Unspoken by Wintersdancer
Unspokenby Sierra
It's my choice to become mute. The things that happened to me has me so horrified that I've decided to be a selective mute. I was taken as a child and I had to endure pa...
  • friendship
  • magazine
  • hiding
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Mistakes Made by DemisPringle
Mistakes Madeby Demi's Pringle ✌
Alexis, or Lex, is 16 and living in an all girls orphanage in California. Demi lives in LA with Wilmer and their daughter Hayden, 15. Demi and Lex share a secret, Demi...
  • demetria-lovato
  • bulimia
  • anorexia
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Unbroken  by inspiredrlh
Unbroken by Rhianon
It's been 6 years since Aria has been home. She has everything she could possibly ask for; her dream job, money, a happy family. Everything except Grayson, the boy she h...
  • romance
  • sequel
  • projectproudwriters
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Devils Daughter... Queen Of All  by LexiHaden
Devils Daughter... Queen Of All by Lexi Haden
Taken Abused Rejected Lived as Lie Die Dont think so Queen Bring it. 18 yr old Sarah Linn Black was living an okay life... If you take in an account the abuse and pa...
  • queen
  • determined
  • rejected
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Far away // Unbroken by forheadedrose
Far away // Unbrokenby Sophie
"You should see your face." Louis spoke and I covered my mouth, afraid I made a mess. "What's the matter with it?" I asked in a hushed tone. "It...
  • unbroken
  • fanfiction
  • bryanaholly
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Un(Broken) [An Ashton Irwin Love Story] by Irishsweetheart
Un(Broken) [An Ashton Irwin Love S...by libertyxoxo
At the moment, the best decision I had made in my life felt like the worst. Little did I know that by walking out, shutting the door behind me and taking in the refreshi...
  • ashton
  • babygirl
  • lukehemmings
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Snapshot Of A Life by DemisPringle
Snapshot Of A Lifeby Demi's Pringle ✌
Aria is 21 and trying to move on with her life, which includes getting away from her abusive boyfriend. She forms a plan and orders an Uber to take her somewhere he won...
  • demi
  • abuse
  • lovato
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Broken ✔️ by TheSolSoldier_
Broken ✔️by Katie B
She was broken. And He wasn't. But he decided to fix that. Essie Shores, the new kid at school with horrible foster parents; Orlando Tag the popular, Jock and hottes...
  • dramatic
  • paul
  • abusive
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Unknown by Wintersdancer
Unknownby Sierra
My name is Winter Masters and this is my story. No wait scratch that. I thought I was Winter Masters, turns out I'm Winter Carson. The missing daughter of Katherine Ca...
  • kidnapped
  • trilogy
  • fame
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Unbroken ~ Robb Stark by TheRandomRhia
Unbroken ~ Robb Starkby ~|~Rhia~|~
Nymeria Martell - named after the Nymeria of the Rhoyne - was a trueborn daughter to Doran, the head of their house. As her father's health deteriorates, he begins to ma...
  • ward
  • stark
  • pack
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Unbroken Madness by willowbeatle
Unbroken Madnessby Willow
"Harley Quinn?" I breathed dryly. My old friend stood in front of me. Her face plastered ivory and her hair mutated an unnatural color. Her eyes were filled w...
  • suicidesquad
  • quinn
  • mistahj
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Broken Bond (An Andy Biersack Love Story) by twinkies68
Broken Bond (An Andy Biersack Love...by Ari
Andy and Mandy were bestfriends until Andy moves to take his band seriously. Mandy's left heartbroken and alone. F>F> 5 1/2 years Mandy got a new best friend her n...
  • jock
  • saver
  • close2end
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Unbroken by Wintersdancer
Unbrokenby Sierra
Arabella Chase hasn't had the easiest life. Her parents and brother were killed leaving just her and her and her sister. Imagine a picture perfect family. Like the ones...
  • fiction
  • trilogy
  • poor
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Dark Secrets; A Story of A Lost Girl by DemiIsGod
Dark Secrets; A Story of A Lost Gi...by DemiIsGod
Jalizza Aubrey is what you would call the average fourteen year old girl; has a couple of close friends, enjoys performing, can have an attitude and fan girls over Demi...
  • disorders
  • lovatic
  • fame
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UNBROKEN by Officiallyunbroken
UNBROKENby Officiallyunbroken
This is my life. All names have been changed to safe guard myself, my friends and family. From Teen Mum beaten daily by an abusive partner, numerous heart breaks and se...
  • bruises
  • inspirational
  • true
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Home {Demi Lovato Adoption} by _X_Sammii_X_
Home {Demi Lovato Adoption}by Baby Ninja ❤️
Minnie is a three year old girl in care. All she wants is to be loved. One day, Demi Lovato turns up in the home looking to adopt a young girl. Will Minnie find a home?
  • family
  • dallas
  • home
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Never Forgotten (I'm Not Unbroken, I'm Not Fixed) by taralake
Never Forgotten (I'm Not Unbroken...by Tara Lake
My name's Amelia Kate Lovato-Valderrama, I'm eleven years old and as you can probably tell, I'm the daughter of Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato. You may have also have...
  • demi
  • lovatic
  • lovatics
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90 Days to Strength (A Demi Lovato Fan Fiction) by elizabethnormandy
90 Days to Strength (A Demi Lovato...by Elizabeth Normandy
What happens when 15 year old Tia lands herself in the same rehab as Demi Lovato in late 2010? Two broken girls trapped in the "prison" that is Timberline Knol...
  • lukehemmings
  • harrystyles
  • 90days
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I should have known by thatdemiblog
I should have knownby thatdemiblog
Ever Since her return from Africa, Demi had an overwhelming desire to help others. Read as Demi fosters eleven year old Stefani with a history of anxiety and abuse. When...
  • disorder
  • bulimia
  • lovato
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