Tsubaki no Hana (Madara Love story) Watty's 2017 by tuiboog
Tsubaki no Hana (Madara Love story... by Scarlet B. Moonlight Fanfiction
Mikubae Senju is the younger sister to the Senju siblings and Butsuma's only daughter. She's spent most of her life inside her clan's compound. And although she grew up...
Fate? (Sasuke X Reader X Itachi Modern) by digitoxine
Fate? (Sasuke X Reader X Itachi Mo... by digitalis_officinalis Fanfiction
You and Sasuke were best friends, you were too close, but will your relationship will stay that way, or it will lead to somewhere else, espicially after Itachi gets in t...
Ruination (Naruto Fanfiction) [Kakashi's Daughter] by November-Foxtrot
Ruination (Naruto Fanfiction) [Kak... by November Fanfiction
****2016 Naruto Watty Awards**** Most of the world despised her; they gave her a home. Most of the world held darkness; she wanted to abolish it. She pursued that darkne...
Adopted by an_elf
Adopted by Kakashi.Bakashi Fanfiction
Kakashi adopts Naruto, feeling bad for him. He is still heartbroken, since his whole team had passed away, leaving him. They both need renewed love, and a family. Itachi...
The Third Sibling by Miwa_Uchiha
The Third Sibling by Kiren Krishnan Fanfiction
Miyuki Uchiha is many things. She is strong, smart, pretty, and nice. She is a jinchuriki to a legendary Water Dragon named Kōri, though hardly anyone knows, which she i...
Senju Girl by PrettyLilyAnime
Senju Girl by PrettyLilyAnime Fanfiction
Haru Senju is the only person alive in the ninja world who has a natural wood release. She is the great grandniece of Hashirama and direct great granddaughter to Tobiram...
***Last Mission: Raise a child!*** by Gracyfangirl2020
***Last Mission: Raise a child!*** by Gracyfangirl2020 Fanfiction
since all our favorite badass Shinobi die at the same time and a wrong hand seal (Hashirama, Madara, Tobiarma, and Izuna) They all wake up finding themselves in Konoha...
Just Imagine by Village_of_Strawhat
Just Imagine by The Strawhats Fanfiction
Hot is the fire that burns in her eyes as she fights with all her mind. Imagine. It was a peculiar name for a girl although it did fit her perfectly. Ima, they called he...
Guardian Angel (Itachi Uchiha love story) WATTY'S 2017 by tuiboog
Guardian Angel (Itachi Uchiha love... by Scarlet B. Moonlight Fanfiction
Himeko Uchiha is Itachi's child hood friend, along with Shisui. She was given a job by Itachi's father and her father to protect Itachi with her life. Of course Itachi w...
Naruto's Mission by Jykuarak2
Naruto's Mission by Jykuarak2 Fanfiction
The prodigy that is known as Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze makes his first appearance in the ninja academy... after rigorous training under Hiruzen Sarutobi, surpassing even t...
Shinegan: The Secret is in the Eyes (Naruto FanFiction) by Meara1
Shinegan: The Secret is in the Eye... by L. Fanfiction
Our story starts much like any other. A new girl with mysterious eyes brought into the village. A dysfunctional team with a weird but secretive sensei, a goofy blond who...
Foolishness • NARUTO by kairen_
Foolishness • NARUTO by • Kairen • Fanfiction
• "The past will always catch up to you." Vaguely, it was the one saying that best described what his life had been drifting towards. He might even thought th...
The Uzumaki Siblings《Book 1》 by Shayne_potato
The Uzumaki Siblings《Book 1》 by シェイン Fanfiction
Top/Highest Rank: #21 In Fanfiction ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ Mizuki Uzumaki Is Naruto's Little Sister, Naruto Was Born Two Years Before The Nine Tails Attack. Mizuki Was Born The Day Th...
In The End(sasuke love story) by Beacon_Of_Sin
In The End(sasuke love story) by Annabelle Fanfiction
She is the most powerful girl in her village she just doesn't know it yet. She is half human half fox demon. She works her ass off the unlock her hidden power and protec...
Master of All Beasts by Midnight-Ravencrow
Master of All Beasts by h a z e Fanfiction
"People are afraid of what they don't understand. I realize that humans can lost their humanity on what they hate. And that last sentence alone already scares me.&q...
Illusions of the Sunlight | Naruto FanFiction by Gold_Roses_of_Winter
Illusions of the Sunlight | Naruto... by Fantasy&AnimeForever Fanfiction
He isn't the person he seems to be. He has secrets, lies, and dark truths to his soul and real persona. His life isn't as pretty and nice as everyone thought it is, and...
Naruto x Reader Oneshots by jazmynecchi
Naruto x Reader Oneshots by jazmyne Fanfiction
Hello! I hope you enjoy these little scenarios with the Naruto characters! Requests are open until I say so :) ~jazmynecchi
Saved By Two Uchihas by narutowolf68
Saved By Two Uchihas by Naruto uzumaki Fanfiction
A little blonde headed boy has no one. No family, friends, and no purpose in life. That's until he saved by two uchihas. Do not own naruto
Impenetrable {Naruto Fan-Fic} by TheLegendOf_Bre
Impenetrable {Naruto Fan-Fic} by Breeyonce Fanfiction
After her clan massacre and the death of her brother, Yuyan Hane travels to Konoha and is saved by Konoha's distinguished Itachi Uchiha who raises her and treats her lik...
Naruto the medical ninja. by kaka-kun
Naruto the medical ninja. by Kaka-kun Fanfiction
In Naruto,we see him as the #1,knucklehead ninja,capable of anything with his try hard attitude.Well,not here! After learning of his heritage,and wondering how medical n...