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Just some Wattpad Shawty from Tulsa Ok ❤️ Your favorite Author and Publisher. Forever Growing and Glo'ing Check out A'Shanti Presents on Instagram MissAshantiPub Nothing but Love, Peace, and Harmo...
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♍.💕 (order of stories) ... | Mine, Still Mine, Claimed Mine, Mine Too | Piece of Love, What is love | Mistaken, Worthy, (Crazed + Hurtful), then Pure | Existing, Living, (Always)
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Averi Garner from Shreveport, LA. 20 years old. I write for fun. I am not professional. I do NOT MAKE COVERS. Twitter: @BadGirlAves Snapchat: @AveriStarrea Instagram: @BadGirlAves
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Wattpad is a place for me to escape reality.....
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"Keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit" -Erykah Badu ORDER OF TAVI & SHAYNE SERIES: Worst Behavior Doing It Wrong Furthest Thing Nothing Was The Same ask.fm...
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SCHEDULED UPDATES; Pay Me In Tears - Friday's Forever Type Of Love - On Hold.
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Wassup with it? My name is Ki'nijah DeGrate Okay say It with Me Now (Key -Ny - Jahh) A little ghetto? no its Unique like Elijah with A K, in front of it. ...Every kiss begins with K...no Idek. My las...
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"Write for yourself, not an audience."
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21 | ♑ ⚠️ I am NOT taking any reading requests at the moment.. Please don't post story links on my page, message me instead. Don't pretend you love or read my work just to ask me to read your story...