Ice Cream Cat (Neko reader X Neo)  by FlamingSea52
Ice Cream Cat (Neko reader X Neo) by Flare
It was another beautiful day outside. It always feels so good laying on top of buildings with the sun shining on me. I start to doze off from how relaxing it is. Just be...
  • neo
  • ruby
  • justforfun
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RWBY x Reader (+18) by Sky_Waffle_2
RWBY x Reader (+18)by Sky_Waffle_2
In the world of Remnant, which is partly inhabited with supernatural forces and shadowy creatures known as the Grimm, advanced technologies have built kingdoms on their...
  • romance
  • vale
  • weissschnee
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Vale // 5Sos by HannalyK
Vale // 5Sosby Chännäly
"Kõik minu elus on vale" On üks Tüdruk,kes põgeneb isa abiga ühe mehe käest.Neiu on kogu elu põgenenud ja ei anna alla. Kuid mis saab siis kui neiu otsustab mi...
  • fanfiction
  • 5sos
  • armastus-ja-vihkamine
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The Wild Ones Rebellion [Black Veil Brides FanFic] by SkeleBri
The Wild Ones Rebellion [Black SkeleBri
{2ND PLACE WINNER IN THE 2018 BVB FANFIC AWARDS} Katrina was nothing more than a simple girl. But isn't that how every good story starts? A goody two shoes 19 year old...
  • biersack
  • divine
  • bvb
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The Outsider 》A.B by hannahfangirl26
The Outsider 》A.Bby Mattress Queen
||-COMPLETED-|| #1 in my #VALE series! They see him as a scary tattooed man. The wild hair that flies with the wind. The ice blue eyes that looks into your soul. I see...
  • bvb
  • jinxxbvb
  • andybiersack
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The Brawler Of Vestroia And Remnant by Braedey95
The Brawler Of Vestroia And Remnantby Braedey95
A teenager has been away from his home, training under the guidance of the six Legendary Bakugan beasts, learning their ways of combat and training, and adapting his bod...
  • wind
  • noravalkyrie
  • vale
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Evelyn Ray And The Moon Spirit by ShadowGirl664
Evelyn Ray And The Moon Spiritby Shadow Girl
An independent spirit and a nose for trouble is how I found out where I truly belonged. ♡□♡□♡□♡□♡□♡□♡□♡□♡□♡□♡□♡□♡□♡□♡ After spending 10 long years in an orphanage, I had...
  • quest
  • elchoale
  • elementa
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My Vow → A•B  by hannahfangirl26
My Vow → A•B by Mattress Queen
||-Completed-|| #2 in my #VALE series! Story based from the new BVB5 song 'My Vow' #VALE. Read my other book based on #VALE songs "The Outsider" VOW /Vow/ N...
  • bvb5
  • blackveilbrides
  • myvow
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IDOLiSH7 Haven by savage_kris24
IDOLiSH7 Havenby Kris Chan
Just my little dump for my favourite idol anime :3 I'll make a cover soon ... :(
  • tsunashiryunosuke
  • takanashitsumugi
  • yuki
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the king of pain {andy biersack} by LTTLEVlOLENCE
the king of pain {andy biersack}by ⠀
"the prophet, leader of the wild ones and the legion of the black, has been hereby declared guilty of the serial murders of the mystic, the deviant, the mourner, an...
  • andysixx
  • ashleypurdy
  • thewildones
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Ballad Of The Lonely Hearts ❤︎ A.B x J.S  by hannahfangirl26
Ballad Of The Lonely Hearts ❤︎ Mattress Queen
#6 in the #VALE series! Andy Biersack is in a gang called 'The Lonely Hearts' as both his love Juliet and her destined husband Kellin is in the 'Platinum Hearts' gang a...
  • jinxxbvb
  • fantasy
  • lovestory
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Gacha World  ( Inferno x Kilios) Behind the Smile  by Universe-Moon
Gacha World ( Inferno x Kilios) Universe-Moon
Ok I'm making this because Atom x Blaz is a hit and because why not.Im to lazy to think of a plot so go ahead and read to find out what happens.
  • cutelove
  • adorableness
  • gwen
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Welcome To Night Vale by 0OpheliaBee0
Welcome To Night Valeby Ophelia Bee
"A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful & mysterious lights pass over-head while we all pretend to sleep" I do not own this, i...
  • tố
  • carlos
  • dogpark
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Gacha World ( Atom x Blaz ) It's not always computation  by Universe-Moon
Gacha World ( Atom x Blaz ) It's Universe-Moon
To be honest this ship doesn't really exist,so I'm going to start it.I don't know, all I know is that I'm making this because way not.Now if you don't know the character...
  • vale
  • frost
  • friendship
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Neo x Male Reader (Vol.2) by Shadowy_Waffle
Neo x Male Reader (Vol.2)by Shadowy_Waffle
Beaten, alone and lost how can Neo survive when all she ever cared about was you? Though Vale completely destroyed by the duo Cinder and Adam though with a small amount...
  • mutant
  • ozpin
  • weiss
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Little Red Hunter (Ruby x Reader) by FreezeFox12
Little Red Hunter (Ruby x Reader)by Team MYTH
(Y/N) Ozpin, everyone knows your dad, but only few know you exist but what happens when you catch the eye of a certain red hooded huntress?? I own the characters:Sade,Bl...
  • ruby
  • atlas
  • ozpin
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Palette x Goth (Poth) High School  by PothThebest
Palette x Goth (Poth) High School by Sin4Life
Hi (sorry I'm to lazy to write anything else)
  • vale
  • pot4ever
  • kaifanfic
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And Broken Me by FarFromTheStars
And Broken Meby Titan
You promised that one day I would be the best. You promised that one day I would overcome all. You promised that one day I would be a hero. But you never promised I woul...
  • phoenix
  • lgbtq
  • bxb
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When They Call My Name → A•B ♪ Sequel to 'The Outsider'  by hannahfangirl26
When They Call My Name → A•B ♪ Mattress Queen
•COMPLETED• || Song from the album #VALE out now!|| #3 in the #VALE series! ||READ 'THE OUTSIDER' BEFORE YOU READ THIS!|| Humans and Demons are supposed to be enemies...
  • christiancoma
  • jakepitts
  • ashleypurdy
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*Athazagoraphobia by ashleypurdy666
*Athazagoraphobiaby Rayne Purdy
Black Veil Brides, the band had made a total of seven albums together and met thousands of fans while touring the world. That life was over. Fourty-five years after the...
  • wtfiswrongwithme
  • bvb
  • jinxxferguson
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