Halo RP [closed] by Greatest_Sangheili
Halo RP [closed]by Monster Queen
Come and RP with MEH and you can be any species you want but NO OP CHARACTERS. Well I have a bunch of RPers right now so whenever one of them stops then I'll accept one...
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Halo-Overwatch Crossover by Halo-LinnuxOnyx
Halo-Overwatch Crossoverby Q3_Halo-LinnuxOnyx
Your are a Orbital Drop Shock Trooper AKA ODST. You were on a mission to fight some Covenant remnant faction to recover a Forerunner Artefact that ONI (Office Of Naval I...
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Halo: Renegade Threat by Dabeasthalofan6
Halo: Renegade Threatby Niles Villaverde
*Please note this is a fan fiction* Takes place 2552. A prequel to Halo: Path of Verdict series. The Renegade threat: One of the most feared Spartan team aside from the...
  • sciencefiction
  • oni
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The Lost Reclaimer by Killer-is-boss
The Lost Reclaimerby Killer Games
This is just a free write with halo and any thing i fell like adding in like devils, Gods, and monsters and stuff like that. XD hope you enjoy! Warning: there is bad la...
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Have you ever wondered about all the other Spartans III's that died on Reach apart from Noble Team? You ever wondered what they did? This story won't have any thing to d...
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The Spartans Journey by Nateryan48
The Spartans Journeyby Nathen James Ryan
This is something I don't see much of so I thought I'd do it. After the Human Covenant war The remaining forces had a time of peace and went on with trying to rebuild th...
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HALO RP  [Open] by D1D4CT
HALO RP [Open]by D1D4CT
Halo RP, exactly as the name says, and yes, you can play as an Elite.
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The infection by robbiewazup
The infectionby robbiewazup
[WARNING] you are attempting to access files unsuitable for viewers under the security clearance code of 1
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Halo: demigods by DebateforOlympus92
Halo: demigodsby Alfie Robertson
Percy is commander of the UNSC Spartan program, what happens when he goes back to earth?
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  • camphalfblood
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Helljumpers Don't Come Back by Demonblade1138
Helljumpers Don't Come Backby JohnHaloMasterChef
Spartans never die. But Helljumpers know they won't come back and drop in anyways. This is the life of a simple boy turned hardened Helljumper. Killing covies is just p...
  • covenant
  • war
  • outerspace
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The Halo 6 Collection by DarlingMeepMeep
The Halo 6 Collectionby DarlingMeepMeep
For us unfortunate souls who pull their hair out, trying to figure out where in the galaxy 343 is taking the Halo storyline, and tired of waiting for them to figure it o...
  • masterchief
  • cortana
  • guardians
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Unusual bonds in the dark streets  by Jarek2011
Unusual bonds in the dark streets by Jarek2011
Takes place during halo 2 and halo ODST. Join Jason and his... new friends in their adventure to hopefully survive in the dark streets of New Mombasa.
  • covenant
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Halo 5: Guardians (Retold) by ethanfajardo59
Halo 5: Guardians (Retold)by Jesse Ethan Fajardo
Halo 5... a disappointment of a story (solid game-play though). Now my newest project in the works will give you a new look on Halo 5's story. Check out the Trailer THE...
  • covenant
  • halo
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Mission Objective: Christmas? by DarlingMeepMeep
Mission Objective: Christmas?by DarlingMeepMeep
It's that time of year again, Christmas! There's a slight problem though, Rosetta's squad-mates like to be on mission during these weeks. Even, her squad-leader has been...
  • john-117
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  • rosetta-k022
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WarBorn  by casiorollo
WarBorn by ONI beta 5
Date: December 27th, 2531 Designation: Spartan III program. Mission: initiate training of alpha company, make more Spartan super soldiers to buy time against the covenan...
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Random Requests! by Eagle-plus-Bunny
Random Requests!by Fluffy Bunny
So I have decided to make a book for random requests! This will be where all random requests will be stored of they don't fit anywhere else :D You can also just request...
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Halo: Unite, Fight, Die  by Pitum5
Halo: Unite, Fight, Die by Pitum5
-The Halo universe is not mine- A sangheili and human survive a prison ship's crash. They must learn to coexist or perish on the planet they and other less friendlies ar...
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