Run away gang leader (complete) by hannahlayne42
Run away gang leader (complete)by Hershey squirts
She left. Even though she wanted to stay. She left. Because of one mistake. Well now she doesn't look at it as a mistake because of what it gave her. A reason to live. W...
  • leader
  • nerd
  • secrets
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Going Undercover As My Twin ✔  by MissChanandlerBong-
Going Undercover As My Twin ✔ by MissChanandlerBong-
❝You are a girl.❞ He said after an agonizingly long silence while I stood helplessly in front of him, shaking. This situation was too overwhelming for me. ❝Uh... Does...
  • romance
  • badboy
  • soccer
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Guy, Lies and Deadly Spies. by blue698
Guy, Lies and Deadly Spies.by _ta_mia_
Humor/Action. For the first time ever, agent B92 is exposed to teenage life. Read how she adapts to it, especially at an all boys school. == By the time you mastered...
  • murder
  • twist
  • undercover
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-- Agent W --  by Minna_A2
-- Agent W -- by —— 爪工刀刀丹
| Highest Rank #1 in Action 2.25.18 | " A sniper doesn't need a partner, they just need someone to give the signal. " Going solo gave you a lot to ponder on, e...
  • agents
  • bully
  • danger
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British Exchange Agent by JoannaNGrace
British Exchange Agentby JoannaNGrace
Kayla is an expert at finding globally wanted criminals. She knows everything about being an agent. High school? Not so much. When given an assignment to track down Cyr...
  • adventure
  • agents
  • undercoveragent
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The Nerd Is Really A Famous Actress by DeadlyRedhead
The Nerd Is Really A Famous Actressby Red
Nikki Devron is not your average teenager. In school she is Lana Pageant, the nerd who everyone picks on. In real life she is one of the most famous actresses in the wor...
  • actress
  • wattys2016
  • nerd
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The Mafia Girl Goes Undercover by deep_side_love
The Mafia Girl Goes Undercoverby deep_side_love
Sarah without the surname is an eighteen year old criminal. Sarah has grown up with everything that has with fighting and crime to do. However, what happens when she's o...
  • tears
  • gangs
  • undercover
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I'm A Girl Undercover in an All Boy's School by KittyKattt_
I'm A Girl Undercover in an All Bo...by Ambria Rayne
Has your mother ever been so worried that her husband is cheating on her that she sends you to go undercover where he works? No? Well, mine did. Just to clear it all up...
  • badboy
  • caiden
  • undercover
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Why Me by ElineWerkman
Why Meby Eline Werkman
Emily Weaver is a young police officer. She's only 18 years old and has a broken past, she doesn't like to talk about it. Emily lives with her boyfriend Damian. He isn't...
  • abused
  • police
  • addict
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His Camelia [Completed] by shaerzam
His Camelia [Completed]by Shaz
⭐️Romance Hot List: highest rank #20⭐️ She is shy. He is brave. She hides in the shadows. He lives in the spotlight. She wished for a fairy tale ending. He wants to...
  • bodyguard
  • mystery
  • featured
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Undercover Princess by jezrielle
Undercover Princessby Cumberbatch
In the world of Monarchy, Princess Dianne Mae Beaufortt's life is not all glitz and glamour. She has to endure hours of etiquette classes and all those pish posh things...
  • heir
  • heiress
  • princess
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I'm a nerd..(undercover) by kira000414
I'm a nerd..(undercover)by kira000414
She's a badass.She's crazy,chatty and outgoing. She goes to parties and get drunk. Her parents are dead. She lives alone and she has her parents' money because they were...
  • popularboy
  • nerd
  • hide
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I'm a Secret Agent Undercover in High school by KittyKattt_
I'm a Secret Agent Undercover in H...by Ambria Rayne
Riley Scott's the one name that everyone knows in the agency. She's the best at her job along with her best friend Joey. She wasn't at all surprised to be sent on a case...
  • bestfriend
  • undercover
  • kittykat
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undercover street fighter by KaitlynChurch
undercover street fighterby Kaitlyn Church
Im the girl that sits in the back of the class room that every ones bullies but doesn't really know who they are. Im quiet and I have a photographic memory. If you haven...
  • romance
  • nerd
  • undercover
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The Nerd Is A Hacker? by Mickelets
The Nerd Is A Hacker?by Mickelets
"Hey, who the hell are you?" Tena Km is one of the best Hackers alive named ML. When a group of gangs are after her, she disguised herself as a nerd. Meanwhil...
  • gắng
  • wattys2017
  • action
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I'm a Model that's Undercover as The School's Nerd by KittyKattt_
I'm a Model that's Undercover as T...by Ambria Rayne
**You can currently find the beginning of the rewritten version on my profile here on Wattpad.** What would you do if you lived the life as Clover Thompson: the nerd du...
  • secret
  • victoriasecret
  • theundercoversaga
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Alpha Sean by Ancientt
Alpha Seanby Ancientt
This is the SEQUEL of Alpha Adrian. The date has finally arrived for Sean Miller to inherit the Alpha position. To celebrate, the 21-year-old embarks on a trip that hand...
  • adventure
  • action
  • undercover
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Do It Like A Dude | ✅ by HeartlessThoughts
Do It Like A Dude | ✅by HeartlessThoughts
Wattpad Featured Story Unedited/First Draft Meet Sophia Fox. She's gorgeous. Rich. And a world famous supermodel. But all of this changes when a tabloid scandal ruins h...
  • catwalk
  • humor
  • undercover
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The Boy Who Jumped by Chatachino
The Boy Who Jumpedby Mignon French
A boy falls fifty metres into raging water in the effort to leave a girl and town behind. A season cycle from his death, the boy returns to the town, skin scarred in in...
  • romance
  • bully
  • nerd
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The Undercover Spy by YourAverageNerd_
The Undercover Spyby Your Average Nerd
Samantha Wild isn't your normal teenager. She's fluent in five languages, a karate master, an excellent actor, and knows how to handle a gun. Oh yeah, and she's a UIA ag...
  • cia
  • interogation
  • boardingschool
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