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Broken Limitations- 2016 @BrigadeReads Winner for Science Fiction Hobbies & Interest- TV Video Games Music (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)
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Kait Nolan is stuck in an office all day, sometimes juggling all three of her jobs at once with the skill of a trained bear—sometimes with a similar temperament. After hours, she uses her powers for good, creating escapist fiction. This Mississippi native has something for everyone, from short and sweet to Southern contemporary romance to action-packed paranormal—all featuring heroes you’d want to sweep you off your feet and rescue you from work-day drudgery. When not working or writing, Kait’s hanging out in her kitchen cooking and wishing life were a Broadway musical. Her books are available on: Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Kait-Nolan/e/B003EAMCMM/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1375459886&sr=8-1 BN: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/kait-nolan Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/kaitnolan Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/Search?query=Kait%20Nolan&fcsearchfield=Author Sony: https://ebookstore.sony.com/author/kait-nolan_159993 iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/kait-nolan/id365796850?mt=11 A passionate believer in helping others, she has founded a writing challenge designed for people who have a life (aka we NaNoWriMo rejects who can’t give everything up for the month of November). Please check out A Round of Words in 80 Days. http://aroundofwordsin80days.wordpress.com WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR CRAFT? Check out these books: http://kaitnolan.com/favorite-books-on-writing/
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- Metal Hörer - X-Box 360 und One Spieler - Comic Narr - Plastikrocker
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Greetings. I am Marianne G. Petrino. I have self-published Thundercats fan fiction for many years. My web page had all of my work to date. Sadly, in recent years, I have neglected it while I attempted to carve out a place for myself with more formal self-publishing, which began with the National Novel Writing Month of 2010. So on August 19, 2015, I took the web page down. Maybe I will put it all up here or on the archive for the Organization for Transformative Works. Still pondering my next move with the Thundercats fan fiction. Before my "career" as an "author" came to a whimpering end, I had self-published two urban metaphysical, chick lit novels with an Italian twist, one travel memoir, and a young adult equine science fantasy. This last book only had a short sale run. I am putting it up here on Wattpad, so that more people can enjoy it, because I think it is my best book, and it might also do some good. ) If you enjoy my story, Silver Hooves in the Darkness, please consider making a donation to combat Fragile X, an inherited disease. You can check out the National Fragile X Foundation ( http://www.fragilex.org/ ) and Fraxa ( http://www.fraxa.org/ ). Thank you in advance for your consideration and kindness. I continue to be involved with the SF Microstory contest on LinkedIn. That group has published an anthology of flash fiction called The Future Is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash. Volume 2 has just come out. Both are available at the usual online sources. You might be inspired to join the fun. I intend to post some of my entries that are not in the anthology. My writing style tends to be formal and in third person, not a popular combination these days. However, I like to think that I tell a good tale. So I hope you will consider taking a journey in reading with me. Thank you.
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I'm a 30-something lover of all things paranormal, urban fantasy and sci-fi. When I'm not busy writing or crafting something in my workshop, I can be found reading, playing video games or binge watching tv shows with the hubby. Procrastinating perfectionist. Sarcastic geek. Obsessive dreamer. INFP. - - - - - - - Beckoning is my first attempt at turning some of my otherworldly dreams into reality. It was first published on Wattpad on 3/22/15. Accomplishments for Beckoning: * Rambling Brooks - RB Wordsmiths Award - May 2016 * Round 1 Winner & Round 2 'Popular Choice' Winner in RBLS Season 2 * Highest rank of 2015: #49 in Paranormal on 6/7/15 * Highest rank of 2016: #75 in Paranormal on 7/2/16 * 1K reads: 5/2015 * 5K Reads: 6/2016 - - - - - - -
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Abigail McIntosh started writing at the young age of 10, but her stories were nothing but incoherent scribbles. Now, years later, and much more experienced in her writing, she writes to escape the world and to put her dreams and her desire for adventure unto paper. Without this, she would surely go crazy. Currently writing: Blood Moon {Olivia Thorn | 2} Finished Blood Promise {Olivia Thorn | 1} On Hold (To be picked up after the Olivia Thorn series) The Amateur Detective The Pirates Curse The Time Travellers Adventures Coming Soon: {Olivia Thorn Series} (Beginning of 2017) - Blood Rites -Blood Pact -Blood Falls -Blood Finale {Maya Hall Series} (Olivia Thorn Spin off) (End of 2016) -Insight -Impulsion -Initiative -Incognito -Indestructible
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Urban dweller. Lover of Bioware games and coffee.
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Daniel José Older is the New York Times bestselling author of Salsa Nocturna, the Bone Street Rumba urban fantasy series from Penguin's Roc Books and the Young Adult novel Shadowshaper (Scholastic, 2015), a New York Times Notable Book of 2015, which was shortlisted for the Kirkus Prize in Young Readers' Literature, the Andre Norton Award, the Locus, the Mythopoeic Award, the International Latino Book Award, and named one of Esquire's 80 Books Every Person Should Read. He co-edited the Locus and World Fantasy nominated anthology Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History. His short stories and essays have appeared in the Guardian, NPR, Tor.com, Salon, BuzzFeed, and the anthologies The Fire This Time and Mothership: Tales Of Afrofuturism And Beyond, among others. Daniel has guest edited at Fireside Fiction, Catapult, Crossed Genres, and Fantasy Magazine, and served as a judge for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the Burt Award for Young Adult Caribbean Literature, and the PEN American Award. He has taught at St. Johns University, Voices at VONA, Boricua College, and Rikers Island among other sites. You can find his thoughts on writing, read dispatches from his decade-long career as an NYC paramedic and hear his music at http://danieljoseolder.net/, on youtube and @djolder on twitter. SALSA NOCTURNA: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KKDAI3K BONE STREET RUMBA: http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/316711/midnight-taxi-tango-by-daniel-jose-older/ SHADOWSHAPER: http://ghoststar.net/blog/shadowshaper I also teach writing on Skillshare: http://skl.sh/1UDuPU0
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Some campaigns to check out: #notallareheroes #diverselit #badassreads #breakthecliches #freeyourbody #vampireswithbite an admin of @VampswithBite Moving on ... Marian. Canadian. I have a B.A. in Linguistics. No this doesn't mean I'm a polyglot but I do have some knowledge of language and languages and how they work. This also doesn't mean I'm a prescriptivist grammar nazi. Feel free to ask me something if you want to take this in university. I've taught English in Russia for a short time. Mind you that teaching English as a foreign language is different than English taught in high school/secondary education (bit more focus on the skills than analyzing literature). Don't be surprised if I question the use of something if I read your story. I don't do exchanges (read for reads, edits for edits) or requests. If you're interested in what I've put out that's awesome. If I like what you do I'll take a peek. I may break away from this when I have the time but I don't have any at the moment.
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If you're here to read, you should know that I'm currently writing urban fantasy, or romantic fantasy (which may be m/m or f/f romance). On me personally: I am a twenty something Aussie who is a recent uni grad, I have a day job that you probably don't want to hear about, and seriously impacts my writing time. If you do want to know more, you can stalk me elsewhere. Complete longer works Downworld is a LGBTQ+/MOGAI urban/paranormal fantasy novel that follows Jay, an angry, lost incubus trying to survive. Along the way he might fall in love and change the world. For better or worse is a different question. Complete Fantasy Short Stories - Did you take your medicine? - Crime After Death - My Parents' Gifts - Shadow People