Serilda by Richa_resa
Serilda by Resa Ricah General Fiction
She never came first. She was always the second. She never got that love. She didn't taste the happiness. She was always the last resort. And in the end, it broke her. ...
THE MISTRESS by lovetastic109
THE MISTRESS by nialls girl Romance
Anna has recently gotten married to chad. it felt as if they were unbreakable until Anna starts to grow suspicious of chad coming home late regularly, and the secret pho...
Enough is Enough by Lilbabytori
Enough is Enough by Lilbabytori Romance
Trinity has been in a engaged for 3 years holding down the same man that promised to never hurt her. Going through so much with the same guy but has Trinity finally had...
The Cheater by krazy_gurl
The Cheater by krazy_gurl Romance
Cynthia Mallory lives a happy life. She has a perfect husband, a teenage daughter who she has an unbreakable bond with, nothing could be wrong. Except for one thing: ...
When Dawn Breaks...Wrath Of A Woman by komaat
When Dawn Breaks...Wrath Of A Woman by komaat ChickLit
They say a mistake repeated more than once is a choice... Travis Kendall made his choice the moment he decided what a fine idea it was to fall into bed with his wife's b...
Unfaithful: Odell Beckham Jr. by odellswife
Unfaithful: Odell Beckham Jr. by ... Fanfiction
Let's just say, cheating is a dangerous game. *cover made by colorful-me #wattys2016
Bleeding Love [Antoine Griezmann & Neymar] by IAmTheMasterpiece
Bleeding Love [Antoine Griezmann... by IAmTheMasterpiece Fanfiction
Neymar Jr, a famous and talented footballer from Brazil that plays for the FC Barcelona and the Brazilian national team, who happens to be head over heels in love with M...
Affair by bluewitch
Affair by bluewitch Romance
"You humiliated me publically .How dare you to come here. Saying sorry won't compensate what you have done to me . This meeting over. Get out of my office and neve...
The Baby Momma, The Wife and The Side Chick by KaylaWashington877
The Baby Momma, The Wife and The S... by Kayla Washington Teen Fiction
This is the story of Trey, his beautiful wife Toya, the first baby momma Diamond and the basically known but not heard side-chick Aaliyah. Diamond being the first real i...
A Family Affair by sniggihyma
A Family Affair by ✨ sniggihyma ✨ General Fiction
Carla, a lonely housewife in her her early forties used to think she had it all. A luxury home in the most pristine and upmarket area of Chicago, her gorgeous super mode...
JESTER Series 2: Ezekiel's - Hate That I Love You by Sophia_Victoria
JESTER Series 2: Ezekiel's - Hate... by Sophia_Victoria Romance
Copyright © 2010 Chiichoi. All rights reserved. Nagkwentuhan. Naging Magkaibigan. Sinampal. Nahalikan. Halos lahat na yata ay napagdaanan na ng dalawang magkaiba ng pana...
Regret by JessicaGardiner
Regret by Jessy G General Fiction
Funny how the words accept or ignore can change your life in seconds. Abigail Jensen is in a loving marriage, but at times she feels unappreciated and lonely. She never...
 UNFAITHFUL by Amariya03
UNFAITHFUL by Amariya03 General Fiction
Dayja has got a good life going for her even while she starts dating a thug. But what Dayja doesn't realise is that everyone isn't always Faithful. Read to find out what...
The Quiet Voice (#Watty2017) | Ongoing by CharmaineSimsSmit
The Quiet Voice (#Watty2017) | Ong... by CharmaineSimsSmit Spiritual
Chelsea's heart skipped a beat when Jonathan entered the room. It always had, ever since the first time he tugged on her pigtails in Sunday School. How did their jou...
In The Dark by flawless43
In The Dark by flawless43 Spiritual
Sometimes I am glad I can't see anything because then I don't have to judge a book by it's cover. Yeah right? And then packaging is less important. I am Aliyah huda, I...
Unfaithful Love || Zustin by babeofbeauty
Unfaithful Love || Zustin by gayge Fanfiction
Zayn Malik is a 23 year old wannabe fashion designer living a rather normal life, other than the fact he's having an affair with the one and only Justin Bieber. »Zustin...
Lottery  by karmavengeance
Lottery by karmavengeance Fanfiction
This is the story of Miranda, the girl who had a rough start but was blessed with a lucky ticket. After winning the lottery she starts living the lifestyle of the rich a...
Repeating Days by supernova_ross
Repeating Days by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fanfiction
Based off of R5's song repeating days
Ageless Affairs by AKindMind628
Ageless Affairs by t w y l a General Fiction
* * * [prequel scenes of Unfaithful] Years and years before the storm that tore apart their friendship, Lily Adams neé Johnson, Nate Adams, and Georgina Saunders were al...
In Love with an Alpha by JillClassof2020
In Love with an Alpha by Jillian Werewolf
16 year old Elyse Carter is a work obsessed teen that only cares about the well being of her pack. The only person she has ever had interest in was her brothers best fri...