The truth by verryintellectual
The truthby Addy
It started with an Epidemic spreading to almost 23% of the worlds population, 8% of which were below two years old. Being that age made the virus react differently, inst...
  • institution
  • lgbt-themed
  • patients
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Nothing's Written In Stone by rachieb03
Nothing's Written In Stoneby rach :)
2 days. It's been 2 days since I ran out of food. 154 days since I've run out of ammunition. 376 days since I've had any human contact. 433 days since I lost him. 433 da...
  • zombieapocalypse
  • virus
  • bloodandgore
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Erased by coffee_dreams
Erasedby Mocha Latte
"The only thing we ever want to erase is our mistakes. " After a large portion of the North American population was eradicated by the Nigrum Virus Mortem outbr...
  • death
  • rebellion
  • murder
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Az ítélet by BatiLily
Az ítéletby Bati Timi
Az elektronikus zörgés kegyetlen élességgel hatolt be az érzékei csöndjébe. Hirtelen nyitotta ki a szemeit, pont úgy mintha vészhelyzet lett volna, s körbenézett. Csend...
  • scifi
  • hologram
  • android
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Infected by foghoorn
Infectedby foghoorn
A Maze Runner spinoff; same universe, different people. Amy and Evan find their life sucks. After their parents disappeared mysteriously after their toddler years, they...
  • mazerunner
  • spinoff
  • virus
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When Breathing Gets You Killed: Children Of The Breathing by mRoseGoldsmith
When Breathing Gets You Killed: RoseGold
For nearly two decades the world has been ruled by a zombie like creature called anti breathers, whose goal is to take away all the breathable air in the world. A pair...
  • scifi
  • future
  • killer
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Deception by IhhhJay
Deceptionby IhhhJay
Before we fell asleep, humanity is on its last leg trying to fight off a virus that spread throughout the whole continent. Slowly, the last of us humans were left with n...
  • zombiesurvival
  • military
  • divided
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THE SURVIVANTS by AiledeGeai13
Je m'appelle Ludivine, et j'ai survécu à l'impossible. J'ai tenu face à un virus dévastateur, dont le taux de mortalité est de 100%, la Terre entière a connu le même sor...
  • survivants
  • virus
  • journal
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Survivants II: Les Meurtriers. by Lydaly1404
Survivants II: Les Lya Thévenin
La survie continue pour Josh Rachel et le reste de la bande. Nos survivants vont-ils pouvoir découvrir les intensions de Marc Johnson? Pourront-il déjouer ces plans? ...
  • danger
  • virus
  • secret
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Swampy Nightmare by KPhoenix7
Swampy Nightmareby KPhoenix7
A new life sounds promising right? But what if it became a nightmare? Kit Parks had endured the loss of her hometown, New Haven. She, along with her mother, thought a ne...
  • infection
  • zombies
  • nightmare
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Dramatical Murder Back Again by QueenzBianca
Dramatical Murder Back Againby Queenie
we're back!
  • funny
  • virus
  • mink
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Ephemeral by thexwise
Ephemeralby X
Ariana, the witty has a disease. If that wasn't sufficient, she is exceptionally gorgeous when it came to looks and brain. She didn't know that and nor did her future...
  • death
  • virus
  • girl
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Glitched Screen by IamINNOCENT2017
Glitched Screenby innocentgirl 2017
"Anti, go inside and look for the source of the glitches" "It's a virus, Jack, even if I found the source, I wouldn't be able to remove it" When Jack...
  • septic
  • eye
  • fanfic
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Between Cold Walls (VMIN) by skydancer0
Between Cold Walls (VMIN)by skydancer0
When Jimin is slowly dying from a Virus and Taehyung seeks to fix a broken friendship before it's too late
  • namjoon
  • taehyung
  • yoongi
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The Virus by Julianaknowz___
The Virusby ~Juliana Guarino~
A young girl wakes to a needle on a collar stuck into her neck. There is a bomb attached to the collar. When the timer runs out, a contagious virus will be injected into...
  • virus
Started writing: July 14, 2017 Finished writing: TBA #183 IN HORROR IN DECEMBER 5 #161 IN SCIFI IN 2/11/18 In the year 27XX, the planet earth has been attacked by loud...
  • genuine
  • idols
  • music
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VR Life by Sonic281120
VR Lifeby Sonic281120
Nadie sabe que sucede, todo esta oscuro, han sido raptados y no se sabe quien es el culpable. Nuestros protagonistas deben de superar este mundo lleno de nuevos obstácul...
  • virus
  • acción
  • familiacreativa
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Downloading... -a jacksepticeye horror fic- by GirlInAPurpleHoodie
Downloading... -a jacksepticeye snowfall_forest
When Sean starts dreaming about ghostly figures and horrific sights, his mind is slowly being taken over. What will happen when he can't get rid of a virus..
  • gore
  • markiplier
  • virus
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Brain Dead by ResidentEvil648
Brain Deadby ResidentEvil648
Alexa Ramona was just a normal girl, or so she thought. After waking up from a 300-year coma she discovers that the world has fallen to ruins. People falling ill from a...
  • brain
  • braindead
  • worldendingevent
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Life Among The Dead by Zombix15
Life Among The Deadby LostXreality
Earth as we know it is enlightened to a new reality when a new deadly virus starts to effect all organic life by raising the dead back to life by adding an enemy with li...
  • ecchi
  • survival
  • anime
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