An Unavoidable Encounter (Zero x reader) by AnimePlopPlop
An Unavoidable Encounter (Zero x Fairy Lovers
(Y/n) is a pure blood vampire who has had an unpleasant childhood. Her mother had never treated her like she loved her. She soon attends Cross Academy where she meets Ze...
  • vampireknight
  • zerokiryu
  • fanfic
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Innocence || Vampire Knight by tsunbae
Innocence || Vampire Knightby s t r e s s e d
Unadulterated, pure, vulgar, contaminated white hair... No one knows anything about this new student who just transferred into the night class apart from the fact she is...
  • shiki
  • yuki
  • kain
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Akane Kuran: The Unwanted [Vampire Knight Fan-Fic] by itschayse
Akane Kuran: The Unwanted [ ᴄʜᴀʏsᴇ
You could say I was always unwanted as a child. The only person who had ever been kind to me was my big brother Kaname. You'd think Juuri and Haruka would, they were my...
  • anime
  • kuran
  • harukakuran
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Shu's Twin {Slow Updates} by Kylie_FV
Shu's Twin {Slow Updates}by Kylie
Shuko is Shu's half twin sister, they have the same personality traits except Shuko is a bit more of a masochist. When she finally comes homes, cause she was in the army...
  • vampireknight
  • diaboliklovers
  • crossovers
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Our Bloodbond| Kaname Kuran x reader by GigglyUndertaker
Our Bloodbond| Kaname Kuran x Lucifer
(Y/n) Kuran is the youngest of the Kuran's and also the most hated and powerful. What happens if one day she has enough of it and decides to run away. (First story I hav...
  • xreader
  • kanamekuran
  • vampire
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You Don't Even Know My Pain. (Diabolik Lovers, Vampire Knight & Black Butler) by Would_You_Save_Me
You Don't Even Know My Pain. ( Sloth.
(I don't own any of the animes or The pictures in this Fan fiction)
  • ốc
  • blackbutler
  • diaboliklovers
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Miriku Kuran: The Lost Child by Miriku-sama
Miriku Kuran: The Lost Childby ☆Death-kyun☆
There is one character unknown to all in vampire knight. This character knows nothing of her past and is raised by Shizuka. She knows only one thing..... she can't trust...
  • kaname
  • vampireknight
  • zero
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In Heat. [Vampire Knight] Kaze [KanamexZero] (boyxboy) by Tempherius
In Heat. [Vampire Knight] Kaze [ Tempherius
Kaname's in heat.
  • yaoi
  • kanamexzero
  • fluff
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The Unknown - Vampire Knight by Jenn_is_Starry_Music
The Unknown - Vampire Knightby Jenn Snow
A girl with no voice and a golden heart enters Cross Academy as a representative of the Senate. A girl with mismatched eyes, and a scared heart. Her name was Ryda, and s...
  • hanabusa
  • ichirukiryu
  • aido
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Resist; Vampire Knight (COMPLETED) by eoraiv
Resist; Vampire Knight (COMPLETED)by 安娜
Enter: Misa Hideyoki. Pureblood? Check. Well acquainted with Kaname? Check. One of the most beautiful Purebloods that ever set foot into this world. Misa and Kaname go w...
  • mystery
  • vampireknight
  • dark
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? Loving The Queen ? 《 Vampire Knight Fanfic 》 by Juri_Mangaka
? Loving The Queen ? 《 Vampire Serenitia
This story picks off on the final battle of Vampire Knight . She was about to be bitten by Rido , when ..... The Vampire Queen Made Her Appearance . 《 Takuma X OC X Han...
  • love
  • vampireknight
  • fantasy
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I'm not a Kuran (Vampire Knight & Diabolik Lovers) by xXBadAngelXx
I'm not a Kuran (Vampire xXKami-SamaXx
This is the story of a young girl born into a prestigious pureblood family, the kurans, along with her twin sister. Both girls looked exactly the same except for one dif...
  • vampires
  • shu
  • sakamakis
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The Pureblood...Demon?! by Luna_Knight_13
The Pureblood...Demon?!by Skylar Knight
(Vampire Knight X Black Butler) (Reverse Harem) (The animes Vampire Knight and Black Butler do NOT belong to me. The pictures also do NOT belong to...
  • senri
  • zero
  • blackbutler
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One Girl, A Host Club And Two Vampires!? (OHSHC x VK) by Alli_Pandi
One Girl, A Host Club And Two Alli
{OC Insert} [ Ouran High School Host Club x Vampire Knight ] - A exchange program. Great, just when I never wanted to see them again. - *The idea of the story fully belo...
  • ohshc
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
  • vampireknight
Natsuki Kireina (Tokyo Ghoul-Vampire Knight Crossover) by field_of_sunflowers
Natsuki Kireina (Tokyo Olivia
Natsuki, a ghoul, has come to Cross Academy. But something seems different about this school, and there are two different classes. She considers the night class, but the...
  • wattys2017
  • aido
  • touka
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BROKEN.(Y/N) Michaelis x Kaname Kuran. by HanaMichaelis1
BROKEN.(Y/N) Michaelis x Kaname HanaMichaelis1
What if Kaname made a contract with a Pureblood Demon and fell in love with her. P.S. (Y/N)'s parents are Sebastian Michaelis [from Black Butler] and Mizuki Michaelis.
  • kanamekuran
  • vampireknight
The other Kuran (Vampire Knight Fanfiction) by yoursweetsurrender
The other Kuran (Vampire Knight yoursweetsurrender
Have you heard the youngest among the Kurans?
  • vampire
  • kuran
  • kanamekuran
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The Time Goddess (A Diabolik Lovers x Vampire Knight Fanfic) by that-author
The Time Goddess (A Diabolik Aya-chan
(Previously known as 'The Vampire Princess' but changed due to genericness of title lmao) ~Mari had a little lamb ~Litt...
  • goddess
  • vampireknight
  • kuran
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Fate? - A Vampire Knight Romance by pink-angel_101
Fate? - A Vampire Knight Romanceby 🌸ᑭIᑎK ᗩᑎGEᒪ🌸
A new girl shows up at Cross Academy, and she seems to instantly catch all the eyes of the male students from the Night Class. However she also catches the eye of a...
  • complete
  • zerokiryu
  • knight
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lost child (vampire knight fan fic) (kaname and reader) by zoeykiss
lost child (vampire knight fan pxchgrande
miyuki kuran was the twin of kaname kuran. her brother was very fond of her and loved her dearly and wanted to be with her forever. miyuki loved her brother also and he...
  • vampireknight
  • zerokiryu
  • kaname
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