The Virtual Affection | #Wattys2017 by MandyWinchester1
The Virtual Affection | #Wattys2017 by Mandy Winchester Teen Fiction
Sarah Allen is an ordinary teenager with a simple life of sitcoms and romance novels until one night she gets a text from her hot bad-boy crush, Dave Rodriguez. Apparen...
Hell's Glitch (initial draft) by BelartWright
Hell's Glitch (initial draft) by BelartWright Horror
A NaNoWriMo LitRPG starring a videogame QA tester named Sam Nagai. Sam thought testing videogames would be a dream job until he got saddled with a ton of barely p...
New Life Online: Rise Of The Frozen King Book II by scythus
New Life Online: Rise Of The Froze... by Aries Kim Fantasy
After the tragedy in the tournament, a girl who doesn't have the courage to play the game because of her incurable illness changed her mind. She now have the reason to d...
New Life Online: Other Side of the World Book III by scythus
New Life Online: Other Side of the... by Aries Kim Fantasy
After the Invasion of the Frozen King, his soul was stolen by someone and one of the suspects was Chara's guild. She has suffered enough in life that this time, she will...
You're Not Alone [Kirito X Reader] by theanomini
You're Not Alone [Kirito X Reader] by Uchiha Goddess Fanfiction
You have always been a girl who loved video games. You were often considered a 'Legend' and were a naturally great and powerful player. One day, you are gifted the newly...
Mi chico (Rubius y tu) [TERMINADA] EDITANDO by xlivaix
Mi chico (Rubius y tu) [TERMINADA]... by Sady Romance
Todo comenzó con un simple mensaje... "Responde, estas En Linea!" "Vamos, quiero que hablemos!" Deje el móvil a un lado y suspire, este numero me...
ROTD online by KaneTheSlasher
ROTD online by Kane Science Fiction
RISE OF THE DARKNESS A small MMORPG that flew under the radar and nearly bankrupt the company. Then one day the creators at Rising studios made a technological advance t...
Who Are You? (Yaoi / BL) by yunimi
Who Are You? (Yaoi / BL) by yunimi Romance
"I want to change..." Makoto, an abnormal albino child, stumbles upon a popular virtual reality game, Traum No Oukoku. Once there, he never thought he'll recog...
rebirth of the thief who roamed the world (RT) by chezhawk15
rebirth of the thief who roamed th... by Mike Chambers Random
this story is not mine nor did I translate it. I just found it interesting and wanted to share.
Virtual Horizon by KyleThePro17
Virtual Horizon by Kyle Emmanuel Tan Enriquez Science Fiction
November 17,2020, Virtual servers have been corrupted, Damaging all the users, All the players are unable to log out and they're stuck, Just like the game, You need to f...
Instagram ;;; Cameron Dallas PARADA by insanezinha
Instagram ;;; Cameron Dallas PARADA by claudia Fanfiction
" Engraçado como duas vidas se podem cruzar do nada e desse nada criar um tudo " highest rank: #21 em fanfiction 07/09 Copyright © 2016, insanezinha
Project Anima by TheMaskedPhantom
Project Anima by Jan Renz Medina Science Fiction
Sixteen-year old Tristan Lockwood suddenly finds himself inside a Virtual Reality game named Defiant Sins Online. And the problem? He has no idea how he ended up there...
Len X Reader by CastleOfTrash
Len X Reader by Nicola 💕 Fanfiction
-Completed- You are a transfer student who has just moved to Japan in with your parent's friends and their two children. You grow feelings for one of those children, onl...
Virtual Parents ¦ ONGOING by K00KIEVEVO
Virtual Parents ¦ ONGOING by bootiful mess、 Fanfiction
[tzukook fanfiction] ❝ What if we combine the concept of We Got Married and Hello Baby? ❞ In which Tzuyu of TWICE and Jungkook of BTS got casted for SBS's new reality TV...
Virtually Love (Sebaciel Modern AU) by JustAWriter987
Virtually Love (Sebaciel Modern AU) by Writer Fanfiction
evil_aristocrat1875 has just logged on the server XxButler_CatxX has waved at evil_aristocrat1875 XxButler_CatxX: a new player XxButler_CatxX: havent had 1 of those in a...
Virtual Reality ~ VKook FF #wattys2017 by lena_horan_love
Virtual Reality ~ VKook FF #wattys... by Lulu's Bambi Fanfiction
"T 12 95, bereit zur Übersetzung" "Sir, sind sie sicher das sie das Risiko eingehen wollen? Was wenn diese Übersetzung das System zusammenbrechen lässt...
New Life Online: Project New Life Book IV by scythus
New Life Online: Project New Life... by Aries Kim Fantasy
An unfortunate event shocked everyone in the world of NLO and in the real world. Is this event just a coincidence or is it related to his life and everyone related to hi...
Trapped in This World - (Kirito x Reader x Natsu) by mirajane_demongirl
Trapped in This World - (Kirito x... by Mirajane_demongirl Fanfiction
SAO AND FT CROSSOVER!!! Y/N was a normal girl, living a normal life in Japan in 2050, with normal friends. But, one day, she enters as a test subject for the Cloud Net p...
[Virtual World] Cyber Abyss Volume 1: The Kingdom of New Tokyo by SolemnGravity
[Virtual World] Cyber Abyss Volume... by Solemn-san Fantasy
Highest Rank: #49 A boy who ultimately knows his fate one day met a mysterious girl who was just wandering on a dark street. In a fateful event that could change the...
iSync by CKBachman
iSync by C.K. Bachman Science Fiction
Trapped in an online world called iSync, Issa meets a thousand other players from every corner of the world, who all go by their online ID names. Struggling to survive a...