Scarlett ▻ TVD by arios2004
Scarlett ▻ TVDby A
"If you think Klaus is protective over Rebekah, wait until you see how he is with Scarlett." TVD - Season 3 - ?
  • salvatore
  • mikaelson
  • orginalvampire
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DESIRE [1] Caroline Forbes by simplysalvatoree
DESIRE [1] Caroline Forbesby simplysalvatoree
"Girls like girls like boys do, nothing new" First book in the Cleo Price series Season one of the vampire diaries Started 3/12/18 Finished ?
  • carolineforbes
  • alricsaltzmen
  • bonniebennett
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Rencontre d'une nuit by CassieWright9
Rencontre d'une nuitby Cassie Wright
La rencontre improbable de deux personnes que tout opposé, mais qui se ressemblaient pourtant assez.
  • vampirediaries
  • teenwolf
  • stamon
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Dangerous Creatures by alonely-dreamer
Dangerous Creaturesby alonely-dreamer
Mackenzie is an 18 year-old senior at Mystic High, wanting nothing more than to get out of Mystic Falls and go far, far away from her abusive stepfather. She thought goi...
  • tvd
  • vampirediaries
  • mikaelson
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The Original Wife by PeralRose
The Original Wifeby PeralRose
Klaus has been married even before he was turned she is also her mother was a witch and her father was a wolf so when they were turned by his mother he was turned into a...
  • kol
  • vampire
  • originals
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love me endlessly {k.p} by pcrkrind
love me endlessly {k.p}by hi
Childhood bestfriend of the Parker twins, Kara. Falls hopelessly in love with Kai, only for him to get sent to the Prison World. 18 years later, now Heretic Kara gets se...
  • kaiparker
  • damonsalvatore
  • klausmikaelson
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CALAMITY// Klaus Mikaelson  by spndiehard
CALAMITY// Klaus Mikaelson by emily
In which a haunted angel falls for the devil. The Vampire Diaries ( Season 2-4) Started: February 27 2018 Finished: ... ©️ 2018, Emily Hopkins All rights reserved DISCL...
  • ştefan
  • kol
  • banshee
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Say You Won't Let Go by Literary_Spirit
Say You Won't Let Goby Literary_Spirit
After two years, Bonnie Bennett is over all things Originals, Hybrids, and Vampires. So while the Scooby gang decides to rub elbows with the who's who at the Original Wi...
  • kennett
  • vampirediaries
  • bonniebennett
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Juliet in New Orleans by Klaus_girl
Juliet in New Orleansby Miss.Minnie
Daisy Pearl ❤ lovable young 16year old witch who was magically selected as a fifth girl for the Harvest. Marcel took her after they killed her dad his friend. She is lik...
  • sacrifice
  • lovestory
  • orignals
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gif series, multifandom ² by -Winchestergirl
gif series, multifandom ²by ᵍ
▹ In which I write small gif imagines using only male pronouns because there's not enough stories for male readers. MULTIFANDOM GIF SERIES BOOK TWO
  • multifandom
  • skins
  • eyewitness
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cry baby (s. salvatore) by mccallmevoid
cry baby (s. salvatore)by autumn brooke 🍁
"your heart's too big for your body, that's why it won't fit inside; you pour it out where everyone can see. they call you cry baby, but you don't fucking care.&quo...
  • mikaelson
  • alaricsaltzman
  • elijahmikaelson
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Right Place, Wrong Time by Celestia7Specter
Right Place, Wrong Timeby Sia.Mikaelson-Salvatore
Caroline and Elena accidentally get sent back to when the Originals are still human. Perceptions change, but how can they get back to the future without changing the pas...
  • vampirediaries
selfish//delena one shots by compromise011
selfish//delena one shotsby compromise011
promise me this is forever.
  • nina
  • thevampirediaries
  • tvd
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OTP Rpgs by Sarahdreamland
OTP Rpgsby ➰
Der Titel sagt alles oder? Hier kommen meine OTPs aus verschieden Serien. Also wer Lust hat, schaut einfach mal rein. Ich freue mich auf eure Anmeldungen, Ideen und Vor...
  • otp
  • vampirediaries
  • shadowhunters
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" I grew up but I didn't lose my connection with nature" ••••••••••• Most people only knew Alaska Morgan as the sweet friendly girl who lived in Mysti...
  • bonniebennett
  • damonsalvatore
  • elenagilbert
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The Powerful Hybrids (Originals Fanfic) by KarliHathaway101
The Powerful Hybrids (Originals VA FanGirl
Niklaus Mikaelson and Blair Lovelace are both very powerful hybrids. With both of them reaching over a thousand years, they are unstoppable. They cannot be killed. The...
  • originalsfanfic
  • theoriginals
  • vampirediaries
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Vampire Dairies X Reader by Queenstith
Vampire Dairies X Readerby Queenstith
You are a werewolf with a traumatizing life. You now live an orphan life but later in your painful future you have something unforgettable happen to you, you don't know...
  • violince
  • fanfiction
  • vampirediaries
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Sister (klaus love story) by andrea_v11
Sister (klaus love story)by andrea_v11
Rosie Gilbert is Elena's and Jeremy Older sister. What happens when she meets niklaus the big bad hybrid?
  • theoriginals
  • mates
  • klausmikaelson
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Deremy by Celestia7Specter
Deremyby Sia.Mikaelson-Salvatore
The story of Damon and Jeremy
  • vampirediaries
Unrevealed//d.salvatore by thedivergent1
Unrevealed//d.salvatoreby Divergent1
Carter Gilbert currently resides in small town Mystic Falls with her two cousins, Elena and Jeremy. And having lived in Mystic Falls her whole life, she can't help but t...
  • jennasommers
  • bonniebennett
  • damonsalvatore
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