My First Dog Story: Poppy! by Wolfie285
My First Dog Story: Poppy!by JUST MONIKA
This is my first dog! :3
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2 WEIRD DOGS by Rainbow_415
2 WEIRD DOGSby MajesticalRainbownes
2 Weird Dogs go on the adventure of having to stay in the kitchen..They have, a sibling rivalry let's just say. This means that sometimes they fight for no reason! Isn't...
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The Boxer Rebellion by TakisAngel
The Boxer Rebellionby TakisAngel
The Boxer Rebellion. A time of nationalism and hatred for the west. China, with his Dowager Empress, Tzu Hsi, experiences this time of strife in all of its glory. Histo...
  • hsi
  • england
  • germany
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jump the dog by Kaitlyn_Da_Kitty
jump the dogby Kaitlyn
jump is a little sweet baby black and white shet tzu dog who loves to jump and play all day long.
  • fun
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wake up or die chapter 8 by CorrineS
wake up or die chapter 8by CorrineS
  • sun
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Tao Te Ching by slyder33
Tao Te Chingby slyder33
  • lao
  • tao
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Art of War by Sun Tzu by readerX
Art of War by Sun Tzuby readerX
  • war
  • tzu
  • tactics
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Sun Tzu - Arta Razboiului by seduction
Sun Tzu - Arta Razboiuluiby seduction
  • sun
  • razboiului
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The Art of War, by Sun Tzu by yarzan
The Art of War, by Sun Tzuby yarzan
  • battle
  • tactics
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The Art Of War by DarthBane
The Art Of Warby Aaron
The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu, a high-ranking military general, strategist and tactician. The text is composed of 13 chapt...
  • tzu
  • asia
  • art
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Taken by minoo_
Takenby Mino
Tiffany had the perfect life; she had two parents that loved her and everything a teenage girl would ever wish for. Until she was taken.
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The Loved One by jubbers
The Loved Oneby Jessica Schwab
  • dad
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Women's Guide to Dating by AwkwardlyAwesome09
Women's Guide to Datingby Anonymous
“So, can I have your number?” The blonde flirted. I shook my head. That’s a big ‘No no’ in my book. Rule number one, never ask for his number. Let him do the crawling. T...
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