Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG) [Wattys2016] by Blake_is_Awesome
Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG) [Wattys2016] by Blake Humor
Highest Ranking: #6 in Humor Before Jules interrupted Callie's lunch hour with a (not so subtle) "Dibs!", Callie was a quiet girl whose only priorities are goo...
Not A Fan by paynefullife
Not A Fan by paynefullife Fanfiction
Harry's not a fan of Zayn Malik.
Facts About: Lindsey Stirling (English) [Editing] by Ary_Stirlingite
Facts About: Lindsey Stirling (Eng... by 💀†Arianna†💀 Random
Here I'm gonna write facts about Lindsey Stirling. IF YOU READ SOMETHING WRONG JUST TELL ME! :3
The Shattered Memory of a Violinist by breethebook
The Shattered Memory of a Violinist by Bree Summers Teen Fiction
"That was my plan; 1) Get into Juilliard, and become a famous Violinists. 2) Learn to walk across a flat surface without tripping over. 3) Have Averie wake up, a...
Flip Me Around (bxb) by AnimusLight
Flip Me Around (bxb) by Animus Romance
"Learn to be more of a human, Jayden Maverick. Then maybe, we will take you back." Those were the last words his shareholders and father told him before kicki...
The Violinist, Aaron by Moonvender
The Violinist, Aaron by Moonvender General Fiction
Aaron Stuart is a young adult that has been on chemo for many years that caused him to miss out on his life, including the idea that he could have been a famous violinis...
Play Me The Violin by twinxtails
Play Me The Violin by Holmes Fanfiction
She was a violinist, he a humble magician. Playing at a theater known for blooming talent, they meet. Sparks fly, note's play, and identities are revealed. "Play me...
The Beautiful Violinist and Her Daring Adventures✦|NALU✓ by CammieCat
The Beautiful Violinist and Her Da... by Cammie☺️💞 Romance
ad·ven·ture adˈven(t)SHər,ədˈven(t)SHər/ noun
an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. Or
engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especi...
Terror Shack Horror Poems by Lancaster702
Terror Shack Horror Poems by ( ̄(エ) ̄) Horror
Rank 126 in Horror It's a Free Verse Poem.. A Five Chapter Poem for every Story! You'll also encounter EXTRA POEMS!!! Belongs to "Terror Shack Series" by me...
Crimson Kuro//  A RWBY Fanfiction// Volume Two// Slow Updates by Zero_Cat190
Crimson Kuro// A RWBY Fanfiction... by Zero_Cat190 Fanfiction
-TAKES PLACE RIGHT BEFORE VOLUME TWO- Everyone knows the stories about the hunters and huntresses in training from Beacon academy. About how they team up into teams of...
Magnetic TCS #1.5 (excerpt + contest) by Avylinn
Magnetic TCS #1.5 (excerpt + conte... by Avylinn Winter Romance
//He'd been afraid of me, and I had used fear to keep him away until I couldn't stand to be anywhere but close.// Dante Heron has lived a life surrounded by pointless af...
Musical Strings (anime adventure) by lovely_art_drawings
Musical Strings (anime adventure) by lovely_art_drawings Fantasy
A magical, musical story of a young talented 10 year old girl and a magical violin,pls follow, if u like it pls vote, don't wanna be a spoiler
Enamor |Violinist!Levi x Reader| by SmexySensei
Enamor |Violinist!Levi x Reader| by ѕυzυ Fanfiction
Who could've known that a person's perspective upon the world could change with a dab of harmonies? A simplistic lifestyle but perplexed thoughts. A normal girl. A violi...
Blossoming Notes by thjaslyn
Blossoming Notes by jaslyn Short Story
"What are you trying to tell the world with this song?"
Linking Dreams by Chumymoo
Linking Dreams by Andeeeeng Fantasy
They always meet each other in their dreams, hindi nga nila makita ang mukha nila, but a small space in their heart tells them that she's/he's the one. Despite th...
Accompany Me by _Fangirl_1001_
Accompany Me by Sass and Feels Teen Fiction
"I had dreams!" Felicity shouted as she broke a plate. The ceramic scattered around them. "And I put them on hold just for you? Only for you to not sacrif...
Father, Son & Violin by DanielOlsenChen
Father, Son & Violin by Daniel九哥Chen Non-Fiction
What does the year 1960 mean to the Chinese people? "Three-Years of Natural Disaster", in which it is said more than 30 million Chinese lost their lives. A...
An Angel (Mini Ladd x Reader) by ThaRomantic
An Angel (Mini Ladd x Reader) by ThaRomantic Fanfiction
You are violinist and had been visiting your family with Marc, your annoying cousin. You had to be punished by being in business class on the flight home so I got to wit...
The Red Wood Violin by Butterfingers25
The Red Wood Violin by Butterfingers25 Romance
When a German boy meets a Jewish violinist during the holocaust. Warning: Everything in this book is probably inaccurate, but I was inspired to write it so I did. If you...
The Golden Violin (A Lindsey Stirling FanFic) by lochvnessiemonsta
The Golden Violin (A Lindsey Stirl... by HunHan+Vkook trash Fanfiction
"Soon" I wonder what soon is? I'm not sure.... Lindsey, Amanda, Vinessa, Rina, Nicole, Evan and Jayden are all best friends and are in Year 10. Lindsey Stirli...