Angel of the Galaxies (Army of Chaos and Order) by CSP2708
Angel of the Galaxies (Army of Cha...by Natalia S. A. Peterson
Percy Jackson Fanfiction (Books) Betrayed. Forgotten. Thrown away like unwanted garbage. That's exactly how Percy Jackson felt when a new camper, Damian Parker, shows up...
  • camphalfblood
  • war
  • love
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m.yg || You're Ugly by quakefruit
m.yg || You're Uglyby 스가
Kim Eunmin. Kim Namjoon's younger sister that's starting her second year of college with her brother now. Meeting a very different neighbor, Min Yoongi. You'll see I ha...
  • bts
  • ff
  • theyre
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The Returning Legend by Arcticwolf22
The Returning Legendby Arcticwolf22
Everything was going perfectly after the war was over. However, one day, when a son of Morpheus came to camp, Percy's perfect world started to crumble. He was once known...
  • annabeth
  • chaos
  • greek
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TomTord Oneshots by MadisonCianciarulo
TomTord Oneshotsby Just call me Dark
(Mostly TordTom, to be honest, since Tord is mostly the top in these) Heyo everyone. I was bored and have to wait to make another story, so I thought 'you know what? I'm...
  • eddsworld
  • tordtom
  • universe
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Undertale AU Oneshots! by UndertaleKyannaKitty
Undertale AU Oneshots!by Kyanna
Requests open! Some things to know! -no lemons WHATSOEVER -don't be mad if I ask you to explain a bit about the character, I don't know much about how they act exactly ...
  • reader
  • underswap
  • fanfiction
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black hearts; kai parker by hewnandstone
black hearts; kai parkerby nermallionaire
Previously known as 'Diabolical' Warning; sexual content ahead! A troubled man burdened by his family's neglect seeks his revenge for the abundance of pain they had affl...
  • completed
  • universe
  • werewolf
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Voltron: Legendary Defender (Various x Reader!) by Rumatyy
Voltron: Legendary Defender (Vario...by ★Melissa★
This show is great, I highly recommend you watch it if you haven't already! If you'd like, you can request! I personally loved this show and here I am again, currently w...
  • scifi
  • lance
  • keith
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skinny || h.s. au by LovelyLena7
skinny || h.s. auby Lena xx
"All I ever wanted was to be skinny." #191 in Fanfiction
  • alternate
  • anorexia
  • wattys2016
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The Betrayed Prince |Percy Jackson Fanfic| by TheSecretiveAngel
The Betrayed Prince |Percy Jackson...by ♛ l e a n n e l a x a ♛
A/N: I do not own anything except for the things I made, all belongs to Rick Riordan. I know, I know. It's not the most original story. But...You know what? I'll do the...
  • universe
  • heir
  • chaos
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Ardent by Alva_Eriksson
Ardentby Alva Eriksson
Separated by the expanse of deep space, two beings share an intense and undeniable connection. Together they will reveal a secret so great that it holds the key to the s...
  • spacetravel
  • heroine
  • lovestory
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stardust | poetry by latejune
stardust | poetryby りム尺レノ刀ム
i'm obsessed with your voice drunk on your laugh high on the way you flip your hair over your shoulder i think i fell in love with the brokenness that pierced my skin...
  • sadness
  • freethelgbt
  • poems
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PERCY JACKSON,MY PAST[COMPLETE](#YourStoryIndia)(#Watty2017)(#bluebirdaward2017) by bookbreath
Well getting betrayed and then becoming mortal was not in Percy's bucket list . But it happened. And it was horrible. But then again he started his life as mortal and be...
  • nico
  • annabeth
  • meet
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One Hell of a Master by PandoraButler
One Hell of a Masterby Death Herself
Black Butler AU What if the roles were switched? What if Ciel was actually the servant and Sebastian the master? How would it turn out?
  • kuroshitsuji
  • crossover
  • universe
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love again [z.m au] by -heyari
love again [z.m au]by a r i
Being a single mother is not easy. Especially when you start at the age of 18. Every guy would run away the minute they find out she has a daughter. Until, she meets so...
  • alternate
  • romance
  • malik
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Rainbow Lights // Jack Avery A.U. by tinymar
Rainbow Lights // Jack Avery A.U.by Mar
When Octavia Blossom was born she was given half of a circle shaped locket with certain grooves and edges that fit perfectly with someone else's. On the outer edge of th...
  • besson
  • jack
  • whydontwe
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The Bilayer Of Existing | ✓ by yuenwrites
The Bilayer Of Existing | ✓by yuen
[ Completed 29 Sep 2017 ] The creation, the preservation, and the destruction. Copyright ©2017 by yuenwrites All rights reserved
  • art
  • happy
  • heart
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Preacher's Daughter/dob au by -voidskywalker
Preacher's Daughter/dob auby sleepy bby
"I've loved you for five years, and I don't think I could ever stop, and I don't think I want to." [dylan o'brien au] [book one in the flower series]
  • âu
  • fiction
  • teen
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Titans by shayebay
Titansby ⚜ 𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔶𝔢 ⚜
"What was it like to witness the creation of the universe?" "Terrifying." When Atara, Merc, Cal and Lilith wake to darkness, they're each more than a...
  • adventure
  • beginning
  • time
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A Dance- Voltron: LD; ShiroxPidge by ari-ridrake
A Dance- Voltron: LD; ShiroxPidgeby ri-ri
AU! Katie "Pidge" Holt has lost both her father and he brother, leaving her with her unstable mother. She's extremely tom-boyish and intelligent- not the type...
  • green
  • lion
  • shiro
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Rise Only to Fall (Thor: Ragnarok) by StrangeLittleWorld
Rise Only to Fall (Thor: Ragnarok)by Aria
!!UNDER MAJOR EDITING!! She was there when Hela was born. She was there during the wars they waged together. She was there when Odin banished Hela and she was there when...
  • lokilaufeyson
  • ragnarok
  • odin
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