Underwater Friend (Harry Potter FanFiction) by Moonwolf125
Underwater Friend (Harry Potter Fa... by Valerie O. Fanfiction
Harry meets a siren while hiding from his cousin and his goons. The siren makes him question things about himself and the people around him. Which gets him to rethink on...
Marrying Atlantis by Keira000
Marrying Atlantis by Jane Rose (the cookie monster) ChickLit
When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like...
What the Water Gave Me by BlitheBells
What the Water Gave Me by Kaitlyn Fanfiction
A mute!siren!Bucky and skinny!Steve AU. You can find this story on AO3 and FF.net Rated T for some descriptions of violence and gore.
Coral and Bone (The Siren Chronicles Book One) by TiffanyDaune
Coral and Bone (The Siren Chronicl... by Tiffany Daune Fantasy
2016 Watty Award Winner ~ Now a published novel Halen knows the sparks igniting under her fingertips are dangerous. She has spent her entire life trying to quell the ti...
( Eren X Levi ) Undersea Mystery by snookie98628
( Eren X Levi ) Undersea Mystery by Brianna Morris Fanfiction
Eren is the Prince of all mermaids and Merman. When he meets Levi, he finds out his destiny is to be with him. Levi doesn't like the idea, but he takes the road fate has...
Song of Nāmaka [The Heir of Nāmaka Trilogy #1] by R_E_Nova
Song of Nāmaka [The Heir of Nāmaka... by R. E. Nova Adventure
Highest Rank: #45 Adventure achieved 10/10/2017 18-year-old Airini was practically born in the ocean. A eight-time world surfing champion, she knows those crystal blue...
Marina Academy Roleplay by xalyssabones
Marina Academy Roleplay by ~lyss ♡ Fantasy
**OPEN** You've heard of schools on land, but an underwater school? Welcome to Marina Academy, where you'll meet other students. Humans, Mermaids, Sirens, all ar...
Inhumanly Beautiful by ephemeral_apricity
Inhumanly Beautiful by N.A🎀 Werewolf
Artemis Moon is a mermaid, dwelling in the heart of the seven seas, who's world is incomparable to our very own. Her longing to explore life above the sea was deeply se...
The Merman (Under Review) by IzzyGale
The Merman (Under Review) by Izzy Fantasy
Anise gets kidnapped from her family during a holiday in Tenerife. This mystery man takes her to the mystical city know to us as 'Atlantis'. Anise is, of course, complet...
Trident [ONGOING] by Tweeter109
Trident [ONGOING] by BRIANNA.D. Paranormal
[ONGOING] "Welcome to Trident Insurance, how may I help you?" "I want...a gift." "I'm sorry, Sir, but we don't provide any 'gifts'...
Under Water 2: Submerged In Lies (undertale fanfiction) by anonymous_glitch
Under Water 2: Submerged In Lies (... by insertfandomhere Fanfiction
It has been five years and Frisk has finally been awoken from her frozen slumber. But, there is something off. . . Something very off. And this something offsets everyth...
Fins: An Aquamarine Fanfiction by jay_jay_21
Fins: An Aquamarine Fanfiction by JJ Fanfiction
Clare closed her eyes and memories from earlier that day swam through her head... the ocean water and its cool touch as it lapped around her. It had felt so amazing to...
Breathe by gocheats5
Breathe by CäťŢhėMåţ Mystery / Thriller
Sir is quite nice. As long as I do what he asks, nothing unusual will happen. Sir is quite nice. He takes care of me, tells me what is right and what is wrong. That I c...
Sea Blue Eyes {Narry} by Foodislife2001
Sea Blue Eyes {Narry} by Where's the food? Fanfiction
Niall's eyes remind Harry of the ocean, which is funny, considering the circumstances.
How To Become A Mermaid ! by mermaid0804
How To Become A Mermaid ! by Mermaid0804 Non-Fiction
{THIS IS ALL REAL} This is my diary where I record my journey to becoming a mermaid!❤️🐬
Trust Or Betrayal by tkgamusicas
Trust Or Betrayal by tkgamusicas Fanfiction
Faisal Khan,a famous dancer-actor-choreographer gets selected to participate in khatron ke khiladi season 7.Raghav and Jay prove to be trustworthy companions to faisal.b...
When All is Lost by Moonbeams13
When All is Lost by Cyanide Suicide Fanfiction
All characters from HOO and PJO belong to Rick Riordan and all Avengers and etc ... belong to Marvel
Vanguard by rskovach
Vanguard by R.S. Kovach Science Fiction
Will Scott has never seen daylight. He was born eighteen years ago aboard Vanguard, an undersea base where the remaining members of humanity took refuge after destroying...
Ever After by drumsrock4eve
Ever After by Natalie Fantasy
Ever Lockewood is the last witch in Siral who hasn't gone into hiding since the ban of dark magic. She's determined to keep her head held high and retain her witch lifes...
Midnight//Be More Chill by Raviolis
Midnight//Be More Chill by me n the boys Fanfiction
✨ Currently being reworked ✨ "For once, I thought someone actually cared!" He ran an angry hand through his hair. "I thought someone actually gave a shit...