Japanese. The title says all. I'm still learning by myself too. If you have questions, just ask me, I'll do everything to answer your question! 😉
  • learn
  • japanse
  • speaking
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How To: Wattpad Writing by twelveintheam
How To: Wattpad Writingby Athena (Gray) 🌙
Previously 'How to Make a Decent Story on Wattpad.' Have you ever found writing on Wattpad to be difficult? Have you ever stared at the screen for minutes, hours, DAYS...
  • guide
  • plot
  • tips
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a few nice words by champagnebangtan
a few nice wordsby ♡ruby
a collection of aesthetically pleasing words for your enjoyment aka in which i got bored {safe from triggers}
  • pretty
  • aesthetic
  • dictionary
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Wattpad's Little Fancy Vocabulary by AnnitsaTomson
Wattpad's Little Fancy Vocabularyby bitchin'
diction (v.) choice of words to express ideas; manner of enunciating words in speaking singing, etc.
  • strange
  • meanings
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Vocabulary Help List by Nytengale
Vocabulary Help Listby Nytengale
HELP IS ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you ever have the time where you cant think of another word? Do you ever wonder what some words mean? Help...
  • vocabulary
  • angry
  • slow
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Learning Chinese as a beginner  by ScarBeauty
Learning Chinese as a beginner by CarolynHGQ
欢迎! Welcome! This book intended to assist those who are : ✔ interested in learning chinese as their foreign language ✔ having a hard time self-learning ✔ learning for...
  • characters
  • pinyin
  • vocabulary
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vocabulary  by insomniac_aesthetic
vocabulary by how about no
➸ lowercase intended ➸ will be alphabetized soon after completion {started; july 31, 2017} {completed; xx-xx-xxxx}
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  • dowithitasyouwant
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HOW TO improve your vocabulary having fun! by juliaunpublished
HOW TO improve your vocabulary hav...by Júlia Castro
This is a small guide that I made to help you improve your vocabulary. I hope you like it. Learning can be FUN! You can be part of this! Tell me your ideas! How DO YOU i...
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Vocabulary by Mikay5511
Vocabularyby Mikay5511
  • vocabulary
  • speeches
  • shortpoems
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Learning Polish by flipflopdathair
Learning Polishby fill dat hole up
#721 iN NON-FICTION I'm 100% Polish, I promise. I decided to create this book to help all learners in learning Polish which is not as hard as you might think it is. If y...
  • nonfiction
  • study
  • poles
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Words by MobSquad
Wordsby Mob Squad
[THIS BOOK IS IN ENGLISH.] Having struggles coming up with words suitable enough to put in your stories? Wanting to use a different word because, oh goodness, the words...
  • word
  • random
  • story
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Werewolf Vocabulary by CBTRRcoco
Werewolf Vocabularyby Socorro Barragan
This is basically just a dictionary for those that don't know much about werewolves in general
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Italian class by Alex_Beilschmidt
Italian classby Oh baby, it's raining
To have a second language is to possess a second soul. - cit. Charle Magne - Want to learn to speak Italian? Let's do it together! Join your classmates for free and stud...
  • italian
  • italy
  • class
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Help With Writing   by kimoyaDOTorg
Help With Writing by Moy
Okay so this is the type of book I wanted to see on Wattpad. I didn't find any. So I created one. I hope it helps you with your writing. Because it is helping me with mi...
  • helping
  • vocabulary
  • writing
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Vocabulary by Writing_Help
Vocabularyby CHAS
  • request
  • writing
  • vocabulary
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PsyPhiLit Magic by vocabulations
PsyPhiLit Magicby ~vocabulations~
A galaxy filled with - Psychological - Philosophical - Literary terms which will help you discover some interesting philosophies, psychological theories and literary mov...
  • novelguide
  • vocabulary
  • grammar
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Learn French by calebh12
Learn Frenchby calebh12
Learning a new language can be intimidating. However, you may not even know it, but you already know dozens of French words from everyday English! Learn French with this...
  • easy
  • irregularverbs
  • verbs
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☼korean vocabulary☼ by bubblechimchim
☼korean vocabulary☼by ❁mariah❁
consider this your own little special book of korean vocabulary words :) if you are learning korean & have a korean journal like i do, these vocab words will be useful...
  • language
  • notes
  • learnkorean
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