Hating You Sweetly (NEW EDIT) by romolavinia91
Hating You Sweetly (NEW EDIT) by Lavinia Romance
Laura couldn't recall a single incident which would result in the cruel hatred Chris had apparently developed just for her. It was like her every breath, every move woul...
Addiction (Yandere!  Boys X Reader) by MiilkyDragon
Addiction (Yandere! Boys X Reader) by ✧Kia✧ Teen Fiction
|| Highest ranking: #225 in Teen Fiction|| (F/N) (L/N) has been enrolled in a grammar school. The school is under a new head teacher who converted the once boys school i...
We'll Meet Again | Some Sunny Day | Book 1 • Book 2 by normaphobic
We'll Meet Again | Some Sunny Day... by 《angelina》 Fanfiction
Dipper and Mabel Pines have been dealing with Bill Cipher ever since their first summer in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Bill has numerously tried to make Dipper fall in love w...
Cruel Intentions {Chuck Clayton Riverdale Fanfiction} by StarGazerGalaxies
Cruel Intentions {Chuck Clayton Ri... by StarGazerGalaxies Fanfiction
Charming, handsome and whole-heartedly the general definition of a cliche high school jock, a.k.a. prick. This is Chuck Clayton. Quiet, smart and beautiful; the all arou...
Molded (Sangwoo x Reader) by Katjaface
Molded (Sangwoo x Reader) by Katjaface Fanfiction
Question: Why would anyone willingly live with a psychopathic murderer? Answer: Maybe it's because they were molded just for him.
Yakuza!!! by WhispererOfLove
Yakuza!!! by WhispereOfLove Romance
"I only saved you, that does not mean that I would need to marry you." Japan has long stopped being the country it used to be. The usually bright country has g...
Embraced in Thorns by OliverTwist96
Embraced in Thorns by OliverTwist96 Horror
Deacon is a man of Enlightenment on the cusp of either being run out of his home or being burned at the stake by a village controlled by the Dark Ages. His thirst for so...
Broken- Brooklyn Beckham by lsprouse_
Broken- Brooklyn Beckham by :3 Teen Fiction
-COMPLETED- "Well, then smoker boy. I guess we will have to go, see ya around" Sophie is broken. There is nothing that can fix that. Not even true love. But, a...
 Chanyeol x reader | Bad love by KpopiestsK
Chanyeol x reader | Bad love by Kpopiests K Random
Y/n is doing fine until she runs into... Chanyeol he is a bully but all the girls fall for him and even you, but ypu dont want to show it Chanyeol waches every move you...
We will always have each other/ a Owen bodnar story. by lilly13sartorius
We will always have each other/ a... by Lillylovesya Fanfiction
Fifteen year old,Winter Johnson has always had a hard time in summer, Owen bodnar moves to town.he is the definition of perfect . What happens? Will they be...
Sister? by abbykim102
Sister? by abbykim102 Romance
"Scar, your mine," he chuckles, looking down at my crumpled form. Hot tears burn my cheeks. "Your my brother Shane, and I have a boyfriend," I cry, m...
Defame Me✔✔ by Common_Ground_1228_
Defame Me✔✔ by Common_Ground_1228_ Mystery / Thriller
Emma Blake is a women from Cincinnati, Ohio, who moved to California for college, along with her cousin and her best friend. She had it pretty good, until her and her fr...
😏 L A N K Y 😏 by dropperofbodies
😏 L A N K Y 😏 by B E G O N E T H O T Fanfiction
All these niggas copy. Like someone can stop me. But like seriously. Don't copy my stuff bro 5/1/2017
Love Bullets by zelaughingqueen
Love Bullets by ʟᴀᴜɢʜɪɴɢ ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ Action
"You can't change me, Nicolette. I do the things I do not because I am forced to, but because I want to. I like being bad, Nicolette, and I don't want to stop, &quo...
Our twisted love(Grayson Dolan and Alissa Violet) by jj_be_lit
Our twisted love(Grayson Dolan and... by jj_be_lit Fanfiction
You are dating Grayson Dolan but what will happen when his secrets affect you and your relationship.Will your love get you through it or will you and your love for him d...
Trapped by marigeld
Trapped by Marissa Geldersma Short Story
Cassandra and her boyfriend, Damon, went on another date. But all went wrong when Phil kidnapped her. A short story
Ban X Elaine fan fiction.  by IC3DEVIL
Ban X Elaine fan fiction. by IC3DEVIL Fanfiction
This is a twisted romance that I had to do in school, I chose to do one on Ban and Elaine because they're my favourite anime couple. I'm not sure if I'll be adding anyt...
intoxicated- a yandere fan fiction by dansetphilonfire
intoxicated- a yandere fan fiction by アマンダ Fanfiction
"scream for me.. it fuels my lungs.."
My lovely doll [OHSHC] by Randomly_Crazy_Otaku
My lovely doll [OHSHC] by BunBun Fanfiction
Lillia is a girl with the beauty of an expensive porcelain doll and is loved by many but stays by one. Rylan is the one who found Lillia and took her in causing Lillia t...
Arranged | Wattys2017 by chica_2016
Arranged | Wattys2017 by Måria Romance
Featured in Romance | Updates every Monday | Kristin's life turns upside down when she becomes the object of treaty between bringing two packs together. Once she finds...