Listen Lucky  by artemismischief
Listen Lucky by JJ Teen Fiction
Life has been pretty normal for Malia Reid for the past two years. She gets good grades, has nice friends, and most importantly: she stays out of trouble. Enter new boy...
2p!America x Reader-Positive by Dina-soar
2p!America x Reader-Positive by Mexico Fanfiction
You were always confident and never afraid to stand up for yourself. That's how you him. Allen. A connection was instantly made and by the end of Junior summer, the two...
RAGING HEAT (Italian Billionaire) by Saffire97
RAGING HEAT (Italian Billionaire) by _saffire.97_ ChickLit
Nicole Wilson was only 19 years old working in a diner trying to help her mom with financial expenses when she met Mr.Ravellino the world known ruthless Italian Billiona...
S.O.S: PLAYBOY!  by kindnessxkarma
S.O.S: PLAYBOY! by -S ChickLit
Scarlett Elle Carter is the common 17 years old girl of all wattpad books, sarcastic, funny, smart, unpopular, and ridiculously pretty. Liam Matthew Finnegan is the com...
Ask the U.S.A's Civil War by xXFallenHeroXx
Ask the U.S.A's Civil War by xXFallenHeroXx Random
Border: Hey guys! This is an ask book run by xXFallenHeroXx but it'll be hosted by me! Anyways ask me, Union, or Confederacy anything!! Union: Why are we doing this? We...
Weird Founding Father Facts by FlyUnitedMEME
Weird Founding Father Facts by Morgan Hart Humor
These are some weeeird stuff. Irrational rules, strange things, stupid funny actions, etc. Hope this makes you laugh.
The Next Morning |HS| by _Harrybae_
The Next Morning |HS| by CHERRY B |HS Fics| Fanfiction
¡Se había despertado casada con un atractivo desconocido!... »Historia Adaptada.
The new girl  by _ZachSeavey_
The new girl by _ZachSeavey_ Fanfiction
A WDW fanfic Kloe Is the new girl on the street and she meets these 5 boys and let's just say they get really close
Right Infront of Me (Nick Jonas + Demi Lovato fanfic) by LovcheleStyles
Right Infront of Me (Nick Jonas +... by Leila Fanfiction
Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. How does one of Hollywood's most well-known and well-loved friendships fare when the parties involved start to develop romantic feelings for...
Her by ppkdademi
Her by ppkdademi Fanfiction
Jenny meets Demi in a very unusual way, with that they can fall in love or love is the thing that will tear both apart. (Demi Lovato GirlxGirl fanfic)
Hamilton Lyrics by Diamantin4
Hamilton Lyrics by Diamantin4 Random
All the lyrics will be here. All his songs were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and interpreted by him and the rest of the cast, whom will be treated at the end of this be...
And Then There Was You  by pennydaze
Ja, Bohaterem? by patrycja_lesniak
Ja, Bohaterem? by patrycja_lesniak Fanfiction
"-Dlaczego uważasz mnie za tak złego?- zapytał, a kilka kropli krwi spadło na jego białą koszule. -Bo dowodzisz mafią - odpowiedziałam z kpiną w głosie, zaczy...
You're my Lifesaver by fifi_and_lulu
You're my Lifesaver by Janis Sofie & Luisa Teen Fiction
"Sie bemerkte nicht, dass ich sie ansah, wie sie da saß. Fast schon zu nah an der Kante. Ich glaube sie brauchte diese Art von Gefahr, von Bedrohung. Sie wusste sie...
Assassin's Creed- Sadness by Lady_of_Light
Assassin's Creed- Sadness by Civil-War Fanfiction
Pozostał nam smutek. To on trzyma przy życiu niektórych. Jest i cisza, a w ciszy płacz. Lub krzyk. Oba przeraźliwe. Orły paryskie i krzyże ameryki, zjednoczą się po raz...
Home by OMTRobbie
Home by Olivia Romance
Luke and Joelle have been through everything together. They were the couple that was never meant to be. Now, Luke comes back from the army after four years, to see that...
My Family (RagLak) by astra07
My Family (RagLak) by astra07 Fanfiction
The story about a family and a bubbly girl in that family. She loves her family and she can do anything for them. Because, her family is everything to her. Before marri...
Truth Behind America by Mandygirl1497
Truth Behind America by Decker Queen Mandy Fanfiction
What if America was just pretending to be a hero? Not good at this please enjoy.
You've Changed by FanFicChic
You've Changed by FanFicChic Fanfiction
He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...
Yudhi [# A Love Story] by satwri
Yudhi [# A Love Story] by Satwri General Fiction
Highest Rank : 30 "Nooo! You are not taking care of me. I am done with you. You won. You don't love me. Our bet is over. I am leaving tomorrow and will never bother...