"You're now following Taelien"   |vkook| by loveina_97
"You're now following Taelien" |... by Loveina_97 Fanfiction
Jungkook frowned at the new caption "Sorry for exsisting, I should've left" -a vkook fanfic !Short Chapters!
green light~ j.jk + k.th by joengguk
green light~ j.jk + k.th by j Fanfiction
in which bts' jeon jungkook is in a relationship with model Kim Taehyung (Instagram au)
Littles Fluff by sunshinehopi
Littles Fluff by millyserable Fanfiction
Little space oneshots BXB BTS #161 in fan fiction [29/6/17] REQUESTS CLOSED I just love little space fluff okay - Kinks - Cross dressing - Sprinkle of angst (No smut...
Instagram ~ vkook by MysteryWriter1917
Instagram ~ vkook by SugaTaelienKookie🎀 Fanfiction
Jungkook, the popular guy on instagram and has a YouTube channel to post his dance routines. Taehyung, the popular adorable yet sexy guy on instagram. One day Jun...
Hate Me More/Vkook by VkookFever_
Hate Me More/Vkook by Bunny 🐰 Fanfiction
"I wish you were dead! You worthless creature!" "Me too." ⚠Angsty coming through⚠ ⚠Smut? Of course, my book couldn't escaped itself from it 🌚⚠ ⚠Top...
thieves ;; kth & jjk  by jinx-is-sleepy
thieves ;; kth & jjk by j i n x Fanfiction
"Baby boy, we're kings." ;; in which a stealthy criminal meets a seductive thief.
Stop Hurting Me <VKOOK> by ExoKai288
Stop Hurting Me by Daddy's girl Fanfiction
تايهيونغ يعيش بجحيم وألم...... Taehyung lives in hell and pain...... ليأتي جونغكوك ويزيد جحيمه وعذابه....... Joongkook comes and increases his hell and torment...... في...
My Alpha - Vkook by AreumTaeBae
My Alpha - Vkook by Tae's Bae Fanfiction
Kim Taehyung Is an Omega who is afraid of Alpha's because of his past . Joen Jungkook Is the stongest Alpha in his pack .
I'm Not Straight (NamJin) by booratchaii
I'm Not Straight (NamJin) by A Fanfiction
Kim Seokjin didn't want to transfer school. But when he did, his whole life changed. Highest ranking: #224 in Fan Fiction 8/17/17 Slovak Trans: https://www.wattpad.com/4...
Taekook; insta by kookyeoll
Taekook; insta by koko bop Fanfiction
Where a normal teenager gets an unexpected comment from his best friends band mate. (Famous Kook/ Normal Tae) -Other members post too- the beginning is so cringeworthy...
втs ωαℓℓραρєяs ✎ by snoowy_
втs ωαℓℓραρєяs ✎ by アリー Random
BTS Wallpapers, completed crdts: snoowy_ 2016
Catch Me If You Can ||taekook|| by aegibear
Catch Me If You Can ||taekook|| by bee~~ Fanfiction
Jungkook has his future planned. 1. Graduate High School 2. Mate a nice omega girl 3. Become the Head Alpha after his father Sweet and simple. But as soon as he checks o...
Irresistible Fanboy | Yoonmin by _beautifulspringday_
Irresistible Fanboy | Yoonmin by Asmaà Fanfiction
Park Jimin is an ARMY whose life will suddenly change when he will keep meeting his bias, Suga coincidentally.
Innocent by BTS_ARMY127
Innocent by TaeBaby Fanfiction
"Yah! He's too innocent to learn that!" -Jin Jungkook wants to teach innocent Taehyung about 'life'...if you know what he means. Top Kookie || Bottom Tae
BANGTAN In Love❤ (Vxbts) by IloveYouBangtan
BANGTAN In Love❤ (Vxbts) by nezzy jill Fanfiction
Taehyung is the new member of Bangtan and Bangtan.................... they are taehyung's lover. "Taehyung is too attractive." "Yaeh....almost every perso...
Blood Sucking Loser (Vkook) by bangstanboi
Blood Sucking Loser (Vkook) by BabyTae Fanfiction
"It smells like A but I think it's AB." ;))) "You wouldn't know unless you try."
frenchie ; kth jjk by brattytae
frenchie ; kth jjk by elisa Fanfiction
Jungkook's heart is melting for the new kid's french accent. ©brattytae -2017 started : february 19, 2017 finished : / #881 in 'fanfiction' june 15, 2017
our secret | taekook by kimnamsoon
our secret | taekook by minn Fanfiction
❝ i'm tired being your secret, jungkook. ❞ Where Jungkook tries to hide his relationship with Taehyung from the public. What if he's ready to let everyone know...
daddy | taekook by -babyseok
daddy | taekook by babygirl Fanfiction
❝since your daddy is an asshole how about you let me be your daddy?❞. ⓒ-babyseok
You. // vkook ♡ k.th + j.jk 당신♥︎ by chanyeolsblossom
You. // vkook ♡ k.th + j.jk 당신♥︎ by t a eゞ Fanfiction
Kim Taehyung, a bubble of positivity who hates Jungkook a playboy the 'bad boy' of the school. Jungkook has a little interest in Taehyung that he'd never admit. He'...