Formula One Shots by speedlevel
Formula One Shots by antonia Fanfiction
Just a few One Shots about your favourite formula one drivers. Enjoy it. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED
One Shots ~ Formula One by amyyroseee
One Shots ~ Formula One by Amy Fanfiction
Requests are currently closed A collection of one shots based around Formula One drivers. Any suggestions or ideas are welcomed in the comments or via a message. I will...
From the Paddock- Max Verstappen  by WriterExtreme
From the Paddock- Max Verstappen by WriterExtreme Fanfiction
What can be harder than falling for a Formula 1 driver? Living with another one.
The Accidental Wife #YOURSTORYINDIA by Manishaferrari
The Accidental Wife #YOURSTORYINDIA by Anonymous chic Romance
FEATURED IN THE SHORTLIST OF #YOURSTORYINDIA CONTEST What happens when a game of truth or dare, a bad breakup, some stupid friends and an idiotic journalist, changes th...
Since you've been gone by harsita_
Since you've been gone by harsita Fanfiction
Valerie samberg, the girl who was appointed to work for scuderia Ferrari by the sponsors. She had an amazing time, friends, jokes, passion but one teeny tiny issue. Sh...
(not so) Single Seb by wishfulwriter96
(not so) Single Seb by wishfulwriter Fanfiction
Sebastian isn't really looking for someone to spend his life with, but what happens when he meets someone who is worth going the extra mile for?
Vampire Seb by Raikkonen-7
Vampire Seb by Raikkonen-7 Fanfiction
This is a series I wrote for AO3, and came to be after getting a prompt from VettelFerrari (please read her stories, they are amazing) Sebastian is a vampire, and has to...
Our Secret - a 'Sebson' fan fiction by AmberPic25
Our Secret - a 'Sebson' fan fiction by Amber Rose Dixon Fanfiction
Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button. Two F1 World Champions. Best friends. But, as they fall for each other, what would happen if their secret got out?
F1 Driver One Shots by toputyourmindatrest
F1 Driver One Shots by Alice Fanfiction
Hey guys! Feel free to dm/comment me some requests that you have which I can work on. Any driver. (from F1) Any rating. (G, T, M, E) Any idea. I hope you guys get inv...
Behind the Camera (Sebastian Vettel) by Erin_Tigor
Behind the Camera (Sebastian Vette... by Erin Fanfiction
Popular YouTube beauty and lifestyle vlogger Valentina Ricci gets invited to attend the Italian Grand Prix as a guest of Scuderia Ferrari. She gets to experience the rac...
Never Again by KinkyKylies
Never Again by Kinky Kylies Fanfiction
Love is beautiful, love should be beautiful and feeling safe is not a privilege, but a basic need. When you don't know what to feel, who to trust or who to be, you say t...
Strategy by Kirstyrob14
Strategy by Kirsty Fanfiction
It's 2009 and Abigail Jones is the new strategist in the Red Bull garage. She desperately wants to make a good impression on the team and do a good job but when she meet...
Cold Hearted (Formula One) by rachjjj
Cold Hearted (Formula One) by rachel Fanfiction
The story of a cold hearted, independent University graduate and race engineer, a like-minded Ferrari F1 driver and a warm-hearted Red Bull F1 driver.
Issues | Fabian & Sebastian Vettel by karanea
Issues | Fabian & Sebastian Vettel by karanea Fanfiction
Fabian and Sebastian Vettel are brothers. They are both into motorsports. Sebastian is a 4-time Formula 1 world champion and Fabian is currently driving in Audi TT Cup. ...
Resurrection: A Formula 1 story by adam_ichiban
Resurrection: A Formula 1 story by adam_ichiban Fanfiction
This third book will also be written by a co-author @DarshanSreekumar . So you could approach him too if you have any doubts regarding the story. Andre Kasparov had ever...
Darling hold my hand  by VettelFerrari
Darling hold my hand by Romance
You fear getting lost in the crowded pitlane. Luckily Sebastian is with you.
Snow Jet by VettelFerrari
Snow Jet by Romance
You and Sebastian go to your town's Winter Wonderland and Sebastian wants to go on a certain ride...only you don't like fast rides and fail to tell him that. A Sebastian...
Mężczyźni || Chłopaki z F1 [ ZAWIESZONE ] by lexa___7
Mężczyźni || Chłopaki z F1 [ ZAWIE... by lexa___7 Fanfiction
Ta książka to krótkie opowiadania z odrobiną pikanterii z udziałem kierowców Formuły 1. ROZDZIAŁY +18
Impulse's Desire by MikaylaVisser
Impulse's Desire by Mikayla Ashley Visser Romance
"Soul Mates I don't know how you are so familiar to me-or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every...
Sky full of stars by VettelFerrari
Sky full of stars by Romance
Sebastian Vettel takes reader Stargazing.