HERMIONE Charles WEASLEY by saraaswini
HERMIONE Charles WEASLEYby saraaswini
fanfiction " tomorrow we will be going to get our wedding ring ,so be ready " with that charlie turned to leave When he opened the door , bunch of people...
  • friendship
  • hermione
  • ginny
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Next generation- Instagram by peppiis
Next generation- Instagramby peppiis
Next generation Instagram story. If you have an idea don't be scared and just send it to me :)
  • nextgeneration
  • lily
  • fanfiction
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Ma nouvelle vie by satine1503
Ma nouvelle vieby satine1503
ELLE, une jeune fille pleine de vie, joyeuse MAIS peut être violente et utiliser des insultes... Elle va vivre l'inimaginable. LUI, un bad boy qui prend trop la confianc...
  • badboy
  • liam
  • harcellement
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next gen feeds by -cxlpurnia
next gen feedsby kira malfoy ✩
[ where the next gen post about their lives ] [ cover made by @sebstab ]
  • nextgen
  • hugo
  • lysander
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Instagram- Harry Potter Next Generation by Hpnextgen468
Instagram- Harry Potter Next Hp Next Generation❤️
The instagram feeds of the next generation Weasley/Potter clan, one Malfoy, and two scamanders + my oc's.
  • louisweasley
  • scorpius
  • harrypotter
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Teddy Lupin by versmi0825
Teddy Lupinby versmi0825
Teddy Lupin is now eleven years old and about to start his first year at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry. Read about his adventures as he's growing older.
  • love
  • fights
  • happiness
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social media • hp next gen by geek_22
social media • hp next genby s y d n e y
watching the kids of our favorite and least favorite characters live their daily lives through instagram **NO SMUT**
  • lorcan
  • louis
  • albusseverus
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The next generation accidentally find themselves in 1997! How will the Potter and Weasley children cope spending time with their parents when they are there age? How wil...
  • marauder
  • head
  • draco
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Harry Potter Next Gen Instagram #2 by Nerdy_Writes_Books
Harry Potter Next Gen Instagram #2by That Nerd in Class
Exactly what the title says (again)
  • roseweasley
  • jamessiriuspotter
  • scorpius
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James Sirius Potter I will kill you by TheForkQueen
James Sirius Potter I will kill youby The Fork Queen
James Sirius Potter, a time turner, a startled cousin, and angry girls are not a good mix. What happens when they do?
  • roxanne
  • dominique
  • james
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Wolfes Flower (Fleur and Bill FF)(HP) by Greta258
Wolfes Flower (Fleur and Bill FF)( Greta May
I was thinking alot lately about how Bill and Fleur actually met each other, or how they got together, because there isn't much in movies or books. This idea was born wh...
  • ron
  • fleur
  • weasley
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Winners || Tedtoire by sydneyq11
Winners || Tedtoireby sydney (thuy)
"You can't win everything, Weasley." "Yeah, well you'll just have to watch me, Lupin." *** For Victoire Weasley, everything was a competition. From p...
  • winners
  • win
  • competition
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Harry Potter - The Next Generation - Texts by flying_car
Harry Potter - The Next flying_car
Ever wondered what James Sirius Potter would text to his cousins? Find out in my HP Next Gen Texts book! With the Next Generation of our Harry Potter heroes living in th...
  • text
  • teddy
  • louis
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Time Travel to Another Time by KiraIsGod636
Time Travel to Another Timeby KiraIsGod636
What happens when all the Weasley and Potter cousins along with a few friends go back in time, to before Harry defeated Voldemort? What happens if the group of 21 finds...
  • travel
  • ravenclaw
  • dumbledore
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HP next gen Instagram by xXMsxPotterXx
HP next gen Instagramby Ms.Potter
Basically what the title says
  • instagram
  • jalice
  • teddy
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The Boxing by ManonCestMoiLanonyme
The Boxingby Manon L'anonyme ♥
Léna Parker 17 Ans jeune boxeuse , son père un boxeur depuis son plus jeune âge sa mère on en parleras plus tard , son frère qui a 19 Ans et Boxeurs aussi et son autre p...
  • famille
  • amour
  • sonfutur
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Acatalepsy//next gen social media♡ by itsyaboyerin
Acatalepsy//next gen social media♡by Erin💖
The next gen kids have social media, enjoy :)
  • dom
  • lysander
  • nextgen
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Harry Potter Next Generation Headcanons   by AllINeedAreMyBooks
Harry Potter Next Generation AllINeedAreMyBooks
Headcanons, conversations between them and short stories for the next generation. Everything belongs to J.K Rowling, some headcanons are inspired from Next Generation Co...
  • hogwarts
  • potter
  • slytherin
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Flash to the Past || Harry Potter (Next Generation) by xoPuffPride
Flash to the Past || Harry Sxrenity.
James Sirius Potter was snooping in his father's office, looking for things to mess with. He stumbles upon this necklace with an hour glass inside it. What will he do wi...
  • victoire
  • jamessiriuspotter
  • remus
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Instagram | HP Next Generation by malfoyxalvarez
Instagram | HP Next Generationby malfoyxalvarez
(SLOW UPDATES) where the next gen kids have instagram.
  • louis
  • alice
  • victoire
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