Deception (Student/Teacher) by xImmortality
Deception (Student/Teacher) by kay Romance
Elodie Marie, seventeen, is in love with her English teacher. It is as simple as puppy love can get, one would assume. Instead, it is not puppy love, nor is it any kind...
This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Claws by Rae Ann Werewolf
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
Unstable Heart [Yandere!Male x Fem!Reader] by traditionalkorean
Unstable Heart [Yandere!Male x Fem... by ρσιѕσи Fanfiction
Unstable. That's how people described him. He was a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. Maybe if you hadn't noticed him, you would still be alive.
Unstable [Pokémon Fanfic] (Complete!) by KairahT
Unstable [Pokémon Fanfic] (Complet... by Pokemon Trainer Kyrati Fanfiction
"Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. Thanks to its unstable genetic makeup, this special Pokémon conceals many different possible evolutions." Funny, because an Eeve...
Unstable (Slim Jimmy) by Slim_Jimmi
Unstable (Slim Jimmy) by Slim Paranormal
He may seem sweet But in the inside he's a nightmare He may seem normal But inside he's a mess He may seem perfect But inside he's Dangerous He may seem harmless But rea...
Troubled sister  by thenightshift_1
Troubled sister by thenightshift_1 Fanfiction
Hailey Alister is 15 years old. Her brother is drew Alister, one of the doctors during the night shift. Hailey has been through a lot and it just keeps getting worse.
The Words Inside My Head by lgbtqueen15
The Words Inside My Head by Lgbtqueen15 Poetry
All poems that I've created
I Just Want You To Know by ambrosesus
I Just Want You To Know by Hannah Fanfiction
Becky Lynch gets noticed by a lunatic. After that, he starts to appear in random places for her. She doesn't realize, but he really likes her and think she is the best w...
Mentally Unstable by TheyAdoreManiii
Mentally Unstable by TheyAdoreManiii Mystery / Thriller
"She told me to kill it...it's her fault" I mumbled to my mother as I held the blue lifeless bird in my hand seeing the blood drip from its body onto my flowy...
UNSTABLE BABYGIRL by AngelDolanfovere
UNSTABLE BABYGIRL by Justin Biebers wifey Fanfiction
Mila Harold was a unstable girl looking for a Daddy since her past daddy werent really the Mr. Right. Jason was the most important Alpha since he was a McCann. in the pa...
Unpredictable (Pokémon Fanfic) by KairahT
Unpredictable (Pokémon Fanfic) by Pokemon Trainer Kyrati Fanfiction
"Espeon, the Sun Pokémon. Its fur is so sensitive, it can feel minute shifts in the air and predict the weather... and its foes' thoughts." I don't really care...
Preloved by myloveforwords
Preloved by Cherryseason@7 Romance
'This is my house; I can do whatever I want' His arrogance had no limits. 'You are right, but this is my house too. That means I can do whatever I want to do and you ca...
bittersweet.|interracial∞ by imperfect_spiral
bittersweet.|interracial∞ by king fäteē Romance
How could my worst enemy be the love of my life? ----- This is the story of a very dysfunctional couple. There will be abuse, slight inappropriate language, and sad mome...
She Doesn't Care . (Being Edited) by SarahJay
She Doesn't Care . (Being Edited) by Jay General Fiction
Follow the story of a girl named McKenzie during her high school experience, re-told years later, when she’s asked to explain her adolescence. McKenzie wasn’t such...
The Paedophile by caitlinvarley28
The Paedophile by caitlinvarley28 Short Story
Katie finds herself being followed by a mysterious figure, who does mysterious things around and to her. But will Katie put two-and-two-together to unlock the clues and...
One Step Closer {Damon Salvatore} by dragonrain618
One Step Closer {Damon Salvatore} by dragonrain618 Vampire
Jordyn Andrews is on the run from an Original and her own blood filled past. Little did she know that a split second decision to pass through the small town of Mystic Fa...
☹ Schizophreniac☺ by ImaginemoreDragons
☹ Schizophreniac☺ by ☺Donnie Darko ☹ Horror
He doesn't know anywhere to hide , and the voices are tearing him apart inside. There's voices in James' head. But the voices aren't his. Someone needs to save him. Fr...
bonnie's book of bullshit ☓ rants, tags, etc. by witchybennett
bonnie's book of bullshit ☓ rants... by ˗ˏˋ mack ˎˊ˗ Random