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I'm in love with words. I'm a life-time reader and forever will write.
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Dear Readers, Here are some things about me: 1) I <3 G-D! 2) I <3 LIFE! (The good and the bad times. Every moment reminds me I'm alive). 3) I <3 monkeys! 4) I'm sarcastic, to a fault. 5) I...
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Hey! This isn't my only account, so if you like me, you should go fan this account @WeAreKASH Oh, and that is me in the profile picture :) Also, please don't ask me to read your stories. With the amo...
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writer, art appreciator, gemini demon ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER.
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Yes, that's me in the profile picture, in case you were wondering. Anyways, I don't really know how to start these kinda things, but here is my currently favorite quote. "But our lives will onl...
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// When faced with problems dark and dreary, face it back with a smile that will light the world. // ☆☆☆☆☆ An American and an Italian. What an odd duo, huh? The American; still in his teenage years...
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Check out my Quotev: And my deviantart: Don't forget Polyvore:
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Isa akong nilalang na may kamay na nagsusulat mag-isa sa aking 'Magic Notbuk' kapag biglang na-activate ang day-dreaming-mode ko. Walang specific date ang pagmumunimuni ng makulit kong isip kaya wala...
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I'm an Aussie girl... talkative and happy :) Some Quotes I Love... "You can't change the past but you can alter the present to change the future..." "Live life like you love it because...