Zodiac Signs I  by JaneConquestBackup
Zodiac Signs I by JCB Random
Comment which one you are! -- Prompts credit to Tumblr, but I try to be as original as I can --
Zodiac Signs II by JaneConquestBackup
Zodiac Signs II by JCB Random
This is the sequel to Zodiac Signs! Comment which one you are! *** THIS BOOK IS USER-RUN!! Submit your prompts and I will apply them to the signs! -- I try to swear as l...
✵ZODIAC SIGNS✵ by jujubok
✵ZODIAC SIGNS✵ by jujubok Random
♈️♉️♊️♋️♌️♍️♎️♏️♐️♑️♒️♓️ Zodiac signs scenarios, facts, squads, and more. Enjoy, my little horoscopes!! All credits go to original owner. ...
Zodiac by themangostyles
Zodiac by stylinson Random
squads, short stories, ships, etc. ♚ book one of the zodiac trilogy !!! chapters with an asterisk ( * ) means that i've edited them.
Behold the Zodiacs 3 by KaitlinAnnetteDavis
Behold the Zodiacs 3 by Kit Kate :3 Random
Two books wasn't enough so welcome back again! ^~^ [Started February 16th 2017 Ended September 21st 2017] #19 in random July 25th 2017
Zodiac Signs by etherealplaces
Zodiac Signs by definition of art Random
Do you want to know exotic things about your zodiac signs? Then you're in the right place! - Aries ♡ Taurus ♡ Gemini ♡ Cancer ♡ Leo ♡ Virgo ♡ Libra ♡ Scorpio ♡ Saggitari...
Zodiac Signs by -mooathetic
Zodiac Signs by 💕 Random
Highest ranking #48 (6/30/17 meh b-day)
Zodiac Signs    by Awkward_Doughnuts
Zodiac Signs by IAmADoughnut Random
This book includes squads, lists, and occasionally a story of what the signs are doing! Please enjoy! Sorry if these are not accurate as I found most if them on the inte...
Me and The Zodiacs by Musiccakez
Me and The Zodiacs by Galaxy Girl Random
Ever wondered what your sign does in random scenarios? What does an Aries do in school? What does a Taurus do in a hotel? What does a Gemini do on a car trip...
Zodiaco by Xx_VenusBlow_xX
Zodiaco by Xx_VenusBlow_xX Teen Fiction
Si quieres divertirte un rato y saber mas sobre tu signo estas en el lugar correcto. ADVERTENCIA: La información no es mía, está sacada de distintas fuentes.
Zodiac signs <3 by Jimmy_164
Zodiac signs <3 by MeepMoop Random
This book is about the zodiac signs (is there anything else to say) so ya read my other book (if you want your brain to die a litle ) IM A GEMINI
The Big Beautiful Book of Zodiac Signs by FablouisHemmo
The Big Beautiful Book of Zodiac S... by Dan's Sweater Random
Welcome to the BIG, bootiful, book of Zodiac Signs! Contains the answers to all your burning questions and other cool stuff about Zodiac Signs including, preferences, sq...
Zodiac School of Gifted Children by Zodiacing
Zodiac School of Gifted Children by Zodi Fantasy
It's the Zodiac signs all as teens. They attend a special high school for gifted kids. They have special powers and have no clue why they are here. Follow them on their...
Zodiac One Shots and Stories (REQUESTS CLOSED) by poopnbananas
Zodiac One Shots and Stories (REQU... by 💩🤑💩🤑💩 Short Story
There's probably tons of these and I won't get any views but meh. I'm also doing one-shots and stories and the genders will change because I always feels that signs like...
Anime Zodiacs {COMPLETED} by Blue-Anime-Toast
Anime Zodiacs {COMPLETED} by ChRiS Random
Here is just a book about Anime Zodiacs cuz why not search anime characters zodiac signs up when someone can do it for you. Jk but I hope you enjoy! My second book is ou...
Zodiac signs by xXxRed-RosesxXx
Zodiac signs by xXRedXx Random
Everything and anything about your zodiac sign whether it be stereotypes Or real accurate facts, Who knows? What is your sign? I tried to be all deep and shit but it did...
Universe High by Musiccakez
Universe High by Galaxy Girl Random
*editing under progress* In a planet not that far from Earth that far away... there is a planet. In that planet..... there is a boarding school. In that school there...
Zodiac Signs by R0manadvoratreundar
Zodiac Signs by Ahsoka Random
Your zodiac sign is just a stupid stereotype that people resort to when trying to sort out their life, but they are funny as F#$% to read about. Enjoy! -~-~-~-~-~-~-~...
Zodiac Killers. We're All Alone. by Yammy_Neko
Zodiac Killers. We're All Alone. by Yammy Action
All the zodiacs had normal lives, they all had a
Zodiac Signs》book 1 by sinsfornamjoon
Zodiac Signs》book 1 by abigail🍉 Random
The Zodiac Signs. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces #133 in Random [4/14/16] ...