Twitter ♖ E.D by dolanxlyfe
Twitter ♖ E.Dby pauline ❁
[completed] @EthanDolan : NEW VIDOE IS UP! Ice bath challenge in our truck?! I laughed with my die hard friend, "What if I tweeted them and they noticed me?"...
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twitter dms; s.m. by undeniablemendes
twitter dms; meg
@shawnmendes: thank you for following me! please turn on my notifications! @asterlyn: ha bitch no you wish a story in which a girl curveballs a boys dm who later beco...
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overdose | gd by dolan-styles
overdose | gdby ☽
"I'm sorry"
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Rebel Johnson by XxKrisBxX
Rebel Johnsonby Kris
My name is Callie Johnson. Yes, I am Jack Johnson's little sister. Never heard of me, Jack decided to keep me a secret from his fans and friends except Jack G. Anyways h...
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Instagram » Logan Paul  by josieghs
Instagram » Logan Paul by « Josie C.H. »
In which Logan Paul meets one of his best friend's friend. ©josieghs
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Cherish || grayson dolan by dolanstish
Cherish || grayson dolanby baby t
"I will cherish these moments, for as long as I live." "As will I." He smiles, kissing my forehead. ~ Hayden Forest stay's with her Aunt for t...
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Adopted By Magcon (completed) by paigedallas
Adopted By Magcon (completed)by paige Brooks
Warning; inappropriate language, sex, sex reference, suicidal thoughts and actions, self harm, cussing, physical abuse, and verbal abuse. Our second life is featured al...
  • orphan
  • comedy
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Dare//Ethan Dolan by 5sos_onedirections
Dare//Ethan Dolanby Carter Hemmings
Ethan and Grayson Dolan are the two most popular guys at Kings High, both are captain of the football team and can get any girl that they want. They go to parties every...
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Protect her | e.d by cuddledolans
Protect her | e.dby sophia :)
He was given money to protect her from her brutal boyfriend. But when they fall in love with each other, who's going to protect her now?
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Bloody Ties//g.d~completed by peculiardolan
Bloody Ties//g.d~completedby im an oddity🕊
*****Book I***** Completed Highest Ranking: #33 "Run and keep running. Just know that no matter how far you get, I will find you. I need you here. You may not know...
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Social Media ~ Sammy Wilk by chicodakota
Social Media ~ Sammy Wilkby ChicoDakota🥀
@sammywilk has followed you @sammywilk commented on your photo
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Real / Grayson Dolan by mrsgraydolan
Real / Grayson Dolanby madison
Madison is a soon to be sophomore at a new school in Long Valley, New Jersey, after moving from Rhode Island. She begins living her new life in a new town, new house, an...
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Stalker// dolantwins by okokdolans
Stalker// dolantwinsby ♡
"bro- bro c'mon it's my turn lemme see!" Grayson shouted. "fine but better not look at her." "Well that's obviously what I was going to do..&qu...
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I'm A Father by YourFaveCelebs
I'm A Fatherby YourFaveCelebs
Mandy Ours got pregnant by Jack Gilinsky when she was 16. Jack doesn't know about his little son, Tanner. She didn't want Jack to know because he was young and wild...
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Fangirl|| A Logan Paul Fanfic by likely_logan
Fangirl|| A Logan Paul Fanficby Logan Paul's Daughter
((THIS BOOK WAS COMPLETED ON 10/2/17)) "I have just fallen in love again...with Liberty..." When Liberty Jameson gets noticed by Logan Paul on the Internet, sh...
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The Sides of Her [Thomas Sanders x Reader] by EM0_Otaku
The Sides of Her [Thomas Sanders I'm A General, WHEEEEEEEEEEE!
It all started when you ran into each other.... (Y/N) (L/N), more commonly known as (Y/T/N), a YouTuber known for her covers, moves to Florida to peruse her dreams. She...
  • logan
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The New Teacher (Shawn Mendes) by itsonlylivi
The New Teacher (Shawn Mendes)by livi
"They say we always want things we can't have, and sometimes that thing is your teacher." Aurora expected her senior year at high school to be the same old rou...
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INSTAGRAM|| Joerick ||Chrisdiel || Vine & Youtube by Larry_HiOops27
INSTAGRAM|| Joerick ||Chrisdiel || ∆•sTaXxBY•∆
¿Quien iba a pensar que por una recomendación de su mejor amigo conocería al amor de su vida? Y como dicen ¿no?...... Del odio al amor solo hay un paso
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Mercy; Shawn Mendes by ILLUMlNATE
Mercy; Shawn Mendesby 🌷S🌷
"Would you please have mercy on me? I'm a puppet on your string...." ••• I had to be smart and really think about it...
  • shawn
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Color//:e.g.d.|AU by MendesAndHisMuffins
Color//:e.g.d.|AUby amnesia
He's been color blind all his life, only seeing in grey. Then that one fateful day, he met a girl who taught him how to see in color. completed : april 14, 2017 ----- no...
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