Ice Cream Cat (Neko reader X Neo) [Completed] by FlamingSea52
Ice Cream Cat (Neko reader X Neo)... by 🔥⚔️🔥
It was another beautiful day outside. It always feels so good laying on top of buildings with the sun shining on me. I start to doze off from how relaxing it is. Just be...
  • ruby
  • action
  • vale
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The Odyssey || Batman/Bruce Wayne by -Liberace-
The Odyssey || Batman/Bruce Wayne by mood(y).
~Ø~ When an old friend Elizabeth Jefferson resurfaces in Gotham the same night that three of Gotham's most notorious mob bosses are pursued by a mysterious woman and sud...
  • odyssey
  • bruce
  • bwwm
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That Bad Boy by DefinitelySalvatore
That Bad Boy by Sydney
*Spinoff of Slipping Through My Fingers* Sienna Dawson couldn't be any more excited to be moving off to college with her two best friends and golden boyfriend. Close wit...
  • home
  • revelation
  • stanwell
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Definitely Weird- Teen! Cecilos by neatvale
Definitely Weird- Teen! Cecilos by max
TW: Bullying, mentions of abuse A teen! Cecilos AU with a LOT of angst and fluff. Please read, I work super hard to make these the best quality I can!
  • boyxboy
  • cecilos
  • nightvale
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RWBY x Reader (+18) by Sky_Waffle_2
RWBY x Reader (+18) by Sky_Waffle_2
In the world of Remnant, which is partly inhabited with supernatural forces and shadowy creatures known as the Grimm, advanced technologies have built kingdoms on their...
  • weissschnee
  • rubyrose
  • vale
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The Outsider 》A.B by hannahfangirl26
The Outsider 》A.B by Hannah Grace🖤🐇
||-COMPLETED-|| They see him as a scary tattooed man. The wild hair that flies with the wind. The ice blue eyes that looks into your soul. I see him as a very loving m...
  • vale
  • wattys2017
  • andybiersack
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Ricki la mia droga😍😍 by ricki_is_my_life
Ricki la mia droga😍😍 by Valentina Ganau
Valentina ed una ragazza semplice che si innamora del suo idolo che secondo lei e perfetto
  • mikebird
  • vale
  • rickiladroga
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When They Call My Name → A•B ♪ Sequel to 'The Outsider'  by hannahfangirl26
When They Call My Name → A•B ♪ Seq... by Hannah Grace🖤🐇
|| Song from the album #VALE coming soon!|| ||READ 'THE OUTSIDER' BEFORE YOU READ THIS!|| Humans and Demons are supposed to be enemies, No romance and definitely No chi...
  • blackveilbrides
  • ashleypurdy
  • andyblack
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Cecilos, a welcome to night vale Fanfic by MoonFyre
Cecilos, a welcome to night vale F... by Seraph
Basically fluffy teen!cecilos that hopefully will suffocate you. /ps Cecil looks like the cover/ Carlos moves in next door from a different state and Cecil's a bi...
  • teen
  • completed
  • love
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My Vow → A•B  by hannahfangirl26
My Vow → A•B by Hannah Grace🖤🐇
||-Completed-|| Story based from the new BVB5 song 'My Vow' #VALE. Read my other book based on #VALE songs "The Outsider" VOW /Vow/ Noun a solemn promise C...
  • blackveilbrides
  • bvb
  • fanfiction
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Halloween Night! (Anime Crossover!) by MissMikunaChan
Halloween Night! (Anime Crossover!) by Shou-Chan's girlfriend(Mikuna)
Yei, Tsukiko, Jessica and Mikuna was preparing for Halloween while their other friends are waiting for the right moment to surprise them, each of them plan to spend the...
  • trigger
  • vanguard
  • quartetnight
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Qrow x Winter Maiden Reader  by Ashley_FU05
Qrow x Winter Maiden Reader by Ashley
Some qrow x reader, sorry if use my OC name instead you can change it into your oc that's okay, so bad I made this because I love him like so much 😝😝 I JUST WANNA FANG...
  • beacon
  • xreader
  • qrow
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Valekit's Prophecy (My Story of Warriors. by Erin Hunter) by Frosting-Sama
Valekit's Prophecy (My Story of Wa... by Frosting-Sama
One curious kit. Four ferocious clans. This kit will change everything. and become possibly the bravest warrior ever
  • clans
  • vale
  • cute
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Holidays in Night Vale [Welcome to Night Vale] by fandoms_unite221
Holidays in Night Vale [Welcome to... by Professional Fangirl
Cecil and Carlos enjoy their holidays together in Night Vale, but what happens when the weather changes drastically, and it starts to snow in their desert community?
  • cecilpalmer
  • welcometonightvale
  • nightvale
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Vale // 5Sos by HannalyK
Vale // 5Sos by Chännäly
"Kõik minu elus on vale" On üks Tüdruk,kes põgeneb isa abiga ühe mehe käest.Neiu on kogu elu põgenenud ja ei anna alla. Kuid mis saab siis kui neiu otsustab mi...
  • fanfiction
  • 5sos
  • vale
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Outcasts (RWBY character X Male reader) by deadgamer427
Outcasts (RWBY character X Male re... by Deadgamer427
Corvo has sent you F/N on a mission to the city of Vale to rid it of it's corruption by any means. When you arrive you are sent by Samuel to a old friend of his which wo...
  • fanfiction
  • ozpin
  • reader
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I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore {wtnv/supernatural} by darcywriting
I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anym... by Darch
"Sam, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." "Yeah, you think?"
  • wtnv
  • destiel
  • nightvale
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The Last Phoenix- Book 1 of the Kingdom Animalia Series by McKerrod1
The Last Phoenix- Book 1 of the Ki... by McKerrod
Shapeshifting has always been around us but we've chosen to remain ignorant to the signs we've been left with. But in reality, it has thrived not below us but within us...
  • wolverine
  • vale
  • chetanlandrum
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Welcome to Night Vale: The Intern Games by RappyTheDinosaur
Welcome to Night Vale: The Intern... by Gracie Lutz
"Welcome to Night Vale: A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep...
  • writer
  • author
  • welcome
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Vale Rebels (Star wars Rebels/RWBY) by Eternal-Flame-
Vale Rebels (Star wars Rebels/RWBY) by Formally Riven_Paw
Sequel to: Team RWBY.........Rebels?! (Star Wars rebels and RWBY) The rebels are back! And this time they accidentally get sucked into team RWBY's dimension. But it's n...
  • crossover
  • book2
  • wars
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