Zodiac Adventures: The School for Heros and Villians by Z_White
Zodiac Adventures: The School for... by Jinteresting 🤔 Fantasy
"Welcome, my dear heros and vilians to the School for Heros and Villians, also known as HV. You will be trained by the best of the best, to be the best of the best...
Percy Jackson and the Avengers crossover by dusk_of_day
Percy Jackson and the Avengers cro... by Dusk Fanfiction
look at the title *Warning: very slow updates; you have been warned...*
Demon Eye (MaleReader x BNHA) by Cookiesgay
Demon Eye (MaleReader x BNHA) by HeyIamDan Fanfiction
Y/N, a Villain. He ran away with his mother at the age of 5. Now back as a hero after 10 years of horror. But it doesn't stop there the league of villains are hunting hi...
Saviour's Secret (Peter Parker x Reader) by NekoKatsume
Saviour's Secret (Peter Parker x R... by Kibō Sutā Fanfiction
Your smart Your family with Tony Stark (not in good terms though..) You make some cool equipment And you do something stupid to make you Super! And super awkward whe...
Ok Ko! One-Shots! by NukaColaKid
Ok Ko! One-Shots! by Nerd Fanfiction
I'm not all too good at writing but I try! requests are Open!
Mlp Smut roleplay by Michaelfry
Mlp Smut roleplay by Michael Fry Random
It's a smut role play for MLP characters
DC oneshots by Spade_KAI
DC oneshots by Spade_KAI Fanfiction
Title says it all. Characters from the DC Comics universe
Smile - Joker Leto Fanfiction - {BWWM} by wollff
Smile - Joker Leto Fanfiction - {B... by wolf. Fanfiction
Not exactly a villain, not exactly a hero, Cheyenne, an assassin in Gotham City is given a proposition by Batman himself. In 92 days, she is to hand Joker over to the au...
Jinxed  by Aubrey_2021
Jinxed by Aubrey_2021 Fanfiction
This is going to be about joker and Harley Quinn's daughter Lucy Ace Quinzel this is my first book sorry for any mistakes I don't own any characters but iris,Peyton,Jess...
The Conflicted Spirit (Shouto Todoroki x OC) by Kaylajojo1120
The Conflicted Spirit (Shouto Todo... by Kaylajojo1120 Fanfiction
Growing up in a world where heroes and villains are more common than average humans, you learn to roll with the gift you have been given. Occasionally there are childre...
El Diablo : Fiery Love by MagicCrank16
El Diablo : Fiery Love by MagicCrank16 Fanfiction
Chato Santana a.k.a El Diablo. A gangster with pyrokinetic powers who once burned down a building with his wife and children inside. --------- Dolorita Moreno a.k.a Gra...
Power Uppers | ✔️ by Prisim
Power Uppers | ✔️ by 🐱 Queen of the Gummy Bears �... Adventure
Throughout the world, Power Uppers are the hottest drug on the market. A single pill allows any Normie to obtain the power of a Super. The drawback? They're also highly...
Just His Daughter || D.W || by Vixen_Quinn
Just His Daughter || D.W || by Angel Of Darkness Fanfiction
Her name is Lucy Quinnzell, and she's the daughter of the clown king....Joker.... She has the tendencies of her father, but luckily for all of Gotham, she takes mostly a...
If Only | Descendents  by XxAllTimeDemixX
If Only | Descendents by XxLittleBrichesxX Fanfiction
**This completely ignores the second film.** It's two months since Ben's coronation and since Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay chose good over evil. It's all going well until M...
Superable by Jordy_Marie
Superable by Jordan Marie Action
Audrey Powell is a time-traveler-or so claims a sexy and sarcastic Superhero, The Marked Stranger. While still trying to make friends at her new school, Audrey must now...
If I'm a Werewolf Princess, why are Vampires making my life so difficult? by angelheaven101
If I'm a Werewolf Princess, why ar... by angelheaven101 Werewolf
This story mostly comes from Princess Keiko's perspective. Keiko has suddenly been invited to Prince Jordon's 3 month birthday celebration. She makes friends with Isaiah...
Anti Hero by The-Skarlet-Fox
Anti Hero by Drifter Teen Fiction
Sofie Olsen, native of Seaport city in California. This city is protected by it's Heros and terrorized by it's Villians, but what about the middle man? The supers that d...
two different words by divergentUrisfan
two different words by MentallymarriedtoUriah Fanfiction
so you've watched descendants and descendants 2 well what would happen if Mal , Evie , Carlos and Jay's background came back to haunt them would Mal and Ben grow closer...
The Victim by SilverEagleEye
The Victim by Silver Fanfiction
When Batman and Robin go and try to track down a new drug dealer ship who called themselves 'Ghost' because they never were caught for selling the drugs. When they were...
The Justice League: The Malignant Uprising by 2Runeand4Skull
The Justice League: The Malignant... by R. S. Fanfiction
Hero's always win. Villains always lose. But what if villains did win ... and there's nothing the heroes can do? The Justice League has met their match and has fallen to...