The Vampire Diaries Imagines and Preferences by sarahgrandeb
The Vampire Diaries Imagines and sarahgrandeb
Imagines/preferences for the characters of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals
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Obstacles (TVD Vampire diaries fanfic) by Marieealt
Obstacles (TVD Vampire diaries BurntChicknNugger
Slow updates, but now there's at least updates! Ashley Gilbert, every parents nightmare, or that was what she used to be before her parents died. Now she's a parent her...
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Emma Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries) by justforfun854
Emma Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)by Just me
Death is just the beginning. And everything changes once Damon and Stefan arrive in Mystic Falls and meet Emma and Elena. When some people fall in love slow and you can'...
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ALWAYS AND FOREVER | in which we, the admins, write and give away plots for the vampire diaries and the originals. @ 2018 plothelp
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Vampires?! (Vampire Diaries and Dolan Twins) by qveensarah_21
Vampires?! (Vampire Diaries and sarah:) 💛
this is another story about the dolan twins but it has Vampire Diaries in it too so ya
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The Vampire Diaries| Imagines by HrmrImagines
The Vampire Diaries| Imaginesby Hailey Reece
This is Imagines of a amazing show, called The Vampire Diaries. Hope you all enjoy! All the scenes are owned by me, there will be made up character's by me as well. Enjo...
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Salvatore Sister  by nashtyreynolds
Salvatore Sister by Charli♡
"Don't you ever disrespect the Salvatore name the way you did"
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Vampire ?‍♀️ Diaries Gif Series ? by josietaytaylor
Vampire ?‍♀️ Diaries Gif Series ?by josietaytaylor
A gif series of Vampire Diaries let me know if you want a request
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A Different Kind Of Curse by TinyQuagga
A Different Kind Of Curseby TinyQuagga
Mystic Falls has had its victories against the supernatural, but what happens when an entirely new aberration comes to town? Alexandra Hunter Lockwood was 17 years old a...
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The Virgin [Book 2] [ h.s ] #Wattys2017 by EsteeStyles
The Virgin [Book 2] [ h.s ] EsteeStyles
Can a relationship work without sex? Yeah so many years have passed, and guess what? I'm still The Virgin wherever I go. Lets see for how long?
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Salve {Ghostbusters/Vampire Diaries} by nelynoo
Salve {Ghostbusters/Vampire Nelda
Perse and her best friend Nia attend NYU, trying their best to live a normal life. But with Nia's excessive sleepwalking and Perse's strange dreams that turns out to be...
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Vampire Diaries & Teen Wolf - Preferences/Imagines by Salvalinski
Vampire Diaries & Teen Wolf - Salvalinski
I've always loved reading imagines/preferences for different characters, it's a cool way to explore their personality and get to know what they're like in a way. Althoug...
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Why, Kai? {Kai Parker/The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction} by stellarwillows
Why, Kai? {Kai Parker/The stellarwillows
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time seemed to be a speciality of Lily's. She met Kai through his sister, Jo and they'd been a version of friends since. But someth...
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Empires |TVD| by ParisCortez
Empires |TVD|by Paris Cortez
"Rest in peace, my sleeping beauty, we will see each other soon." Aero is the daughter of two of the most well know Greek God and Goddess. But she wasn't born...
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Peace by Sboyle92
Peaceby FanofFandoms
Clover Lily Potter has had enough of the Wizarding World, has had enough of the paparazzi and having no privacy on what she is doing with her life. It has been a year si...
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Ethereal | Tvd & TO Gif Series  by theunknownswrites
Ethereal | Tvd & TO Gif Series by Hopeless
e·the·re·al extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Tvd & TO Gif Series cover by me
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Some Girls Bite (TW/TVD) [2]  by _MoodyBooty_
Some Girls Bite (TW/TVD) [2] by Carefree.Club
Spencer Stilinski. She's back in Mystic Falls. Both Klaus and her are slowly coming to terms with their feelings. And with her friends trying to kill him and the Origi...
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GIRLS TEARS| T.V.D by layneywayneysVoid
"Don't trust what you see even salt looks like sugar. " When two girls come back to mystic falls after being portrayed by their own families. "Don't worr...
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The Mystic Rose- The Vampire Diaries/The Originals fanfic by NikkiCecilia
The Mystic Rose- The Vampire NikkiMalfoyRiddle
What if Katerina Petrova had an unknown younger sister named Ruzha Petrova whom wasn't killed off by Klaus Mikaelson, but instead had stayed true to her Traveler heritag...
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The Hidden Mikaelson by SaRcAsTiCxBxTcH
The Hidden Mikaelsonby Creative Name Here
*Sequel to The Secret Mikaelson* It's been three years since the battle with Marcel where the Mikaelson family was defeated. Three year since Juliana made the ultimate s...
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