Male Spartan Reader x RWBY by Martian720
Male Spartan Reader x RWBY by Martian720 Fanfiction
An unnamed UNSC frigate entered slipspace to escape a Covenant super carrier while above a Forerunner Shield world. Unfortunately, the frigate had an improperly set slip...
UNSC Marine Reader x rwby by SpartanII25
UNSC Marine Reader x rwby by Spartan II commando Fanfiction
Now after the long three decade war with the covenant was over the UNSC marine commander (y/n) and the whole crew of the UNSC prototype frigate Spirit of Hope are now s...
UNSC File#29145: Overwatch by Commander_Knight145
UNSC File#29145: Overwatch by Gipsy Danger Fanfiction
After the initial setback of Cortana's return, her affect caused Captain Lasky of the UNSC Infinity to order any on board ship AI to enact Cole Protocol. As AI Hera init...
Halo: Deathsquads by chris_hartley
Halo: Deathsquads by Mike Munroe Fanfiction
A battle hardened ODST veteran recalls his career against the Insurrection and the alien race now known as the Covenant
Halo: Twisting Fate (Arbiter x Human)  by SarahLyn198
Halo: Twisting Fate (Arbiter x Hum... by Sangheili Queen Fanfiction
(Side note: this is a Halo fan story and will not follow the lore at all.) After tragedy strikes Bria's family, she is determined to strike back and get her revenge on a...
Red Vs Blue x Ocs by thepurplenightfury14
Red Vs Blue x Ocs by TPNF Fanfiction
before the war between the human and covenant, there was a advanced training facility. the facility trained certain groups of people, like people whos skills and physica...
Halo: Confession by Eagle-plus-Bunny
Halo: Confession by Fluffy Bunny Fanfiction
This is a story about John coming back home and attempting to admit his feelings to his love Kelly. Unfortunately for him he gets a growing crowd and has a few unexpecte...
Halo: A Dance of Destroyers *SHORT STORY* by chris_hartley
Halo: A Dance of Destroyers *SHORT... by Mike Munroe Fanfiction
A short story about a high stakes battle between a UNSC Destroyer and a Covenant Corvette. *NON CANON* This is also my entry for the October 2017 Sci-fi/Adventure writin...
Halo: Cortana by Eagle-plus-Bunny
Halo: Cortana by Fluffy Bunny Fanfiction
After the events of Halo 4 and the death of Cortana, the legendary Spartan Master Chief is reunited with Blue Team. But something isn't right with John, he is lost and c...
Halo RP  by Antebellum96
Halo RP by Antebellum Random
An RP that involves around the Halo franchise! Can be group or individual.
The Invaders Must Die by Spoofy
The Invaders Must Die by Shane Science Fiction
By the year 2015 humans have developed practical means of interstellar travel, but as they expand further out into the Milky Way, they disturb a previously unknown race...
ODST strealth squad by king_of_masons
ODST strealth squad by king_of_masons Science Fiction
A group of ODSTs(orbital drop shock troopers) are sent on a secretive mission to the surface of a forerunner ring world to take down a convenient VIP. With only six days...
Into the Darkness of Hell (Halo Fan Fiction) by ADLyman
Into the Darkness of Hell (Halo Fa... by ADLyman Fanfiction
As a marine for the UNSC you have to deal with ammounts of things. Covies, Spartans, ODSTs, and an uncharted planet infested with blood thirsty and intelligant species o...
Halo: Contact Harvest by Spartan_Steele
Halo: Contact Harvest by Spartan Steele 118 Action
This is how it began... It is the year 2524. Harvest is a peaceful, prosperous farming colony on the very edge of human-controlled space. But we have trespassed on holy...
Halo: Nightmare by Eagle-plus-Bunny
Halo: Nightmare by Fluffy Bunny Fanfiction
This is my first attempt at writing a love story between two Spartans. It is about John-117 (A.K.A. Master Chief) and Kelly-087. Hey guys! This story is going to be rewo...
Fire team Zulu, Mayday. (Halo x RWBY) by SterlingDowall
Fire team Zulu, Mayday. (Halo x RW... by Sterling Dowall Fanfiction
Hey guys, thanks for wanting to read this halo/RWBY Crossover story, Quick Disclaimer; I do not own RWBY I do not Own Halo or it's canon Characters I do not Own an...