Light in a dark place ~ Damon Salvatore~  by denisem_97
Light in a dark place ~ Damon Salv... by denisem_97
I'm horrible at descriptions soooo Melissa Gilbert, she's smart, kind and thoughtful yet has a mouth on her. The moment you anger her she's quick to fire back. When bot...
  • damon
  • witch
  • jeremy
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Shrek Is Love (A Shrek Fanfiction) ✅ by tommymarvolo
Shrek Is Love (A Shrek Fanfiction)... by tommymarvolo
Are you sad? Stressed? Tired? Depressed? Well stop because its annoying. Read this book because it can either make you laugh or disgusted. P.S. this cures AIDS. Your wel...
  • shrek
  • vampire
  • 5sos
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Long Lost Sister by imSOconfusedUMMM
Long Lost Sister by Hello Love
My name is Samantha Pierce I was adopted at age five by Katherine Pierce I was born on the same day same time as Elena Gilbert but a whole different year we both have th...
  • love
  • damonsalvatore
  • elenagilbert
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The unexpected friend. by trinityalexis33
The unexpected friend. by trinityalexis
the carector's the part-take in this story line are NOT owned by me in any shape-way or form! the story-line how ever does I haven't actually seen the part were Elena wa...
  • vampirediaries
  • vampiresareawesome
  • stephansalvatore
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Arabella Swan-Salvatore by shadowluver15
Arabella Swan-Salvatore by shadowluver15
A year after the volturi come, nothing's changed really. Nessie's aging is slowing down.Now she looks to be 10 years old. The family is doing fine so are the packs. One...
  • kristinapimenova
  • wedding
  • bonnie
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Whole Again [3] by thegirlinyocloset25
Whole Again [3] by Star
Third and last book in the Broken Gilbert series.
  • vampirediaries
  • bonniebennet
  • hybrid
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Long Lost Salvatore.    (The Vampire Diaries) by ForbiddenHeartbreak
Long Lost Salvatore. (The Vampi... by Laura
Elizabeth Salvatore, Beautiful daughter and sister. Dearly missed by all. That's what her gravestone should have said but she never filled the plot that was prepared...
  • mikaelson
  • stefansalvatore
  • elena
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Emma Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries) by justforfun854
Emma Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries) by Just me
Mystic falls...a lot of history and lot of secrets behind this small, boring town where nothing never happens at least that's what I thought. My name is Emma Gilbert and...
  • tylerlockwood
  • vampirediaries
  • klausmikaelson
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 Now And Then (TVD S.S) by Gerlithequeen
Now And Then (TVD S.S) by Gerli
Name : Adelaide Petrova Age: 20/546 Birth date: June 6. 1471 Adelaide Petrova. The Last name says it all. She's Katherine's older sister. She got thrown out with Kather...
  • salvatore
  • damonsalvatore
  • stefansalvatore
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Delena  by ashleighdring_x
Delena by ashleighdring_x
This is a very different tale of Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert
  • delena
  • vampire
  • damonsalvatore
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Disgrace  by Ginny_potter_love
Disgrace by Ginny_potter_love
When Hermione returns to her hometown Mystic Falls with the scars from the war, she notices things have changed. Her adoptive sister is distant and sometimes even hatefu...
  • vampirediaries
  • crossover
  • originals
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Love of a Lifetime  by Queen_Castiel
Love of a Lifetime by Queen_Castiel
I've recently started writing for this ship. Elaina and Rehebeka would be an adorable couple!
  • lesbian
  • rehebeka
  • elaina
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Pretty Little Wolf Diaries: Shadow Warfare by MysticHills2017
Pretty Little Wolf Diaries: Shadow... by Kieran Duneclift
An average teenager(Liam Hemsworth) makes a discovery that'll bring the supernatural world to the UK
  • shadowhunters
  • prettylittleliars
  • crossover
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Fuckgirl ➡️ Camila Mendes by king_toby-parker
Fuckgirl ➡️ Camila Mendes by King Toby ✌
Hunter Dobrev is nothing like her twin sister but they are very close. Nina and Hunter Dobrev are the top actresses in the game write now. Nina plays Elena Gilbert where...
  • fuckgirl
  • camilamendes
  • vampirediaries
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TVD & TW - Preferences/Imagines by Salvalinski
TVD & TW - Preferences/Imagines by Salvalinski
I've always loved reading imagines/preferences for different characters, it's a cool way to explore their personality and get to know what they're like in a way. Althoug...
  • scottmccall
  • elijahmikaelson
  • crossover
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HARBINGER| individual roleplay by hcechlins
HARBINGER| individual roleplay by CONSTANTINE
HARBINGER| "-roleplay"
  • vampirediaries
  • teenwolf
  • dc
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Cravings by jadexstevens
Cravings by Jade Stevens
You were normal. Until you died anyway. Nothing could stop the hunger for blood. Who is your next victim?
  • murder
  • hybrids
  • blood
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Vampire 🧛‍♀️ Diaries Gif Series 💜 by josietaytaylor
Vampire 🧛‍♀️ Diaries Gif Series 💜 by josietaytaylor
A gif series of Vampire Diaries let me know if you want a request
  • damonsalvatore
  • stefansalvatore
  • vampirefanfiction
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Suicidal Tendencies by writingdreamer15
Suicidal Tendencies by writingdreamer15
Have you ever heard the story of a vampire who tried to kill herself but failed every time? Meet Vita Salvator, a young girl who was changed forever with no choice in th...
  • carolineforbes
  • masonlockwood
  • kathreinepeirce
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further episode (Series book)  by Zeilenspringerin
further episode (Series book) by Sparkle✨
Actually, we are all just looking for someone who is watching the same series.
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  • vampirediaries